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Indian Girl alone in the forest with the servant

“Aaahhhhhhhh…aahhh… faster… faster.”

The ancestral house of Balwant Thakur, the sarpanch(Sheriff) of the village, was empty, but there were sounds coming from the storeroom. Anupriya’s naked ass was on one of the wheat sacks. Her legs were locked onto the thighs of Dhondu who was showing no mercy as he was pounding her as hard as he could.

“Oh god… Four days is like four years… ahh… suck my boobs, drink the milk… it’s tough to drain it myself.” Anupriya moaned.

Dhondu immediately started sucking out the warm sweet breast milk. Although, Anupriya’s son Aaditya was weaned off six months ago, she was still secreting milk for Dhondu to feast on and she had to drain it during her bath if he couldn’t suck it dry.


A voice totally shocked them and drained all the blood from their respective bodies. It was Anulekha, Anupriya’s eighteen year old sister standing in the door of the storeroom with her eyes bloodshot in anger.

She had come to stay with her sister during college vacation four days ago. She never missed going to the Shiva Temple every Friday. Anupriya faked back pain so she decided to go alone, but halfway there it started raining so she came back to take an umbrella. She found the house empty and then heard the guttural moans of her sister coming from the storeroom. She decided to investigate and got the shock of her life.

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