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Indian joint family living together

And she smiled a bit. I knew my Ma had known about my masturbation. At least once, she’d knocked on my door when I was shaking my bed, and I’d heard an admonition beyond the door to stop doing that. She knew, all right. But it wasn’t like I lived in a particularly prudish family. Nudity wasn’t unheard of in my house. I’d walked in on my Ma in the bathroom many times, and she’d not made any particularly big deal about my looking at her breasts or the rest of her body, although she would not be obvious, and covered herself relatively shyly. But I was naturally curious about the female body, and she wasn’t about to let her hang-ups get in the way of normal healthy development. I’d heard things in the past years about my Ma, offhand comments by my father, words that as I grew older led him to the conclusion that my Ma was not a very sexual being, didn’t like sex much, wasn’t much interested. But I’d seen enough, of my Ma’s body, often enough, to know that she was built rather nicely for sex. She was in decent shape, mid 40s, like Kamala, big breasts, though not nearly as big as hers, brown hair that darkened in the pubic patch. I’d always wanted to stare more between her legs, but I could never do it, as I could never have been that obvious.

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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