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Indian housewife becomes mistress to a guest

My full name is Simran Kaur Ahluwalia. I am a house-wife from India, aged 31. I live with my husband Balwinder Singh Ahluwalia, in a four bed-room apartment in one of India’s largest cities – Mumbai. I have known my husband, since my school days, as both of us lived in the same locality during our child-hood. We fell in love at college and got married after graduation. We have two children. A son, aged seven and recently, we have been blessed with a baby daughter, three months ago. We led a happily married life. An incident that recently occurred in our life, dramatically changed our married life.

Our neighbours were, an elderly couple, Hardayal Singh and his wife, Tejinder Kaur. He was 57 years of age and his wife Teji, was 40. As a mark of respect, we used to call Hardayal Singh, as Hardayalji. They were childless. Unfortunately, tragedy struck them. Teji, was knocked down by a truck and died. Hardayalji was heart-broken. He was inconsolable. He began drinking heavily. As time went, it seemed that Hardayalji was slowly becoming an alcoholic. He lost his job. Every day, he sat alone in his house, drinking all day long. My husband is a very caring person and could not bear to see Hardayalji’s condition detiorate.

One day, my husband told me, ” Simran, we must help Hardayalji. He has no family. There is no one to help him. I think that, it is because he is all alone in his house, that, he drinks so heavily. Why don’t we ask him to lock up his house, and come to stay with us, for a month or two? That will help in discouraging him to drink. Can you handle the extra work of cooking etc for him too? ”

I replied, ” Balwinder, I think that is a wonderful idea. Teji was my friend. We owe it to her, to take care of her husband. Let us invite Hardayalji to stay with us. Don’t worry. I shall manage all the extra cooking and other jobs for him, without any problem ”

My husband and I, convinced Hardayalji, to move in with us. He reluctantly shifted into our house. We accommodated him in our guest room. I began doing all the work for Hardayalji. I cooked for him, washed and ironed his clothes for him etc. My husband usually goes to work by around 7.00 a.m. and returns back by only 9.00 p.m. at night. Being out of work, Hardayalji would sit in our living room all day long and watch cable TV. To keep him company, I would talk to him, whenever I went into our living room. Two months passed. He had dramatically reduced his drinking and was on the way to recovery. So, we asked Hardayalji to continue staying with us. In our house, as a routine, I would first have my bath and then bathe my son to get him ready for school. My husband would bathe later. Hardayalji used to bathe, last. When we went for a bath, each of us, would put our used clothes in a plastic bin. Later during the day, I would remove everyone’s clothes from the bin and wash them.

One day, while washing clothes, I found wet and sticky stains on my unwashed bra and panty. When I touched the spots to examine them, I realised that they were semen patches! I was surprised. My husband had not even touched me, the night before. So, I wondered how and where, my bra and panty, may have got that semen. I presumed that since my husband and I, had not had any sex during the night before, he may have got excited during his bath and had used my undergarments, to masturbate himself! That was alright with me. I was his wife. As my husband, he had every right to masturbate and ejaculate his semen on my under-garments. I decided to give my body to my husband that night, so that, he did not need to behave like a teenager. That evening, after dinner, we wished Hardayalji a good night and retired to our bedroom. I too was feeling the need for intimacy with my husband that night. So, I put on a sexy negligee’ and walked tantalisingly to my husband. He always got excited at seeing my body in that semi-transparent negilgee’! He stared at me with lust.

I playfully teased my husband, ” Balwinder, since when have you become a teenager, once again? And that too, at this age? ”

He seemed surprised and asked, ” What do you mean Simran? What did I do, like a teenager? ”

I laughed and replied, ” If you wanted me so much last night, you could have awoken me and taken your pleasure from my body. I would have been more than happy to take care of your need! Why did you need to play with yourself and spill your semen, in the bathroom? ”

My husband was taken aback. He said, ” What? Spill my semen in the bathroom? Don’t be silly, Simran. I am a 35 year old man. Why would I play with myself, when I could have your lovely body anytime that I wish? And how did you presume that I had masturbated like some immature teenager, in the bathroom? ”

He continued, ” And Simran, now that you are breast feeding our baby, as there is no chance of a pregnancy, you know how I love to fill your cunt up with my semen. Why would I waste it in the bathroom? I would save them in my balls and pour it into your hairy cunt! ”

I shyly smiled. But, now it was my turn to be surprised. As we knew each other since our childhood, my husband was always frank and open with me. He would never lie to me. If he had masturbated, he would have been open and told me. Even joked about it. Not hidden that fact. So, from where had the semen stains come on my bra and panty? Suddenly, the answer hit me. I felt distressed.

I looked at my husband and said, ” Oh Balwinder, I found stains on my bra and panty, when I went to wash our clothes. They were not there, when I removed my clothes before bath. When I examined the stains, they were clearly semen stains! Which means that someone masturbated on my undergarments in the morning, while they were bathing ”

My husband was astonished. He became silent and began thinking. Suddenly he too got the answer. Even my husband concluded, as I had.

He said, ” Simran, I think I know from where they came. They are Hardayalji’s semen stains! He has not had a woman, ever since his wife died and must be desperate. I think he has masturbated using your bra and panty, and ejaculated his semen on them ”

I said, ” Yes, Balwinder. I too think so. Oh God! What should we do now? ”

He replied, ” Simran, listen. We have known Hardayalji since years. He is a good man, but very lonely, since his wife died. He may not have been able to control his sexual desires. Hence, he must have fantasised about your body and masturbated on your undergarments. But, let us keep silent. He has not harmed us. So, we should not be rude to him. Let us pretend as if we do not know about what he has done “

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