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Indian Woman Black Driver

Dear readers, each word of the story you are about read is true. You might have read hundreds of stories involving an inter-racial encounter but this is one of the rare, if not the first, story of an Indian woman, my wife, and a black guy. Though this happened four years ago, it is still very fresh in our memory and I feel like it happened only yesterday.

Before I tell you about this incident let me tell you about us. I am an Indian and my name is Harish. I am 5’10” and weigh 70kg. I am 41 now. My wife Kamini is 37, 5’6”, weighs 60kg. Both of us are very health conscious and follow a healthy regimen of diet and exercise. This has kept our bodies fit and youthful. Kamini is an extremely beautiful lady. She has a very pretty face that makes her look majestic. She has a great set of tits that are large and heavy. She has a flat tummy and wide hips. She has creamy white blemish less very smooth skin. Men and women stare alike at her whenever she goes out. I feel very lucky to have her as my wife. She is a real Kamini (sex Goddess). We live in New Delhi in India.

We were married 13 years ago and our sex life was great. She always was a big titted babe but her breasts became even larger after the birth of our daughter after four years of marriage. Her breasts’ mass increased appreciably and looked more beautiful than ever. They became heavier and had a lot of green and blue veins running around on the creamy surface. They sagged naturally a little due to their heavy weight but looked magnificent. I remember that I had to use both my hands to hold her one breast. Her aureoles too spread farther and covered an area the size of my palm. Her nipples became very dark which was in total contrast with her milky white skin. Whenever, I was at home I will ask her to remove her blouse and bra and then feed the baby. It was a great sight to watch her huge milk filled melons sitting proudly on her chest. I will get an instant hard on while watching her. Sometimes, I used to drink Kamini’s milk. I liked the sweet warm taste. Sex was great with her. She fed the baby for two years and then weaned her. Her breasts lost very little mass and remained large and heavy though the aureoles became smaller and the nipples turned pink again.

Kamini enjoyed sex a lot and never shied to experiment. We tried each and every position, every place – sex in a train, in the kitchen, in the balcony, on the floor-, oral, anal, tit fucking – everything. Only thing she did not do during sex was: talk. She will remain silent during sex and will just moan, breath deeply or grunt. However, her silence did not affect our enjoyment. But after about six years of marriage our sex life started to become repetitive and dull. To rekindle the fire we started watching porn movies. While watching porn flicks with Kamini, I observed that she would get very excited whenever the action involved a black porn actor with a big cock. There was one episode titled “Bill’s Big Banana” in one of the porn flick that had a teenage looking black porn actor with a cock, which was about 9 inches long and very thick. He fucks a white woman in this episode and shoots a huge load of cum on her face and tits. Kamini will always fast forward to this episode whenever we watched this particular tape. And the sex was great afterwards. I asked her if she was excited by this episode and she admitted yes. I asked her whether she wanted a similar big dick in her cunt she would deny it and reply that this just excites her and she has no desire to have a real dick. Just to inform the readers, mine is 6 inches long with average thickness when erect.

However, I started fantasising about Kamini getting fucked by a big dick in real life. This fantasy will make me very hot and horny. After some time the fantasy simply turned into my wish of her getting fucked by another man, dick size did not matter now. This was also made possible by the stories which I had read in the porn magazines wherein many men would set their wives up with other men and watch them having sex from a secure hiding place without the knowledge of the other man! I too started fantasising about Kamini getting fucked by another man while I watched them secretly. As mentioned earlier, this fantasy turned me on immensely. I again talked to Kamini about my fantasy and she asked me that why I was so sold on this idea. She admitted that, that big dick turns her on and that’s all. But I started to press her to act out my fantasy. She replied that I had gone mad and actually I wanted this as an excuse to have sex with other women! Everyday, I will try to convince her to try it out but she won’t agree.

My daily pestering brought fruit one day when I desperately begged her to give it a try at least once for my sake. Kamini again asked why I wanted this. I told her that I want such a delicious women to be enjoyed by another not so lucky soul and I wanted to watch her have it! Kamini thought over it for some time and finally told me that OK she will do it only once just to please me but on certain conditions.

