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Indian joint family living together

“No, ma, I haven’t…” Her tone became just a bit more firm. “Now listen… It’s okay, really.” Then she dropped her tone to soothing. “In fact, I like it. Now if you’ll let me finish, I want to tell you what I want… I know you think Kamala’s boobs are beautiful, she tells me you tell her that all the time.” Ma looked up, and gazed intently into my eyes. “But I think mine are just as nice. What do you think…?” Ma slowly stood up, sliding off the edge of the bed. She still had on her old robe, but after she came to her full 5’4″ height in front of me, about 3 feet away, she opened the robe, and let it slowly fall to the floor as she pulled it back off her shoulders, revealing those tits I’d seen only in passing. She still wore the same kind of white panties that Kamala wore, and that I knew she, my Ma, always wore, but I was too utterly blown away to even notice them. I sucked in my breath. I couldn’t say anything. “Well, what do you think? Are they as pretty as Kamala’s? I know they aren’t quite as big, but they’re probably firmer…” she said in a low voice, as seductive as I’d ever heard her. I looked up, and saw those suckable nipples, almost as big as Kamala’s, on the end of a pair of tits, not like those I would see in Playboy or Penthouse or Hustler, but ones I would call in later life ‘real tits’, full and not perfect for a magazine but perfect for fondling and kissing and licking and sucking… “But…I don’t understand…” I gulped, “what do you want…? What about Dad?”

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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