Wednesday , October 5 2022

Indian father blackmails his daughter-in-law

“Oh what splendid, beautiful and big lund he had… What a dirty old man he
is… I hate him … I love this bastard…yes I love him and his lund.” Those
thoughts raced crazily and wildly through her mind as she sucked with fury at
his hard rod of flesh embedded deeply in her throat. It occurred to her then
that she was losing all control. She forgot that she was being blackmailed. She
started to like her submissive and overpowered status by masculine dominance
of her father in law. This drove her to unexpectedly wicked thoughts, whorish
and rakheeltish thoughts. “Suck it bitch. You know you want to suck it and you
like to suck it. Yes you are really a raandi.” He said while pulling her head by
her hairs. “You are a raandi. My raandi. My personal rakheel.”

His rough language and rough handling thrilled her. Her choot was afire with the
licking flames of lust and passion consuming her. And then suddenly she felt her
lewd old father in law reach down and slide her firm smooth ass towards him.
His rough hand moved on her smooth and creamy ass and then he began to
work his finger at the tiny puckered ring of her anus. Her breath quickened
excitedly and she forgot everything as abruptly as he pushed his thick finger
into her tight virginal asshole to the palm of his big extended hand.
“Ooooooohhhhh” she gurgled delightedly around the stalk of flesh in her mouth,
“I love it! Yaaaaa I love it.”

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