1)The other man should be total stranger

2)I had to be present in the same room! I told her that the other fellow may not like my presence and even refuse to have sex with her, therefore, I will have hide somewhere, may be in the cupboard, when she is having it. She agreed to my suggestion

3)All this has to be done away from our home preferably in another town, as she does not want that stranger to come home and demand a quickie when you are away!

These conditions looked very reasonable and I readily accepted them. This night I was hard whole night and must have fucked her six times. I had a permanent hard on. Kamini too was astonished to see me so charged up and I told her it is due to the excitement of my fantasy becoming a reality very soon. I started thinking about how to go about it. I thought of visiting some nearby tourist place like Jaipur, Agra, and Shimla etc. with her to seduce some unsuspecting tourist and to bring him to our hotel to act out our plan. I also started thinking of giving an ad in an adult magazine to invite a male to fulfil our fantasy but due to some reason or the other I could not do it.

We started to discuss about what type of man that stranger should be? I asked her if she wants to do it with any of my friends. Kamini reminded me that we had agreed on a stranger but I told her that if she likes any of my friends I would know whom to trust with keeping this fling a secret and whom to not. She then hesitatingly told me that yes she likes my friend named Bunty. Kamini told this fellow is really smart and she likes him. This was a revelation too me! Actually this friend has told me several times in front of my wife that how lucky I was to have such a beautiful and sexy wife. He was still a bachelor. He was my childhood buddy and could be relied upon and the added advantage was we could arrange it at our home! Only problem was that he was working in an MNC in Mumbai and visited his parents’ home in Delhi only during Diwali festival (festival of lights, a big Indian festival) for a couple of weeks.

She agreed that we could try it with Bunty if I was so sure of him. Our next problem was how to get him into this. But this did not seem difficult to handle. I told her that we would have drinks (Kamini always takes a couple of drinks with me to give company) and dinner with Bunty at our home and then I will leave them together by pretending that it is too late in the night and I want some sleep. This will also help me in going to my hiding place. Thereafter, she can easily seduce Bunty and if he doesn’t fall for it then she can excuse herself by claiming she is drunk. But I was sure no man could resist her advances. Kamini agreed to the plan. Our sex was great again in the night. Only problem was that this was only August and Diwali festival was in October that year. I started counting the days.

Even before October came I got an offer of a job in an East African country, which assured me big savings every month. The offer was from a company owned by people of Indian origin whose forefathers left India long time ago to look for greener pastures and made it big in this East African country. They had a lot of manufacturing facilities all over the country. A lot of other Indians too were working for them. Kamini and I discussed the offer and we agreed to accept it. Within a month’s time I was off too this country. Our plan remained a fantasy!

My wife and daughter joined me in a couple of months. My employers owned a couple of factories and warehouses in the industrial area of the city of my posting. I was provided with a flat within one such warehouse. It was well furnished and secured. There were a lot of Indians in this country and we became very friendly with one family. They had two kids. Our daughter too became friendly with them. We used to visit each other’s house on Sundays or holidays and used to go out for picnic too. This friendship made us feel at home despite being in a foreign land.

Here again Kamini was getting a lot of attention from males. But she was used to it. I started teasing her that maybe she is destined to fulfil my fantasy with a black man and luck has brought her to this country. Kamini replied with just a smile.

I knew that Kamini had agreed to be fucked by another man in India and if I press her a little she will definitely agree to get fucked by a man here too and preferably by a black. This thought created strange sensations in me. I discussed this with Kamini and noticed that she had started breathing deeply. Perhaps it reminded her of “Bill’s big banana”. I knew she too has been turned on by this thought. I took this reaction as her consent. However, we did not want to rush into this. We wanted to wait for the right time and right man.

We could not decide on the next course of action. A leak out about such an incident will not only involve a risk to my job but will bring a bad name too, to Kamini and me. We did not want to take any unnecessary risk. We had to look out for some trustworthy man. We discussed about several men who either used to work in the godown or were friendly with us but could not decide on any one of them.

This way about two years and nine months passed by.

Unknown to me, however, a new development was taking place. Kamini told me that our driver was taking special interest in her for some time and has been complimenting her on her clothes and her body almost every day. On some occasions he even told Kamini that she is looking damn sexy today and her husband (that’s me) will keep her awake whole night. She explained that she feels flattered at his comments and gradually started liking such comments.

