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Indian joint family living together

She loved it. Being as young as I was, my dick stayed hard. She obviously wanted more. With some of my come still on her face, she leaned closed, and started to lick the head of my still swollen dick. Her tongue went all over, then up and down the shaft, until I came again, in her mouth. I wanted her badly. She stood up, and gently pushed me into a seated position on my bed. She moved her big pretty tits into my face, and urged me to suck those huge dark nipples which were harder than I would have imagined. Then, she slipped off the hot pants, along with the panties I’d wanted to see her out of, and let me stare into that thick black bush that I’d dreamed of for months. She told me she wanted me to lick her. I didn’t know exactly what she meant. But she showed me.

She lay back on my bed, and spread her legs. It was glorious, looking a that cunt, which was glistening with wetness. “Be careful, and put your finger in me.” I did. “Go in and out.” And I did, faster, as she started breathing harder. “Oh God, take out your finger and lick where you were fingering,” she panted, and I did, tasting my first musk, which I then didn’t want to stop. She bucked and swayed, and then, right when I couldn’t stand it any more, she said “Get on me and fuck me, you little fucker.” And I fucked her wildly, while she lay back and moaned and came. I fucked her about 4 times in the little bit of time we had that day. After the experience I’d had, I was sexually in love with Kamala. I was sure I’d always want to fuck her. I’d finally gotten to see every inch of that delightful wench that I’d always dreamed of.

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  1. Please continue the story … Innocent wife with cab driver. It’s very awesome story

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