Thursday , December 8 2022

Indian husband shares his wife with a stranger.

If you followed my previous stories, you will know that both me and my Indian wife Geeta are busy professionals and don’t often get time for play dates. We must plan this well in advance, get office leaves and sort out a place where we can meet. Most of you know that my wife is Asian Indian, and I love to share her. I enjoy watching her being aroused by sensual play with other guys.

Geeta is a sweet Indian girl, who also has a kinky side to her. She likes to be that shy wife but also enjoy being a slut in bed.

Last few months have been rather busy and we both were stressed at work. During a casual conversation one evening, I asked Geeta if we can continue to explore the lifestyle and may be this time invite someone new to our house. As she was drinking her favourite red wine; she was slightly tipsy and being open minded. She said, “I always wanted to try playing as a young bride to a stranger.” She wanted to get dressed like an Indian bride and allow a stranger to make out like a wedding night.

The story behind this is, on our wedding night, we both were tired and she did not get much of action. I did make it up in following week and during our honeymoon, but she always had this regret in mind.

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