Let me describe our driver briefly. He was a local black man named Fred, aged around 28, 6’4” tall and very thin. His height made him look like a rail. His face was just average. He was very jovial and would laugh a lot. He was a sincere and obedient driver. His daily routine was to drop our daughter at school and then come back to pick me up for office. In the afternoon he will pick our daughter from the school drop her back at home and then come to my office to pick me up for home. In between if my wife wanted to visit her friends or market he will drive her around. He was becoming a sort of our family member. On Sundays and holidays too we will call him on duty to visit friends, market etc.

I was surprised that he was coming on to my wife. Kamini will tell me everything Fred did. I …encouraged her to lead him further and told her maybe this is the man we have been looking for! Fred’s comments were getting bolder by each passing day and Kamini was enjoying it.

My three-year contract was coming to an end and I did not want to get it renewed because there were no growth prospects despite good savings. I had saved a small fortune while I was in this country that afforded me strong financial security. I was thinking of doing something of my own in India. I resigned from the job and gave one month’s notice. Fred too came to know about it. He took Kamini’s silence to his advances and comments as acceptance that …encouraged him further. Perhaps he started thinking that he can have his way with her. He also knew that this beauty will go away very soon. Kamini will recount all such happenings with Fred every day and I suggested why don’t we act out our fantasy with Fred. To which she agreed readily! We were not bothered about the secrecy now because anyway we were going to leave this country in a few weeks’ time.

I told Kamini that if we want to make it a success then we need to implement it fast as possible because my notice period will get over in a few weeks and we have to go back to India. I told her that we should not lose this opportunity, which may never come again. She agreed. We decided to put our plan into action on coming Sunday.

On Sunday, around 8am, I took my daughter to my friends place and told them to look after her and I will come back to pick her up in the afternoon. While returning I parked the car at a public car park near my home and returned on foot to my home. I did not want Fred to know that I was at home. I told Kamini to wear some skimpy dress and take a drink or two if she feels shaky. She wore a black bra and a sheer sleeveless blouse. I could see her bra through the blouse. Tops of her big breasts were spilling out of her bra. They looked more prominent against a black background. She wore a skirt of knee high length. Then she took a double peg of whisky on the rocks. She was shaking; I too was shaking with excitement. I told her that if she does not want to go ahead she could back out right now. She replied that she has been waiting for this moment for last three years and will certainly give it a try.

Around 9 am I saw from the balcony that Fred was coming towards our flat. I went into the bedroom. Our bedroom had a large wall-to-wall cupboard running along one of the walls. Kamini and I had chosen this room long time ago for this type of rendezvous because the bed was in the middle of the room and I could watch the action clearly from inside the cupboard. The cupboard had 2 inch by 2-inch wire meshed holes for ventilation at a distance of every two feet at a height of five feet from the floor. I had personally tested this arrangement at that time by going inside the cupboard and looking through one of these holes. I found it perfect. Actually so many holes gave the added advantage of looking outside from any angle!

Fred knocked at the door and Kamini opened it and allowed him inside. He was taken aback at what he saw. Here is their conversation that I could hear in the bedroom.

Fred: Whom are you going to kill today?

Kamini: What do you mean?

Fred: If any weak hearted person sees you like this, he is going to die of a heart attack.

Kamini: Are you weak hearted?

Fred: I was not, but after looking at you, I think now I am.

Kamini: Harish is away to his friend’s place, you have to wait for him. Please sit in the drawing room I will get you a cup of tea.

Fred: Only a cup of tea, can I get some milk, fresh milk?

Kamini told me later that while saying this Fred was pointing his finger at her breasts.

Kamini: Milk is for the kids not for the grown ups.

Fred: Let us say, I am a kid.

Kamini: You will never mend your ways.

Fred: A beautiful women like you will spoil any man who sees you.

Kamini went into the kitchen, prepared the tea and went to the drawing room to give it to Fred. She told me that when she bent to put the cup on the table, Fred’s eyes were on her bulging breasts and then he saw directly in her eyes with a mischievous smile. Kamini told me that Fred then picked up the cup and poured some tea onto the saucer to cool it then sipped. She added that by now the whisky too had started taking its effect that was making her more uninhibited.

