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Indian Wife Gets Pregnant

If they were asked, there is no doubt that Zoya and Salman would have considered themselves a modern liberated couple. However, before the events described here, they were really much more conventional than they would have cared to admit!

Both worked in the financial world, and when they had met at the wedding of her cousin Salim to his cousin Zara, they had immediately hit it off. They were regularly dating within two weeks soon they were in love.

At this time, each had only had two previous sexual experiences, which in both cases involved one longish relationship and one short-lived holiday romance. Their parents readily and willingly consented for their wedding.

Six months later, they moved in together — a new experience for both of them. Eighteen months after that they married, as they had decided to start a family. At this time Zoya was 26 and Salman 33.

After the excitement of the wedding, they were disappointed when Zoya did not fall pregnant. A further year on and tests revealed Salman’s very low sperm count as the reason. The specialist advised that there might be some chance of in vitro fertilization, and put Zoya on a course of fertility drugs, so that he would have a good collection of eggs to work with. The harvesting was scheduled for the month after they returned from a holiday in Goa with two other couples: Ramita and Sumit, and Payal and Rajan.

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