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Indian Wife Rape by Lusty business partner

Hi all, after reading stories regularly here I take it as my pleasure to share my experience to you all. Hope you like it & comment.

I am always surprised to know how uniquely people celebrate their intimate relationship from their narrations. I wondered many times if those intimate actions were actual or fantasy. Being married for 10 years I had no such pleasure in sex. Love making, sexually teasing, licking and sucking were beyond my imagination and experience as we are from a very conservative business family. We have spoken more business than love and intimate love. For us sex is just a biological act to get baby also I am not sure if my husband was getting pleasure but for me it was no pleasure for sure. Our sexual act was mechanical than emotional love. He hardly used to lift my garments up above my waist, throab his dick, give few jerks, release his juice and move away. Our sexual relationship limited to these routine action & after birth of kids this routine action became very rare possibility. All this made me to think most of the stories are influenced by Western culture than real experience until the day of this incident.

Let me introduce myself, I am Ritika, aged 33, have 2 kids, I am a semi-housewife as I look after my husband’s business too. My husband Ajay is a full-time orthodox business man. My marriage with him is of no happy & no regret. He is a nice gentleman who always cared for family and business. As I mentioned earlier Ajay was never active or exploiting in sexual life but still he maintained himself a good man. To tell on my appearance I can say I am a head turner. I stand 5.4 feet tall, weigh 55 kgs, I am fair by skin, I have silky black hair cut to shoulder length. I measure 34 30 36, my curvy body forces most of the men take one more turn towards me. Though I liked for being noticed by many men I remained expressionless owing to my conservative family background. Out of the men who take lusty stare on me, one man was catching my notice often & he’s most irritating.

He is Sunil, he is most irritating while staring at me. Many a times his lustful stares forced me to take a look at my dress and correct it unnecessarily. His staring eyes were so much focussed as if he is exploring my body part by part through his eyes. Many a times I was in a kind of humiliation that I wanted to talk about this to my husband but I restrained as Sunil is a partner in business and this might create a dent in business pattern. As i rarely to go office and meet him I kept his lustful stares within me. I had a clear opinion on Sunil, that he is lusting for me and covering up his character by calling me bhabhi.

It was noon around 12.30 on that day, I heard door bell ring. I noticed Sunil at the door from camera. I cursed him for dropping to home when my husband is away and my children were also out to school. I opened the door, Sanjeev wished me, I quickly asked him the reason for dropping to home. Sunil cleverly said that he wanted to meet Ajay. I replied he is off the city for which Sunil said he was told Ajay will be available till noon and saying this he entered house. All the while his eyes were scanning me from top to bottom. I without interest offered him to sit and juice for which he readily agreed. Cursing my self I walked to kitchen to make juice. I was hoping that Sunil wouldn’t be adventurous & harmful to me.

Soon I understood that I was wrong. Sunil groped me from behind, I reacted very strongly & tried to get rid of him. He over powered me, I was groped by him such that I couldn’t move even a bit. He had caught my hands and waist together while he smell my neck, I was still struggling to get off from him. I was yelling & pleasing him to spare me. He was in no mind to heed my requests. He was going aggressive and trying to convince me saying “bhabhi don’t ignore yourself, you need this, I know it by your eyes”. He planted kisses on my cheeks and neck, he had tied my legs with his legs, he pulled my hands back packed between him and me. He cupped my breasts and kissing my face. My breast was crushed by one hand and the other hand was surfing through my body from stomach to abdomen. He was rubbing my body such hard that my blue saree was getting misplaced, he pulled off saree pleats and my saree started to fall off from me. My protest was getting weaker and he was becoming more aggressive. I felt like I lost to him when I didn’t tried to get away from him when he released my hands. I was standing with him still he was hugging me from behind. He pushed my pallu off from my breast, by this time my saree was on floor. He cupped my both breasts over blouse, his squeeze was such hard that I could feel the pressure on my breasts. His one hand reached out to my waist, naval & my crotch. His hand running through my waist and stomach must have made me horny or I might have liked his rough touches on my body that I had no protest. I was calm & breathing heavily. I was in his grip & he turned me towards him. He had not let me off from his strong arms. He had hugged me so tight that I was finding difficult to breathe. His palms were caressing my back to waist and hips. He crushed my butts hard, lifted me & kissed me on neck. He said “aja bhabhi, aapko jo chahiye mein deta hu”. Saying this he carried me on his shoulders to room where he laid me on bed. I was free enough to run away from there but I had not done that, may be because of my hidden desires awoke by then. He hurriedly removed his t-shirt and track pant. He was not wearing his underwear. Sight of his naked body bought me to my consciousness on the happenings between us.

While writing this I am surprised with myself for not getting up & run away from bed. I had been laid on bed without any hesitation. Sunil laid on me, he kissed all my face & lips. He chew my lower lip & play with my tongue. Without my knowledge I had budged to his act, I was holding him by head, caressing his hairs. He pulled himself down to kiss my neck & then my clevage. All the while my fingers were emotionally caressing his hairs. He then started to unhook my blouse. He unhooked it, he hastily unhook my bra. He kissed my clevage & areola. He was licking my entire breast, he circles his tongue circling on my areola & he suck my light brown nipple. He was cuddling my breasts, twist my light brown nipples & suck each of them. Some heat was flowing through my body. I never had felt this much excited on bed. I never had experienced my nipples such hard. He was squeezing each of my breast & suck them. His one hand had pushed my skirt up to my thighs.

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