Thursday , December 8 2022

Indian wife desire to cuckold a hubby.

We got married almost 5 years back. I am 32, IT professional who enjoy computer programming and working on Computers. My wife, Hina works in recruitment and is more of a people person as compared to me. To start with ours was a traditional marriage, after which we settled in London. She was just a house wife a couple of years but then got bored being at home so started her career. She also convinced me to delay having kids so she can work on her career.

Over last few years, she developed from junior recruitment consultant to senior sales for a IT recruitment firm. She even managed to put my CV in front of some big Companies. I was enjoying my work as programmer. Although, I still earned more than her, she had more social life style with client meetings, travel and entertainment. Mine was standard 9 to 5 job, working with computers.

Our sex life has always been active. But nothing out of ordinary. It all depended on her mood and desire, as with most marriages after few years. I was always ready for sex and she knew it was her choice to decide date or time. Recently, she has started to wear short skirts while going out for evening client entertainment, which she always called meetings. Once I bought up this topic of her late evenings and impact on our marriage life. She got upset about this, thinking I am trying to restrict her career. There was no sex for over a month and soon I realised not to upset her. This made her more confident and now she was trying tight shirts, short dress and deep cut tops. And while making sex, she brought out subject of her dressing sexy to meet clients. I always enjoyed watching her in a sexy dress, in the heat of moment I told her how much I love when she is dressed sexy and others are admiring her. She pushed the boundaries and told me how clients love to feel her up, dance with her, buy her drinks and sometime try to kiss her. She was constantly watching my face for reaction, I was getting aroused by just thinking about some high-end client playing with my wife in a bar. That night we had great sex but it was beginning of a new chapter in our relationship.

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