Wednesday , October 5 2022

Indian joint family living together

But there was one day that would live in my mind. Kamala was over, and getting some new top made. It was her custom, being something of a brazen and lowers middle class woman that she’d just take off her outerwear and be not the slightest bit conscious of her…appearance. I was sitting there, on the floor, looking up, and almost gasped as I noticed something I’d never seen before on this goddess- like woman in all the times I’d seen her in various states of undress. I looked up and saw a sheer bra that encased those lovely breasts ever so gently, and saw to my amazement that the sheerness exposed her aureoles, dark and half dollar sized, absolutely perfect to match the size and shape of those gorgeous melons.

I couldn’t stand it, and slipped off to my bedroom, where I immediately pulled off my pants, listening intently for any telltale footsteps signaling trouble, and proceeded to take my cock, now stiff and trembling from the sight of those massive orbs that I now wanted to suck more than anything in my life, and started to stroke myself harder and harder until the come splattered from my dick in an explosion of ecstasy. Oh God, oh God, Kamala, how I’d love to feel my love pole inside your sweet pussy… I’d never forgotten the mystery of the dark triangle, either. It had not escaped my notice that the utter blackness of Kamala’s hair had extended itself to the hair between her legs.

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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