Tuesday , March 21 2023

Indian Couple Wife swapp for Two Months Chapter 1

After 10 to 15 minutes I heard bedroom door opening sound, if I suddenly look towards bedroom, it may be awkward, so I pretended that I’ve not noticed Swathi coming out and pretended working seriously, I could hear her footsteps approaching towards hall. She came to hall and started speaking. I pretended that I’ve distracted by her voice and lifted my head.

Wow, what a beauty. She is wearing a kind of dress which she never wore all these days. I know she use to wear glamorous tight fitting dress like T-Shirt and Tight Jeans pant that reveals her assets. But not something like this. This was extremely revealing dress. I could see at least quarter of her boobs are trying to come out from top of her dress.
This dress cannot be any further tight. Tightly holding completely revealing her body shape. This dress show the shape of the hip and butts and boobs. Apart from showing their shape, boobs are popping out. To add more glamour she is wearing skin colored tights as pants so below her thigh, she is appearing naked though she wear this dress.

I pulled laptop from tea table and put on my lap to control arousal of my tool. I was surprised to see her guts to wear such dress and surprised to see Rajesh allowed her to wear this dress and further surprised that she came to hall in front of me with this dress.

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