Kamini: How is the tea?

Fred: Milk is little less. I want more milk. (Kamini told me later, this time he again pointed towards her bulging breasts!)

Kamini: You flirt! These do not have any milk.

Fred: Let me try to get some milk out. (Kamini told me Fred kept the saucer on the table, got up and cupped her breasts in each hand and squeezed. Kamini never expected such a step from Fred and it happened so quickly that she could not avoid him. However, she felt relieved too, because either of them had to take the first step! For her this was the moment when she could go ahead or back out. She decided to go ahead.)

Kamini: Harish may come anytime.

Fred pleaded: Please let me see your beautiful breasts at least once.

I think he was about to pull Kamini’s blouse over her shoulders when there was a knock on the door. My wife ran to the bedroom and pulled a nightgown over her to conceal her almost naked top from the visitor. I jumped into the cupboard and locked it from inside.

When she opened the door she found that this was my friend where I had left our daughter. He had brought her along and informed my wife that our daughter was requesting him to drop her back. Kamini invited him in for a cup of tea but he declined and told her that he will come some other time when Harish was around. Kamini went inside the drawing room where Fred had finished his tea by now and was waiting for her. Kamini told him that he could leave because there was no plan today to go out and also she doesn’t know when Harish will return. Fred too left, highly disappointed.

We again lamented on our luck and wondered whether our plan will ever get executed. We chose a working day for another try when our daughter will be at school. We did not want to lose more time and chose the next day, Monday.

On Monday, Fred picked our daughter up for school as usual and left. After he left I told Kamini that this time she need not do any formalities because Fred is aware that you want to play with him. Therefore, bring him straight to the bedroom. And try to show me your love making as much as possible. I went to bedroom again when I saw Fred walking towards our flat.

Kamini took a large whisky again but this time she looked more confident. She was wearing a salwar (the lower garment) and kameez (the upper garment). There was a knock at the door and I knew Fred has returned from school to pick me up for office.

Kamini: Harish had to go to office early and he hailed a taxi and went.

Fred: Did he go himself or you sent him away?

Kamini: What do you mean?

Fred: I know you want to resume our interrupted game of yesterday!

Kamini: Which game you are talking about?

Fred: This game…

Kamini told me that with this he came towards her and caught hold of her breasts again. But this time she too was ready and wanted to get over with it. She told Fred let us go to the bedroom. I think Fred was immensely delighted.

On hearing this I went into the cupboard quickly and took my position inside. I saw Kamini leading Fred into the bedroom by holding his hand. I was excited as hell by looking at the contrast of their skins. Kamini’s milky white hand was holding a skinny black hand.

As they neared the bed, Fred held on to Kamini and embraced her. Kamini’s head was coming up to his chest only. He lowered his head and kissed Kamini on the lips. She kissed back with full passion. This was the first time I saw Kamini kissing another man. Kamini was looking tiny in his presence. Fred’s hands were roaming all over her back and ass while they were still in embrace and kissing wildly. Then Fred let go of her and attacked her breasts. He held one each in his hands and started squeezing them. He fondled them for some time then sat on the edge of the bed. He pulled Kamini to face him. Kamini was now standing in front of him and Fred’s head now was level with Kamini’s breasts. He nudged his head into Kamini’s ample breasts, put his hands on her back and snuggled and rubbed his face into them. He then pulled back and pleaded with her to please let him see these magnificent boobs.

Kamini did not hesitate. I could see whisky was having its effect on her. She pulled her Kameez over her head and there she was in her white bra, which was unable to contain her milky white globes and formed a four-inch long running cleavage. The sight mesmerized Fred. His mouth was left open for a few seconds. He again felt them from above the bra and started salivating. He tried to push his fingers inside the bra from below the breasts to pull the bra up to free the melons but the bra was tight fitting and he did not succeed. Kamini ended his misery by unhooking the bra from behind and removing straps from her shoulders. Her big heavy breasts sprang free from their confines and wobbled against each other before settling on her chest with slight natural sag. Her shoulders had visible red rashes on her white skin from the straps. They were a sight to behold.

