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Indian joint family living together

She backed away, and I reached up my hands and took hers as I stood up with the biggest pole under my shorts I’d ever had in my life. She didn’t look at my cock under my pants, but just looked in my eyes, as she turned 180°, and I helped her sink into the chair. I instantly was on my knees, and sucking as if for my life. She took her hands and ran them through is hair, her neck arched a bit, not overly so, but in obvious pleasure. “Suck me, suck me, baby”. I sucked and sucked, and finally had to take my cock out, which I was starting to beat in a heavy rhythm, until I came with a sigh… Only then did I lean back on my haunches and take in the sight of my glorious Ma, leaned back a bit in my chair, nipples erect and hard and at attention, her face flushed, her breasts full. I’d noticed before, but really noticed now, the fullness of my Ma’s belly, never the flat board of the hard bodies, but it was beautiful. I knew I wanted to experience that navel which was below the panty line, the spot marked by a flat spot stretched taut… But I felt I already had gone as far as she would let me.

“Ma, how was that?” I breathed. “Wonderful,” she sighed, “but I need a lot more sucking than that…,” and I went back to work and licked and sucked until my Ma’s back arched with pleasure and she cried and “hmmmm”ed after what may have been her coming… I never thought Kamala would be outdone, but just my Ma’s breasts were enough to convince me that she would be the best sex of my life, ever… I stopped suckling, and just laid there, my head lightly against one of her breasts. She held me against her. “You can have me like this every day,” she said. “Every day, after school, whenever your father isn’t home, anytime… I love you.” I wasn’t sure how I was going to sleep knowing my beautiful fucking Ma was in the room next to mine… Well, she was truly beautiful, my cock felt that for sure.

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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