Wednesday , October 5 2022

Indian joint family living together

Faster and faster I pumped, until I came, gushing, “Ughhhhhh…” The splatter, not a very great deal as I’d been pumping my meat many times each day, was still enough to make a pool of liquid love on the spot just above where her cleavage would have been if she were sitting up. I lifted myself off of her, and set one cheek of my butt right near her hip, close, and started to lovingly massage my jism into her skin. “Now that was great,” I murmured, and started to take a drop of my come on the tip of my finger and work it into one of her nipples. She continued to lay there, her eyes open, probably not sure where this was going. I continued to love the attention my Ma allowed me to give her. There was no bound to our intimacy any longer. I would wander into the bathroom whenever she was bathing, sometimes to kneel over the edge of the tub and massage her tits, and sometimes to let my eyes drift to that dark hair on her mons that still fascinated me and couldn’t keep off my mind. Not only her pubic hair, but that slightly protuberant belly stimulated my imagination. Her navel, slightly closed from a bit of underlying padding, looked like a perfect place to put the tip of my cock, and rub until I came…

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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