Milky white round and firm breasts with pink nipples were right in front of Fred’s lips. He did what any man would have done in such a situation. His tongue darted out and he started licking her right nipple. His tongue circled it several times and then he took it in his mouth and started sucking it. While he was sucking it he took each breast in his each hand and started kneading them. Though he had big hands but the breasts were bigger and were overflowing out of his hands. He stopped sucking and then started giving soft bites all over the ample tit flesh. In his excitement a few times he bit a little harder too. Kamini was on fire and enjoyed the attention her breasts were getting. She winced a few times while Fred was putting love bites on her breast but did not stop him. She was getting pleasure in pain too. Fred then stopped biting and sucking on her melons and pulled back to admire them. He told her that this is the most beautiful pair of breasts he has ever seen in his life and were actually more magnificent than he had imagined. He resumed sucking and kneading them. Kamini had started getting the effect of this sucking and had closed her eyes and was moaning in low tones. Her legs were shaking and she put her hands on his shoulders for support.

Fred then rested his hands on Kamini’s ass and pulled her towards her and lowered his head to her flat tummy and started licking her deep set naval. Kamini’s heavy breasts were resting on Fred’s head! Kamini’s breaths were coming in gasps and her eyes were still closed. Fred pulled back again and rubbed Kamini’s crotch from above the salwar (lower garment). I guessed she would be wet by now. Fred put his hand inside her salwar found the string and pulled it. The salwar fell on the floor. She stepped out of it and kicked it away. I could see her crotch between her lovely thighs. She was not wearing panties. Only top of her crotch had trimmed pubic hair while the area around vagina was clean shaved. I liked it that way. Fred rubbed his hand few times on her now naked pubes. He then pulled the cunt lips with his thumb and forefinger. Kamini let out a loud moan. He then pulled each lip apart and I could see the very wet pink insides. I could see the cunt lips glistening with her juices. Fred stepped back a little and admired her beauty. Here was my beautiful wife standing stark naked in front of another man. With her royal face, large beautiful breasts, nipples erect, she looked like an angel, a piece of art. I have seen her naked innumerable times but today she just looked out of this world. Added excitement was that they looked totally in contrast, my milky white wife and he a dark chocolate.

After looking at her for a few seconds he came forward again put his hands on her ass and pulled her towards him. He then buried has face in Kamini’s crotch again and started licking her pink clit, which was jutting out with excitement. Kamini liked this sucking and widened her legs a bit to give him more access. Fred started licking it in earnest and would give gentle bites to it too. Kamini was panting now and moaning non-stop. Her eyes were closed with pleasure. I could see her juices on the inside of her upper thighs. While Fred was sucking her clit he inserted one, then two fingures inside her cunt and proceeded to finger fuck her. After a while when he brought them out, they were wet and slimy with her juices. He let go of clit and inserted his long tongue in her cunt and now started tongue fucking her. Once in a while he will lick her whole pubic area and again put his tongue inside her swollen cunt. Kamini could not bear so much pleasure and her body started convulsing. She grunted, moaned very loudly and started hissing. Her eyes were still closed and her beautiful face was contorted. This was a sign of her reaching the orgasm. Her body convulsed and she had her first orgasm! She took a couple of minutes to recover and when she opened her eyes I could see the glazed look and a little inebriated state she was in. She looked towards the cupboard where I was hiding!

I too had removed my clothes while I was watching them and I was playing with my dick. It was as hard as steel. I had never felt so excited. I did not move my hand on my dick, as I feared I will cum if I did so!

Now it was the turn of Fred to get some attention. He got up from the edge of the bed and told Kamini to take his place. They exchanged their positions. Now Kamini was sitting naked on the edge of the bed and Fred was standing in front of her still fully clothed. His crotch was right at the level of her face. Fred’s dick was making a small tent in his baggy pants. Kamini held his buttocks with both her hands and pushed her face into his harfening penis and rubbed her face into it. At this moment Fred removed his shirt and revealed a thin torso.

