Sunday , May 28 2023

Indian Virgin girl fucked by Black African Man

Hello, my name is Nazneen, and I just recently celebrated my eighteenth birthday a few days ago. I am a small girl with nice curves and perky boobs. I’m about five foot two in height, and weigh about 40kg. I have long black hair and black eyes. My girlfriends are jealous of me. They say guys are always checking me out because of my nice round butt. My stats are 34 28 34.

I graduated from high school with honors and about to begin college at a very prestigious Institute. I didn’t pay much attention to boys in high school. I was always studying and too wrapped up in my school work. I’ve never done more than kiss a guy before.

I live with my parents in a nice neighborhood, here in Mombasa, Kenya. My parents left the other day to go on a week long business trip. So that leaves me all alone in this big empty house for a week. Last night my girlfriend, Jamila, stayed over to keep me company. But today she said she couldn’t because she had to go to her boyfriend for few days.

I was bored so I decided to go for a jog. I got dressed in my jogging pants and my tight sport top. When I returned home after about a forty five minute run, there was a van outside the house. As I proceeded to walk in my house, a man approached me from the van. He was a large muscular Black African man. He looked to be in his early thirties. He stood about six foot four and had to be at least 100+kg. I was a little nervous as I hurried to unlock my front door.

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  1. Hi bro….
    Its realy fantastic story. I like this kind of interracial sex stories. Ecspecially Black guy vs Desi girls(cheating mom/pregnand lady/wife/cuckold).and ect.
    If u have any other sex stories like this pls send me personally,i want black guys and white guys have to fuck desi girls,thanks…..

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