Wednesday , October 5 2022

Indian father blackmails his daughter-in-law

Her little wiggle movements increased to a provocative dance as his hands
covered the perky, rounded curves of her bottom. He squeezed down. His
fingers firmly dug into the fleshy globes. For several minutes they clung to each
other, their tongues darting and exploring the now familiar interiors of their
mouths. Their hands squeezed and urged. Their bodies pressed together with a
sensual nearness. Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a
silent second or two. Then his hands withdrew from her ass and moved to the
front of her breasts, her own fingers occupied themselves with the imposing
shaft that was touching wantonly from his crotch to her pussy. With loving
tenderness, her fingertips glided up and down the still moist spike of flesh; still
damp with the traces of her saliva and his spunk. It jerked and jumped under
her teasing. Its red glans glistened from the fresh sexual oils that oozed from
his balls. She wrapped her arms round his neck and playfully nibbled at his ear.
Then he turned her and laid her down on his bed.

He smiled down at the willing young woman, her daughter in law. Lowering
himself beside her in his bed, he once more scooped her up in his arms. Her
inciting fingers were back at his lund, as he slid one of his hands between her
silk-textured thighs. She whimpered with arousal as his palm closed around the
fleshy mound of her pubis. He squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of
her sex. Her hips twitched eagerly, hunching their willingness into his fingers.
He could feel the moisture of her anticipation welling from between the outer
lips of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay, but that was exactly
what made the things he did to her so enjoyable.

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