Thursday , June 1 2023

Indian Village girl’s NRI dream turns nightmare

Meghna’s parents were over the moon. They were always told that her beautiful daughter would bring them good fortune. But this was huge – They had received a marriage proposal from an NRI groom. For those in her small village, marrying their daughter to a city boy is a herculean task. But now they were sending her daughter to marry a Non Resident Indian in America.

Meghna was the kind of woman for whom kings used to go to war over. She had the cute features of a doll while having the perfect proportions which many girls don’t get even after sweating in a gym for years. She was around 5’6″ which was really tall for an Indian girl. She could have been a model or in movies had she not been born in a small, backward village. Meghna always wore a full length loose salwar kameez to hide her very womanly shape.

Suitors had been asking for her hand in marriage for years, and she used to get countless love letters from admirers. But she always knew how important it was to maintain the Honor of her family and never responded to any of them. She was both excited and nervous about moving to the USA right after her marriage.

Meghna’s parents were so happy that they were ready to sell their ancestral land in order to give the ₹1 million in gold jewellery as dowry as demanded by the groom’s family. He also spent another ₹1 million for the wedding to make sure that everyone in the village was awestruck by their marriage.

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