Fred beckoned Kamini to remove his trousers. She removed her face from the crotch and started unbuckling his belt, undid the zip and his baggy pants fell to the floor. He stepped out of them. At this movement his now hardening erect penis swayed side to side inside his loose knee length boxer shorts. With all this attention his penis started to rise inside the shorts and made a big tent that stretched out far. I could not wait to see what was in store for Kamini in those shorts. Perhaps Kamini too was thinking the same. She put her fingers inside the top of his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles in one quick motion. With this action his hardening cock too got pushed down and when Fred’s shorts slid past his thighs it got free and sprang up with a force and it hit under Kamini’s chin. She got a little shock and pulled back. What we saw there was beyond our imagination. This was a sight out of this world. Kamini was dumb stuck for a few seconds and was just looking at this thing in front of her with wide eyes.

There was his still hardening dick at horizontal position to the floor. It must be at least 9 inches long in its semi hard state! His big testicles hung low and looked as if a tennis ball each has been put in the sacks. His dick was real thick at the base and tapered slightly towards the glans. It had thick veins running along the length of his shaft. It was much darker than his skin colour. It was an incredible sight. His huge organ stood out distinctly in comparison to his thin body. Kamini used her left hand to hold one of his big balls and started massaging it and with her right hand she held the dick round the cock head and pulled the foreskin back to reveal a thick bulbous head. She then released his ball and held his big prick with her both hands. It started to become stiffer and added a couple of more inches and thickness to it. Now it was fully erect and pointed towards the roof. It looked as if an arm is jutting out of his crotch! It looked menacing. It was as large as Kamini’s forearm and at its root it was much thicker than her wrist. She held the base of his massive dick that looked like a tree trunk! She could not wrap her fingers around the base! I can safely say that it was at least eleven inches long with a diameter of about three inches at the base that tapered down to around two inches around his dick head. Its shape was similar to a lighthouse! She started pumping this huge organ with both her hands.

Kamini was mesmerised by this sight. I too felt hot rushes through my body by looking at that monster and shot my load at the door of the cupboard. This happened without even my touching my dick!

I was excited as hell but a fear gripped my mind. Whether Kamini will be able to accommodate it in her cunt? What if it tears her cunt? Even if she can accommodate it, will it stretch and make her cunt loose permanently? However, all such doubts were meaningless now and I was too excited by the sight of his dick. I wanted him to shove it up Kamini’s cunt and fuck her mercilessly. At last our fantasy of another man fucking Kamini was coming true and that too with such a well endowed male.

Perhaps Kamini too wanted it quick and started playing with it.

While still pumping his huge shaft with her both hands Kamini looked up at Fred and told him: I know the reason why you are so thin. All the food you eat goes to this monster!

Then she put her tongue out and flicked at the exposed pee hole a few times. While she was flicking at the dick head I could see Fred’s pre cum forming thin strings. Fred closed his eyes and started enjoying it. Kamini’s eyes were wide with excitement I could see extreme lust in her eyes. She was on heat. Then she opened her mouth, much more than usual, and engulfed the dick head. She started sucking on it and started pushing more of it into her mouth. Fred was immensely enjoying it and was slowly pushing back and forth as if fucking Kamini’s mouth. She started sucking him with more vigour. She tried to take more length into her mouth but could not take more than 4 inches and her mouth was fully stretched. She sucked Fred like this for a couple of minutes and then perhaps to give her straining jaws some rest, she removed Fred’s monster dick out and pulled herself back a little. Just then Fred moaned and his massive dick convulsed. A huge wad of semen flew out of his pee hole and landed into Kamini’s hair! Another equally big wad of cum erupted from his dick head again and landed at her lovely nose and lips which started flowing down in strands on to her breasts! Thereafter it let out short bursts of cum on Kamini’s ample breasts. Cum continued to flow slowly from this giant tool for almost half a minute on her right thigh and made a big puddle of sticky semen. Kamini was taken aback at the speed and quantity of the ejaculated semen his ejaculation. I do not ejaculate so much semen in a week’s time! She was a sight to behold. Large blobs of cum were in her hair, on her face and the ones on her breasts were flowing down towards her tummy. There was another big puddle on her right thigh.

