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Indian father blackmails his daughter-in-law

Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her choot, he sluiced into the
juice-filled channel of her vagina, twisting and twirling the intimate digit. The
soft folds of her tunnel of desire responded, squeezing around the probe that
had invaded her body. Her pelvis moved up and down, working itself on him as
if it were feeding on the thickness of a lund, rather than a single finger. His
nakedness only made the wonderfully firm mounds of her breasts that more
enjoyable. Heavy and round, they pressed against his chest, rolling and
spearing the stiffness of their erect nipples into his skin. Her hands slid up and
down on his prick, neither demanding nor urgent, but letting him know she was
more than ready to have its thickness buried within the tight sheath of her
belly. But he still waited, gliding another finger into her heated hole of passion,
while yet another fingertip tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the
thin membrane of its hood. It was as if he teased her body to quell forever
whatever traces of “BLACKMAIL” still remained in her body.

She whimpered, writhing against his body, as big fingers expertly manipulated
dual digits into the enveloping socket of sex, while his third finger flicked and
fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her body. She felt him move beside
her and his free hand rolled her to her back. He edged up a little and his mouth
kissed at her neck working downward until it captured one of the high-perched
cherries of flesh topping a warm, pink-colored tit. His tongue moistly caressed
the stiffened bud as his lips sucked. She groaned. The double stimulation of her
body was fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting desires that trembled
through her. Her body writhed, swishing over the bed. Her hips rose and fell in
time with the steady in out pumping of his fingers. Her hands clamped tightly
around his lund shaft, squeezing and Amiring along its pulsating length. He was
controlling her once again. He knew the sexual needs of a woman and even
more important, he cared about fulfilling them. Only one man had had that type
of control over her body until now – her husband, Amir. Now she had found
another – her father-in-law.

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