Saturday , June 3 2023

Indian wife desperately wants more from her husband.

My husband is insanely jealous.

Over the years his expressions of jealous anger, the bitter sarcasm and even some of the things he did ostensibly to please me, or to just lay his claim on me as his wife, was done out of some jealous grudge. All the little, petty things that I noticed convinced me that my husband was not simply jealous, but insanely so.

Oh, Ved is smart, cool, and confident. He exudes that sense of inner power and smiling control that men like him seem to be born with. He’s not handsome, or good-looking in a film star or male model kind of way, but because of a certain inexplicable attitude that he conveys, people find him very attractive; and it’s not just the women, I can tell you that!

But I know that’s only a façade. And I know you think I’m the eternal wife with her eternal bitching. But so what? I’m entitled to some bitching. How long do you think you guys are going to get away with it?

Me? I’ve been a transparent person most of my life And things never really changed after Ved and I married, till very recently. No, children, I wasn’t born in a glass factory, and being transparent means that I don’t hide my opinions and emotions, and come out very strongly when I have to.

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