My dick was rock hard at this sight but I was a little disappointed that Fred is spent and I could not see the real fucking with that monster. We may have to wait for yet another time for the real action! Kamini too thought it is all over. She got up and pulled some tissues from the drawer of the dressing room and started cleaning her hair, face, breasts and thighs. Though she could not wipe the sticky cum completely. Fred too helped her wipe the cum from her body. She then proceeded to wipe the cum from Fred’s dick which was getting soft.

However, Fred was not finished yet. His dick seemed to go flaccid for a moment but it started rising again quickly. Perhaps it was the effect of having to fuck such a beauty that he regained his erection much faster. I can bet Kamini can give an erection to a dead man! In a couple of minutes Fred’s dick pointed towards the roof again. It was in its full massive glory. It was huge!

Fred pulled Kamini to her feet and embraced her. She was too short for him. His dick pressed into her tummy and was hindering the embrace. He put it side ways and it looked from between those bodies at me! I winked at this one eyed monster.

Finally Fred carried Kamini to the bed. She lay on her back and then turned sideways on her right side facing me in the cupboard. I knew she was deliberately using that position to enable me to see all the action. Fred lay behind her in similar fashion and put his dick through her thighs. It looked as if Kamini had a big black dick! Kamini was in a constant state of arousal and her eyes were glazed all the time. Fred used his left hand to lift Kamini’s left breast while he was kissing her on the cheek. His right arm was under Kamini’s head and with his right hand he was kneading Kamini’s right breast. He moved down and started kissing Kamini on the lips. Kamini was too eager to reciprocate. They continued kissing for some time. This made them hotter and both of them were gasping for air. Both of them were moaning constantly. I held my dick in my hand and was pulling on the foreskin and stopped it when I was about to cum. I waited for the spectacle taking place in my bedroom.

Fred then lowered his mouth to her nipples. He started sucking and pulling on them. Going from one to another, back and forth. He buried his face between those mounds of flesh and started biting all over her breasts again. Kamini winced in pain. She did not stop him.

Fred lifted Kamini’s left leg and pulled himself back (as his dick was protruding far ahead than Kamini’s cunt hole) to position his massive dick for assault but could not do so as the dick was just sliding along her crack without proper guidance as his other hand was under Kamini’s head. He told Kamini to lift her leg, which Kamini did, and with his now free left hand he put the huge bulbous knob of his huge dick at the entrance of Kamini’s cunt. It looked as if an arm is going to be shoved up my Kamini’s cunt. Like Kamini, her cunt is also very beautiful. When she lifted her leg in air it revealed her swollen pink cunt lips glistening with her juices. Her cunt lips are very symmetric and when in lust they open out slightly and resemble a small ‘butterfly’. I could see the butterfly.

Suddenly, Kamini pulled away and sat on the bed. She told Fred that she cannot allow him to fuck her without a condom as she did not want any diseases and not a black baby at all for that matter! Fred told her he is not carrying a condom to which she replied no problem. Kamini got up and went through the drawer of the dressing room again and fished a condom from our supplies. She removed it from the packet and joined Fred back on the bed. Fred was now on his back and his huge shaft was pointing towards the roof and pulsating. Kamini started rolling the condom on this monster, however, it was too tight for this size of dick and when she could roll the full condom it reached just beyond the half way on his dick. It took her about half a minute to accomplish this task while she takes only a second too roll it on my dick which looked like a finger when compared to this monster. I could see Kamini was not at all in awe of this monster. She looked very confident.

After rolling the condom she again lay on her right side and lifted her left leg without asking to give him access to her cunt. Fred too got behind her in a similar fashion and proceeded to put the cock head at the entrance of her cunt. I could see the butterfly once more. I could clearly see her flowing juices. Fred placed the condomed head of his dick on the entrance of Kamini’s cunt and pushed a little. His dick head entered Kamini’s cunt without resistance. He pushed again and another two inches disappeared. It was a beautiful sight. Here was a huge black dick snaking its way into my wife’s white cunt! I could not bear this and shot another load inside the cupboard. On the bed my wife was in another state of sexual arousal and was moaning continuously. Once in a while she too will look at her pussy being stretched by his huge dick. He continued pushing and I could see the condomed part of this monster disappear in Kamini’s cunt. Kamini’s cunt was very stretched now. The butterfly lips were sticking to his shaft for dear life! I wondered whether the condom would come off if his huge dick is pulled out of Kamini’s cunt. He pushed again and his monster was about eight inches in Kamini’s cunt now. Perhaps it was her height of sexual arousal which made her cunt so wet and slippery and I was sure even if an arm is shoved up her cunt today she will not have any difficulty at all to accommodate it.

