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Indian Wife Helps Husband’s Friend

Dileep had just moved to the new city and was staying in a guest house which was close to the house of his friend Amar and his pretty wife Sonali. His association with Amar had been quite old. Amar had married Sonali about 5 years back and like everyone else Dileep too had been taken in by Sonali’s beauty, good nature and exuberance.

Although 30 years old, Sonali still looked as if she had just completed college and did not look a day older than 21. She was one of those rare girls who due to their sheer beauty looked out of place in their environs. Nature had been generous in endowing her not only with a good height of 5 feet 6 Inches but also a clear complexion. A lissome body complimented with perfectly rounded breasts capped by perky nipples that had the hue of a combination of pink-chocolate. It took the little nobs very little stimulation to get erect and at times this proved to be a source of major embarrassment for her, especially if she was without a bra. Dileep knew this because at times he had seen her blushing a beetroot red but he had come to the conclusion that perhaps she too had a streak of exhibitionism in her or else why would she appear braless.

Dileep himself had fallen in love with a nice pretty girl but the girl; her name was Ruchi; had a brother who was tough as nails. Ruchi’s parents had died quite sometime ago and there was only one way Dileep could be close to Ruchi. By taking their outhouse on rent. However there was a catch. The outhouse would be given only to couples.

Dileep was at his wits’ end as to what to do when a particular incident took place. Dileep had visited Sonali and Amar. Sonali, like most Indian women normally wore only Indian clothes and that day was no exception. It was nothing very daring or extraordinary, quite the opposite if anything. It was knee length and loose, made of some light material with a close floral print. But when she sat down, she smoothed the skirt carefully over her buttocks, and the curve held Dileep’s gaze. When she crossed her legs, the hem of the skirt rode to just above the knee, and Dileep could make out that the legs were soft and cushiony. She had shaved her legs or perhaps removed the hair in some other way due to which the skin was smooth and polished. She had always been kind of pretty but today she looked positively beautiful. She had a pleasant face with a nice smile, and black eyes which now seemed more playful than before. Her figure was much the same, tall and on slimmer side, but with breasts that were appropriate and seemed to be still firm. Her black hair came to her shoulders. Her feet were bare as Indian women normally remain at home. Her manicured toes were painted a bright red and dainty anklets added to the sensuality. Amar and Sonali greeted Dileep warmly and he explained his dilemma.

“Yes, your situation is positively unenviable.” Amar said.

“It is but we should help him out.” Sonali said. She had a sweet child like voice.

“Of course we should but how?”

“Arre baba. I can go along with him and he can say that I am his wife.” She replied.

“Yeah. That would be great.” Amar said. “Your problem is solved. Don’t you think she is brilliant?”

“Come on now. That guy is not a kid. I don’t think he will be taken in just like that. He will perhaps require some sort of proof.”

“That’s no big deal. I’ll prepare a certificate.” Amar said thoughtfully “Certificates require a rubber stamp and I will arrange that. The guy will be taken in if what he is exercising is just mandatory caution. If it is you that he wants to avoid then it’s a different story.”

“What’s the harm in giving it a try?” Sonali spoke.

“Yeah. No harm.” Amar said.

So one nice morning suitably armed with certificate which said that Sonali was Dileep’s wife, Dileep and Sonali visited Ruchi’s house. They left the car and walked casually down the road while holding hands. Dileep was casually dressed In jeans and T shirt and Sonali in shortish light blue skirt that finished at her knees and a cream halter top showing off her tanned legs and stomach. She had worn this western dress so as to give the impression that she was kind of liberated. This impression would come in handy when after taking the house, the landlord would find her absent for long durations. The explanation that Dileep would give is that she has her own business, or was traveling or whatever.

They walked down the driveway at the back was a smoked glass door. After a couple of knocks it was opened by a bearded male in his late thirties or early forties. His eyes glanced over Dileep but lingered on Sonali.

“Hi, can I help you guys?”

“Hope so.” Dileep replied. “We were told that we might be able to get the outhouse on rent.”

His eyes drifted back to Dileep, ” Are you aware that it is given only to couples?”

“Yes, that is precisely why we are here.” Dileep said.

He looked at them for a few seconds while studying them. “Okay, Come in.”

He told them pushing the door wide open and stepping back.

Before Dileep could think any further, Sonali slipped out of her sandals and stepped inside leaving Dileep no option but to follow. It was darkish inside, the curtains had been pulled and the TV was tuned into to an old cricket match. Two comfortable chairs had been pulled close to the TV, behind It stood a low divan bed. An empty pizza box and beer cans lay between the chairs and the TV. This was a trifle disconcerting to Dileep. He did not really look forward to guys who were semi drunk when accompanied by the wife of a friend. More so when one is pretending to be what one is not.

“Why did you take off your sandals?” he asked.

“Just concern for the house. That’s all. Decency.” She replied. ” After all, in my own house I like to keep the floor clean. Remaining barefooted is one of the ways to do it. ”

“Make yourself comfortable. Sahib will join you shortly. Would you like some tea or coffee?” the man said.

“No, thanks.” Dileep said for both of them. He was a bit apprehensive but Sonali’s face was expressionless.

One heavily built, reasonably good looking man but one who was not in a particularly good mood emerged, “Hi! My name is Subhash. I had made it very clear that I would let it out only to married guys.”

“Yeah! That’s why we are here.” Dileep replied uneasily. Something appeared to be wrong. Dileep felt that either this man had run into all the wrong guys since morning or he had taken a particular dislike to Dileep as soon as he had seen him. Dileep wondered why this man wanted his sister to be away from all guys.

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