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Indian joint family living together

I was happy with this, and found that the feelings I had were more wonderful when I thought of my Kalpana Chachi as I rubbed my dick against the covers, for days on end. In fact, I’d discovered an even better way to satisfy myself. Putting my stiff cock between a fur covered pillow and the bedspread, and sliding my aching cock in and out between them, until the release came. God, it felt unbelievable! Well, as I said, my Ma was a seamstress.

And she had many friends who needed work to be done. And in these days, the women who came to have their wares made became to regard me as just another piece of the furniture, so to speak. I think they often forgot in fact that I was a boy. So I got to see things that were more than I ought to have seen and still keep sexual thoughts away from my ever-horny mind. My favorite of my Ma’s friends was a woman of about her middle 40s, which described both her age and the size of her chest. Her name was Kamala, and she was impressive in my young mind. She was short, jet black hair, a tight, perhaps even flatfish bottom, but tits that were huge and so noticeable that I’m sure I had been aware of them even before my sexual interest. I’d had the pleasure of seeing her run around in a state that no red blooded boy should have to see and not be able to relieve himself, which, after my discovery, I was doing regularly.

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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