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Indian joint family living together

What would that belly, rubbing against mine, during passionate fucking, feel like? She let me look. It wasn’t entirely me giving her pleasure, either. Several weeks into this relationship, she began to stroke my aching dick for me, as well. No longer, unless I chose to do so, did I have to relieve the aching pleasure in my nuts by pulling at my own cock. My Ma started doing that for me. One day, after our regular tit suck session, and after coming while stroking myself, I just backed up, and stood up. My cock was still hard, of course. I was bold then. “Ma, Kamala likes to play with it. I’d love to have you play with it, too”. She looked up at me, and then down at my raging hard on, then after minute of just looking, reached out and brushed the underside of my shaft with the tips of one hand, starting to slide up and down, then faster, giving her all, her hand fully in contact, until I shot off. “God, Ma, that was incredible,” I shuddered.

I’d finally experienced my Ma’s touch. Presently, my thoughts centered on intercourse. I thought about it all the time. God, what an experience it would be to fuck my Ma! A few short months into this love affair, it turned out my father, was going on a week long trip. I knew exactly what I wanted, but wasn’t sure how to approach my Ma. No point in being subtle. One afternoon after suckling her passionately, I simply told her “Ma, I think we need to screw.” I wasn’t yet comfortable with using the word fuck in front of her, though I hoped one day I would be. “Really? What are you talking about?,” she said. “Well, after all we’ve done, I think I’d like for us to pretend you’re my wife, and I’m your husband, while dad’s gone for that week trip he’s taking.” We were lovers in everything but fucking anyway, and taking my penis into her wetness wouldn’t make it any more wrong. But she put me off.

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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