Sunday , May 28 2023

Indian Muslim woman’s breaks religious taboo

Love is a powerful thing. It’s a combination of physical, emotional, mental and at times even spiritual connection between two people. It is an entity that overcomes all foes; age, culture, border, religion, race, and these days even genders. In a country like India , Racism between Hindus and Muslims is an ever present axe that hangs over all, especially over the younger generation, who have just begun to come into their own. Despite the looming threat of shame, fanaticism, and familial repercussions, young Hindu’s and Muslims men and women do end up having a relationships, some for a short while, while other continue on for years. Statistically is it more common to find Muslim boys courting Hindu girls, occasionally it does happen, that a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl end up together in a relationship. This is such a story; a story about Mohit and Ayesha.

Ayesha belonged to a progressive Muslim family in Delhi, India . She was the last of three sisters and all three were raised to be highly educated. Her eldest sister worked as an Air Hostess for a major international airline, and the other sister was a teacher in a very reputed school. Her parents never held her back from gaining real life experiences but always instilled good values, moral and traditions in her. She was not confined to cultural boundaries and limitations, but always knew the difference between right and wrong. Theirs was the only Muslim family in a Hindu locality and the whole family got along and was always respected by their neighborhood.

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  1. Very romantic and realistic story. Thank you.

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