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Indian joint family living together

The first awakenings of my sex drive happened when I was about 18. My first memories of experimentation’s with sex were over my Chachi (Aunt) Kalpana. This woman was my uncle’s ex wife, a woman I always recognized as an undeniably beautiful woman, in a plastic sort of way. I never seemed to recognize that her body was probably never as good as I’d imagined, at least not until later years, but it was over her that I had my first fantasy. I remember the very first time I blew my load. Kalpana had actually been in our house that day. I was home from school, for whatever reason, perhaps a holiday, maybe sick, maybe a Saturday, but Kalpana was there. I’d noticed over the days before that my cock became hard, and it felt good to stroke it whenever it got stiff.

The house was small, tiny in fact, but whenever my Ma’s friends, of whom Kalpana was one, came to visit, they would spend most of their time in the tiny kitchen, talking and laughing and doing whatever stuff it was that adults did to keep themselves amused, so it seemed to me. It was easy for me to tell when the women in the house were moving about. It also happened that women were there quite frequently, as my Ma was a seamstress who did quite a lot of work for friends. So it was this day that Kalpana was over, and I’d found that rubbing my penis felt quite good. In fact, while sitting in the very room next to where my Kalpana Chachi and my Ma were talking, I felt the urge to caress myself. I slowly unbuttoned my pants, not at the Meant recognizing how dangerous that might be, and unveiled my erection, which had happened at the thought of Kalpana. I started to stroke myself, first slowly, then with more and more urgency, until within only a minute or so, I felt a release, and a tiny bubble of whiteness spewed from the tip of my dick. God, this felt wonderful! The sensation was the first of my life.

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