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Indian joint family living together

I stared long and hard at those nipples, and my cock began to grow in spite of myself. “Well,” she said, “Kamala and I talk, like I told you. She tells me that you absolutely love to suck her nipples. I…I’m not sure how to tell you this, but I absolutely love to have my nipples sucked. Your father,” she seemed to be unhappy with the word, “doesn’t like to do anything like that… And Kamala tells me how wonderful it feels…” As she spoke, she started to almost unconsciously place her hands under each breast and ever so slowly and gently lift them, ever so slightly, as if to offer them to my mouth, and I was by then beginning to shake with nerves and desire. “I know that want to be with Kamala every day if you could,” she said, “and you can’t be. I know you play with yourself all the time, that you want sex all the time, and I’d love to give you the chance to experience at least some of what you get with Kamala whenever you want it. I’d like to let you suck my nipples whenever you want to, and you can play with yourself when you do, and I won’t care… You don’t have to pretend to hide that from me anymore…”

I couldn’t stand it. I reached out my arms slowly, and my Ma came to me. I was in my chair, and I parted my knees so that she could come close enough for me to gently take her left nipple in my mouth. “Oh God…” I wanted to say, and my Ma said it for me… I kissed it gently, then my tongue lightly touched the very tip, and from there, I started to swirl my tongue ever so gently around more and more of the nipple and felt it grow against my tongue. In the back of my mind, I could not believe I was licking my own Ma’s tit, but it was good, better than good, better than fantastic. I started to go from licking to sucking, first very tenderly, then with increasing passion, until I was breathing heavily. Then I took my mouth away, and, being utterly carried away and not thinking what I was doing, said to her “Ma, I want you to sit down, let me get on my knees, and suck you”.

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