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Indian joint family living together

There was that knock on the door. God, I thought. “Yeah, come on in,” I said in resignation. The door opened, and I was in shock. There stood Kamala, still in her black hot pants, but that was all. Those gorgeous tits, that I’d dreamed of for months now, were unholstered from their sheer bra, hanging free, the nipples dark against her pale skin, the beginnings of erectness at the tip. I was speechless. Despite my shock, the desire for this woman took over my surprise. She stood there in the doorway like the sultry bitches I’d see in later life, pornographic movies. Her voice, a bit gravelly as always, said “Well, what do you think?” I didn’t know what to say. “You’re Ma and I talked over what I found you doing. It’s not a secret to her, you know. She hears your bed creaking as you play with yourself. I told her what a beautiful cock you have, and we talked about it, and I convinced her that it was about time you had the chance to use it. I’ve see you looking at me when I’m undressed. I know you want to fuck me.

Your Ma told me your dad is out of town, and she said she’d go out for a few hours and leave us alone. Now, do you want to let me see that sweet penis, darling?” Almost literally, my jaw dropped. I saw this vision slowly moving toward me, those luscious mammaries bouncing together as she moved to me. “Pull you pants off,” she said, almost demanding. I did what she told me, now showing her my naked cock, now standing stiffly again. She came over to me, and knelt down. She took the shaft of my dick, actually now harder than it had ever been before, and started to stroke it. I lasted all of about a minute before spewing into her face and hair, as she’d kept herself that close.

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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