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Indian joint family living together

Yes, she was okay, as a woman, though I’d never thought of her in that way. But my experiences with Kamala kept going. Kamala would come over when my Ma knew my father would be away, and there were times when Kamala would come to get me to take me back to her house where we would fuck and suck until I couldn’t get it up any more. She was the world’s best fuck, I thought, and I loved her, or at least my cock did. So it was even more amazing when something new and different happened in my life. One night, when I was reading in my room, I’d heard my Ma running her nightly bath water. Quite ordinary. I heard her slip into the tub, heard the splashing of the water, thinking nothing of it, maybe thinking of my sweet Kamala. Again, my father was away, and I felt I should have done something about getting Kamala over, but I knew she was working this night. Maybe I’d get to fuck her later on in the week, I thought. And again, I heard the slip and slide of my Ma getting out of the tub, heard the sounds of her preparing herself after her bath, and kept on reading. A few minutes later, there was a knock on my door. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” I said. My Ma was wearing the usual bathrobe, the one she always wore in the evenings after her bath, the one she wore as she sat on the couch and watched TV. I wasn’t worried about some embarrassing talk about Kamala coming from her anymore. I felt that the three of us had come to a common understanding. So I was a bit surprised when she sat down on my bed across from me, and started asking questions. “I know we haven’t spoken about this before, but I was wondering how things with Kamala are?” I wasn’t sure what she meant, and I was getting very nervous all of a sudden. God, what if she’s decided it’s wrong and I can’t fuck her anymore?, I thought. “Well, what exactly do you mean, Ma? I mean, she’s great. You know what we’re doing, right? I mean you guys talked about it the first night she was here, and I thought everything was cool, and…”

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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