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Indian wife fucks college buddy in front of husband

We’re Varun and Shriya, a married couple living in the USA. We’re originally from Chennai, India. Shriya is a typical tamil Brahmin girl: very fair and very curvy, with fat in all the right places. Though she comes from a conservative family, she is very modern in her outlook and is dynamite in bed. She has lots of values, and I knew she would never cheat on me.

One day she told me that a friend of hers was coming to our city for some work, and asked whether he could stay with us during that time. We did have a spare bedroom that wasn’t getting used, so that presented no problem for us. When I asked who the friend was, she told me it was Sriram. He was her friend from college and I knew he had a crush on her. They were very close, even though she had said no when he had proposed.

Now hearing that this was the guy, I was a little apprehensive. This must have shown on my face, because Shriya asked me if I was thinking about the old college stuff. She said all that is ancient history and that they actually hadn’t talked in some time. This settled me and I said sure, let him come.

So the day came when he arrived. Unlike me, he had obviously kept himself in shape. With a beard, he was pulling off the rugged look quite well. His tight tee shirt accentuated his muscles. We exchanged pleasantries and sat down, talking while Shriya went to get us coffee. Shriya had dressed nicely since she knew he was coming. She had on a semi transparent saree with a low neck blouse. I saw his eyes follow her as she walked away.

Shriya came back to serve us coffee. When she bent to serve him his, her pallu slipped. It was only for a second, as she immediately adjusted it with a little blush. But I saw his eyes go directly to her milky cleavage for a second, and his hand travel near his crotch. But it was all over in a second. We continued to talk about their college days for the rest of the evening, and then Shriya led him to the guest bedroom, and we turned in for the night.

As we were in bed, I commented about the guy to Shriya, “Your friend seems to be in great shape!”

“Yeah, he hasn’t changed from when we were in college. He looks very much the same now as then.”

“He must have had a lot of girlfriends.”

“Yes all the girls were all over him in college.”

“Except you?”

“Yeah, I didn’t like the rugged look back then, I went more for your type of guys Varun.”

She said that and kissed me, and we drifted off to sleep.

The next day we were at the kitchen where Shriya was serving me breakfast. Sriram walked into the kitchen bare-chested with his shorts on. He was really hairy, and he had obviously just taken a bath. His hair and some of his chest were still wet.

Shriya exclaimed, “Sriram you will catch a cold!”

She took a towel and went near him and started wiping his head.

“You really don’t know how to use a towel, do you?”

She started wiping his chest also. It was a little hot watching my petite wife wipe off the hairy chest of this guy. Her hands moved over the towel, over his chest muscles, and down his stomach. When she was done, Shriya ran her hands through his chest hair to see that it was all dry.

Now all this was clearly having an effect on the guy. His shorts were not able to contain his boner and both Shriya and I noticed his hard-on through his shorts. He had the sense to say he needed a shirt and he walked out awkwardly. I smiled at Shriya, kissed her and left for the day. The image of Shriya running her slender fingers through his chest hair stayed with me as I tried to work the whole day.

That night, as we were making love, I asked her about the toweling off. She caught on straight away.

“Oh Varun, are you jealous that Sriram has more chest hair than you? That’s so silly dear, you know I don’t care about that!”

“No of course I wasn’t jealous. I was just asking.”

“Oh really, then you wouldn’t mind if I wiped him off again tomorrow?”

Cornered by this question, I had to say that I wouldn’t mind. Shriya kissed me and said, “That’s good dear. He’s our guest, and I have to take care of him right?”

She kept kissing me and slid down licking my chest, and made her way down there and took me in her mouth. She started sucking me with her eyes fixed on mine. She gives a great blowjob and tonight was no exception. After a short time I came all over her face. We fucked wildly that night.

The next day, at breakfast, as expected, Sriram came down after his bath, still wet. This time however, he was only wearing a towel. Shriya smiled at me and with a patient air got him to sit down and started wiping him. This time she did it slowly, and her eyes were on me the whole time as she wiped off his chest. She finally said she was done, and he got up in front of her, and his towel, which was already bulged around his cock, slipped off.

And there it was, his large, hard, throbbing cock, right in front of my wife’s face. It was around four inches larger than my cock, and thicker too. Since he was standing and Shriya was sitting, his cock was directly in front of her, almost near her mouth. For a moment we were all shocked, then Shriya blushed and looked away. Sriram apologized and tied his towel back around his waist. I assured him it was alright, and told him to go change. Shriya had the slight shivers, and I hugged her tight to me and told her it was okay.

That night, when we were in bed, talk inevitably drifted towards the incident of the morning.

“Shriya, it must have been such a shock for you when his towel slipped off this morning?”

Shriya blushed and said, “Yes Varun, I didn’t expect it at all. His thing was so huge.”

Now I became a little defensive.

“It wasn’t all that big Shriya.”

Shriya is a very spirited girl. Argue with her and she is ready with a counter argument.

“Oh Varun, don’t be silly. It was almost twice the size of this,” she said, caressing my stiffening cock.

“It was almost in my face, so I would know best! From what I remember, it was much thicker than this too.”

She squeezed my cock as she said that. Now I was slightly pouting, and she decided to tease me a little more.

“You know, the other girls would tell me stories about him back in college. That he really knows how to satisfy a girl. And that he can do it for an hour without break.”

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