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Indian maid’s husband accepts new cuckold lifestyle change

Fateh picked me up at 7.20 pm from the main market (I had been late — he had waited patiently). It was a hot evening, so I was sweating and was hungry. I noticed that Fateh was squirming every time he had to sit on the driver’s seat of the rickshaw, and I grinned. My plan was working! Narges must have spanked him, and spanked him hard. (Read prev story – Indian maid’s husband is humiliated by her and her lover)

“I say, Fateh,” I asked him as he pedaled hard. “Tell me about this debt of yours. Narges was telling me you owe some people a lot of money.”

Fateh told me he had a gambling problem some time ago, and owed a lot of people money. To get them off his back, he had borrowed 100,000 rupees from a money lender who had a reputation for organized crime. He had paid off all his creditors, but now owed this one man 100,000 rupees with interest, and he had only a year to pay it. The amount due now was nearly double at approximately 200,000 rupees. The more he delayed paying it, the greater the interest was.

“What happens if you cannot get the money in a year?” I asked him.

“Sahib,” Fateh’s voice was sad. “If he does not beat me up, I will lose my rickshaw and my house, and Narges and I will be forced to be on the streets.”

“Not only that,” I continued, “I heard such men don’t like losing money. They will make a lesson out of you for others. Either they will really beat you up, or they will kidnap and repeatedly Molestation your wife.”

“Yes, sahib.”

I did not say anything after that, but let him ponder on the consequences he knew he was facing, as he ferried me back to his residence. As far as he knew, I was staying for one more night, so Fateh knew after tonight he would get back his wife. Little did he realize my plan! Once I had a taste of Narges, how could I just enjoy her juicy delights for only one more night! Narges was like an intoxicant — once you had a taste of her unbridled passion, you didn’t let go easily.

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Narges greeted me with a wet, sloppy, slurpy kiss on the lips, on the doorstep of the house within full view of the neighbours as Fateh squirmed uncomfortably. I had Fateh take my bags to the bedroom. Narges had just taken a bath and smelt like fresh roses. I could see the faint outline of one of the new bras inside her blouse. Still at the door, I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipple through her blouse, jiggling them for my pleasure, and she laughed. Wrapping my arms around her exposed waist, we walked in.

“My sister Urmila visited me today,” She told me, when I asked her if anything was new. “And she forgot her cellphone here. I have to return that tomorrow.”

“Hmm. Is Urmila as beautiful as you, or is she even sexier?” I playfully asked her.

“Oh, you!” She playfully swatted at me. I once again grabbed her, and kissed her forcefully on her lips as she melted in my arms. After probing her mouth deep with my tongue, I let her go as she caught her breath. All this time, Fateh watched awkwardly as I enjoyed his wife’s charms openly.

I took a bath, and soon, dinner was served. After we had eaten and washed up, I sat down on their new sofa and discussed Fateh’s loan with him. I told him his life was ruined and he would be out on the streets in a year. He could probably go to jail, and Narges would then have to fend for herself, if the loan shark didn’t kidnap her and ravish her every night. Fateh agreed, and looked hopefully at me. I took my time, before I replied.

“Fateh, you certainly have more than 200,000 rupees in this house.”

“I am sorry, sahib, I don’t have any such money,” Fateh replied, looking at me as if I had gone crazy.

“Fateh, I have already seen the wealth in this house, and if you wish you can clear your debts with the loan shark with that money,” I said.

He asked me, “Sahib, where have you seen such money, please tell me! I would be the most relieved person in the world!”

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“Narges!” I called out. Narges came from the kitchen, wiping her hands on her sari‘s pallu. She walked and stood beside me obediently. I got up and walked around to her back. Fateh was watching me keenly as Narges let her hands loose on her side. The sexual tension in the air was palpable. Here was a man, Fateh, who had just watched his wife cuckold him the previous night and then spank him, now hoping expectantly for debt relief from the very same man that had ravaged his wife. And that man, I, was circling the vivacious Narges like a shark circles its prey.

I pressed my dick into Narges’s ass cheeks, reached around and cupped her breasts through her blouse.

“Here, Fateh.” I rubbed her left breast.

“100,000 rupees.”

Then I massaged Narges’s right breast.

“100,000 rupees.”

Narges giggled, as Fateh looked at me, puzzled, and helpless to stop me from groping his wife’s mammary glands. “I am sorry, sahib, I don’t understand.”

“It’s very simple.” I continued to knead Narges’s boobs, getting no objections from her, or from her cowardly husband. “I am here for the night. You are to allow me to spend the night with your wife and she has to do what I order her to do. If she gives me her body absolutely, then I will loan you 200,000 rupees. You can pay off the money lender, and take your time in paying me back, with no interest.”

Of course I could have just gone to bed with Narges, and she would have been my willing fuck toy, but I wanted to drive home the point to Fateh that I would be sleeping with his wife, on his marital bed, with his explicit permission. My cock poked Narges’s butt crack.

“Think about it.” I told him. “If you say no, your wife will have no recourse but to submit to me anyway, but then you will still owe that money. You may even go to prison! And then who knows who your wife will submit to!”

I pinched Narges’s left nipple. It was a signal to her that it was her line now.

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“No, dear husband, I will not allow you to go to prison,” Narges declared bravely. “I am your wife and your welfare is my concern. You tell sahib that he can have my body for his pleasure, if that’s what will satisfy him.”

I could again see a bulge grow in Fateh’s lungi.

“It will be only for one night and no one will know your wife has slept with another man, and that you were helpless to prevent that,” Narges told her husband. “So dear, do what I say; let him enjoy my body and he will loan you 200,000 rupees.”

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