Thursday , December 8 2022

Indian Wife Initiation by Bull

This is a true story of how I started my cuckold experience. After marriage, both me and my wife Geeta had settled in USA. We were away from our friends and relatives in India. I had free time over weekends to search online and find about my kinky fantasies. To my surprise, I found number several websites which were full of cuckolds and bulls. The net was full of material on cuckold relationships.

This is when I came across Jim. He was in mid-40’s, tall, broad shoulders and very experienced in this life style. We both started chatting online. I shared some normal pics of Geeta (non-face). I was too scared to reveal much. Jim was happy to take it all at slow pace, and act as a mentor. He showed confidence and someone arrogance in his experience with married women. Talking intimate details about my wife with him, always made me hard. Jim could sense that and made sure he asked questions about Geeta, such as what positions she liked to be fucked or how I will feel when Geeta is being stripped by a stranger.

As a first step, he asked me to talk to Geeta about taking some of her pics in sexy pose. Short dresses, boobs out, spreading the legs to show some pussy. I told Geeta this was for my eyes only and something I can watch when I am at work or travelling for work. She was up for it as she always loved being admired and liked the idea of looking sexy.

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