Wednesday , October 5 2022

Indian joint family living together

Every day when I came home from school, I’d come in the door, look my Ma in the eye, take her hand, and lead her to my bedroom. We got to the point where it was almost as exciting for me to unbutton her blouse, turn her around, unhook her bra, and start fondling her tits, as it was to suck them. The anticipation was tremendous, every fucking day. I’d walk into the house with a huge hard on, and eventually, I’d even drop my pants so I was naked from the waist down while I stripped my Ma to her waist. There were days before I’d undress her that I’d come up from behind her, kiss her neck, tongue her ear, and feel her boobs through her top, and started the slightest pushing with my hips into her ass. She was always a little defensive then, wanted only her tits to receive attention. Bu that attention she loved more than anything, I think she was in love with my mouth. And I had the freedom that I never had before. I used to have to listen, hardly breathing, whenever I stroked himself or beat off between the pillows, afraid I’d get caught, but now, not only did I not have to be furtive and hide, I could do whatever I wanted to pleasure myself with my door wide open.

Even better, there were days when I had to relieve himself even after sucking my Ma’s gorgeous lobes, and I would go out to her, tell I was going to play with myself, and she would most often come in my room to watch. I hoped for more, of course, even though I continued to fuck my ‘girlfriend’ Kamala. One day, after many weeks of suckling, and having always done nothing with my cock but stroke it myself, I thought I’d try something different. I knew my Ma enjoyed looking at my cock, but she’d never said anything about ever touching it herself. Well, I wanted her to do something for me. After a particularly intense sucking session, and having avoided touching himself, I stood up with my raging hard on and placed myself as close to my Ma as I could, she still slumped down in the chair in my room. Ma stared at my boner lovingly. I just stood there, come oozing out the tip of my throbbing penis, and started talking. “Ma, I know you haven’t said we’d ever do more than what we have been doing, but I’d give anything to at least rub my dick on your tits…” She knew what I wanted. “Let’s do something even better.” She stood up, and laid down on my bed, her tits swaying as she walked. “Come over here to the bed. Get on top of me and I’ll let you rub your cock between my tits…” Yes, even her language had gotten more intimate. It took me all of 5 seconds to be on top of my Ma, thrusting my stiff dick on my dear Ma’s chest as she grabbed her full, pretty melons and pushed them together so tightly that I thought it felt a lot like being inside Kamala’s sweet tight cunt.

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