Thursday , December 8 2022

Indian housewife’s tale of exploitation

Me: Please tell me Guru-ji, what is bothering you?

Uday: Actually Madam…

Guru-ji: I think we should not hide it from Anita. Beti, last to last year there was a mishap during a Maha-yagya in the ashram. Actually it was during this very Ashram Parikrama.

Me: What was that?

Guru-ji: That lady was from New Delhi and she was very bold. Her name was Bindiya. That night though was sparklingly moonlit, I advised her to take one of my disciples along with her, but she was unwilling and told that she could manage alone.

Guru-ji paused and I was looking keenly at his face to learn more about what happened.

Guru-ji: You know these villages are not very safe especially for women. Unfortunately, when she went past the door of the ashram to the backside, two rowdy drunk villagers caught sight of her and attacked her. Bindiya was also dressed like you and those drunkards probably got more attracted seeing her like that.

Me: O! My god!

Guru-ji: Yes, it was truly torrid experience for Bindiya, more so being from the city. And we also realized it rather late when she was not returning after completing the parikrama.

Me: Was she… I mean?

I could not express my concern and anxiety in front of three males, as I wanted to ask if she was Molestationd or not.

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