Sunday , November 27 2022

Indian wife is seduced by husband’s boss

Salman used to work for a government company but the pay was measly. He looked around for a private job and finally found one. The Chairman was one Jim Hogg. He and his wife were a nice amiable couple .Their son George was known to have a philandering eye and there were many rumors that he seduced young wives of employees. However they were just that….rumors that could not be confirmed or denied.

Then one day it was announced that George was getting married. Salman and his wife Sameera were not invited to the wedding but to the evening party. Sameera was lazing around the house when Salman telephoned from the office and told her. Along with him and Sameera, Ajay and Kavita too had been invited. They were Salman’s colleagues and lived in the opposite flat.

Salman felt honored that he was invited but Sameera complained she had nothing to wear to which Salman could only reply that he could not afford to buy her a new outfit, but that she looked lovely in some of the outfits she already had. Sameera sulked a little, but was secretly pleased to be going to such a big prestigious party and was determined to look her best, despite her husbands refusal to pay for something new and special.

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