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Indian husband enjoys his cuckold fantasy

My name is Rahul & my wife is Nisha, we were of same age, 33 year old when this things started happening in our life. Story is really interesting and extremely erotic and goes in smooth flow so be patient and read properly and revert with your comments on white.

We studied our engineering together and placed in reputed MNC in Bangalore, India after college. After being friend for 4 years in college and colleagues in same company for 2 years we have started liking each other and started thinking to get married.

We approached our families and being from same cast, same college and same company we didn’t face in difficulties in front of us. Things worked on our side and marriage was fixed with the blessings of both families. We got married at the age of 25. Now we are well settled in life, both of us well placed, earning handsome income, our family backgrounds also were stable, we have 7 year old baby girl. We admitted her to international school in Panchami Maharashtra, one of us visit her in every fortnight. We own a 3 BHK flat in posh apartment in Bangalore.

Our daily routine was like getting up in the morning, getting ready for the office, I used to drive to office and in between we used to pick another lady called Jaya who was very best friend of my wife and used to work in our company only, working for a day and then returning again to home at evening, watching TV of something like that and end of day. On weekend we used to enjoy movies, shopping, sports etc.

As we were friends from college times we used to be very free minded and frank and after our affair started we started sharing each and everything including sex, fantasies etc. Our sex life was on top for first 3-4 years of marriage and then it started as normal routine. we did sex in all places of our house including balcony, we did roleplay, we did almost everything like bathing together, giving full body massage to each other peeing on each other etc.

Only 2 things she tried once on me but never did it again that was licking my ass and taking my cum in her mouth. Recently our sex life was just like routine like 1-2 times in a week. One of my fantasy I discussed with her was threesome or cuckolding to which she always took lightly and did roleplay with me. I used to bring this cuckold fantasy to surface every time she used to be in mood. But she never took it seriously. Our relation was so open minded that we used to tell each other if we like someone else looks, assets etc.

what I mean is if we are going somewhere and if she sees any handsome guy she used to say me “Rahul that guy is so cute” and I say then go, talk to him but she hardy did it ever and I on the other hand if see any girl/aunty with big assets I say her “look at her fabulous ass” to which her reply used to be “go press it”.

One fine evening I saw her working very hard on her looks as well as her PowerPoint presentation. I asked her why she is so tensed, she said she is one of the 3 lead members preparing for the tomorrows client presentation who might give them their project which was very prestigious for our company. We work in different teams and sit on different floors. She said client team is coming for this presentation all the way from Switzerland.

I motivated her to be brave an act normal. After returning from office I asked how the day was, she was very happy and said client team specially Mr. John, was very happy with my presentation and chances are very high that our company will grab this contract.

She was right, Our Company got that project and Client team returned to our office for Kick Off meeting. She was busy in meeting for 2 days and on the last day evening there was party in hotel Sheraton where Mr. John was staying. She went home little early after finishing meeting as she wanted to be ready for the party.

I returned home as per my standard time. I was surprised to see her dressed to kill look. She was looking extremely gorgeous in black sleeveless satin knee length skirt. She had applied a very sexy combination of Lipstick, eyelashes and what not, her cheeks were pinkish, her lips were tomato red and her eye lashes were cherry red.

I was feeling to grab her by waist and take her to bed, she understood what’s going on my mind and replied, dare you touch me before the party, I don’t wanna mess up with my attire and makeup at all as I’m already getting late. Now c’mon get ready and drop me to hotel. I just got cleaned up, changed and we left for Sheraton hotel. While going to hotel she started telling me about Mr. John Wallace from Client team who is Project manager for this project. She was impressed with his talent, looks and personality.

John was around 36 year old, 6 feet 1 inches tall, and very handsome, young and dynamic guy who was placed at high position in his company. I laughingly said “go ahead” to which she mischievously replied are you’re serious about watching me with another man? I thought she is just playing with me like every time we did before roleplay and I said off course I would be perfectly fine with it, and if he is western guy I would be more happy you enjoying with him. She said let’s see. We reached hotel, I wished her good bye and asked her to enjoy party to the fullest at around 7.00 Pm. She said she will call once the party is over I said better I will visit a friend in this area and will have dinner with him and return to hotel and wait for you. Ok she said.

I called one of my friend, and had few drinks and dinner with him in a bar near that area. I returned to hotel around 10.00 Pm, and was waiting in parking I saw some of employees from her team moving out from the hotel in their cars. It was 10.30 Pm and still had not come out, almost all her team members had left, I tried calling her but she didn’t answer my call. She came out of hotel at around 10.55 and we left for home. She was quite, I asked how the party was, to which she just replied it was nice. She was not talking, was looking little disturbed.

We reached home, she was still quite, went to washroom and came out after long time, changed her clothes and sat on bed. I was asking again and again, is anything wrong to which she was not replying with single word. I sat beside her took head on my chest and just started moving my fingers through her hairs. Finally she broke the silence and said, Rahul please forgive me, I did a mistake and started crying. I just replied her, I don’t know what you did, but whatever you have done, I still love you like I always do.

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