Still the thickest three inches were waiting outside to get in. This was the real test for Kamini’s cunt. Fred now moved back and removed his dick till only the cock head remained inside. The condom did not come off as it was sticking tightly to his dick. Fred’s penis’ veins were visible though the condom and it looked like the natural skin for his huge penis. Fred’s dick was glistening with Kamini’s cunt juices. He once again told Kamini to lift her leg a little more and pushed more than half his dick in Kamini’s cunt in one push. Kamini’s big breasts wobbled wildly. Kamini squirmed a bit and then relaxed. He gave another mighty push and this monster got buried fully inside my wife’s cunt. Her breasts again wobbled wildly due to the mighty push. I could never imagine that Kamini’s cunt was so deep! It looked really stretched now and I feared it would get torn any moment. Imagine a cunt hole stretched to accommodate an object having a diameter of three inches. The circumference (girth) of such an object will be roughly over nine inches.

Kamini must have realised that the monster was fully buried inside her cunt and looked down. Her eyelids laboured to open as she was in highest state of arousal. Once he looked at the buried monster with Fred’s heavy balls resting on her right thigh, her eyes opened wide with surprise. She saw her cunt stretched to the point of getting torn.

None of them moved for a few seconds. Fred started fondling my wife’s breasts. He then removed his massive prick till only the head was inside Kamini’s cunt then gave a mighty push and whole of his monster dick got buried deep in Kamini’s cunt in one go. I had another raging hard on. Actually my dick too was constantly hard after looking such an action in my bedroom. Fred started repeating the same action. He will withdraw his enormous penis till the head is remained inside Kamini’s cunt, wait for a few seconds and then give a mighty push, which will bury his whole big dick in Kamini’s cunt. Which such a shove Kamini’s whole body too will shook and her big breasts will jiggle wildly. Fred gave about fifteen such pushes, perhaps he was making Kamini’s cunt accustomed to his big size. Whenever, his big penis will come out it will glisten with now overflowing cunt juices. Kamini was in seventh heaven, she was in ecstasy and her face was contorted with immense pleasure. Fred gradually increased speed and Kamini too started pushing her hips back to meet Fred’s thrusts. It was and incredible sight. About a foot long huge thick penis was pumping Kamini’s cunt and its black colour was in total contrast with my wife’s creamy skin. Her cunt was overstretched too.

Fred’s thrusts were becoming quicker and more powerful now. His massive dick looked like blur. Kamini too was meeting his each thrust with equal vigour. Her big breats were jiggling wildly but more rhythmically now. Both of them were panting like Rockys. Fred was very close to coming. Kamini was having a constant stream of orgasms and her eyes were rolled back in their sockets. It looked as if she will pass out. I had never seen such wild fucking even in porn movies. Fred’s speed was astonishing. He will withdraw his huge penis till the tip remained inside and then bang it in a flash. His big balls will hit Kamini’s thighs and make a little sound. Kamini’s cunt was overflowing with juices and it was now accommodating Fred’s huge penis much easily.

Kamini’s cunt was overflowing with juices and it was now accommodating Fred’s huge penis much easily.

After about five minutes of such wild fucking my wife told Fred to withdraw as she wanted to ride him. Actually, this was her favourite position that afforded her deepest penetration and me the full access to her heavy breasts. Fred withdrew his huge penis and lied on his back. My wife too now laid on her back shifted a little and opened her legs for me to look at the devastation caused by Fred’s massive pole. Her cunt was wide open and I could see her slimy pink insides up to three inches or so. Her cunt juice was flowing down to her thighs. It took about fifteen seconds for her cunt lips to close together and come back to their original position.

Fred was wondering why she is not getting up and riding him. He beckoned her and then she turned on her left side and then climbed on top of Fred. She started kissing him wildly. Fred reciprocated and started massaging her big breasts that were hanging in front of his eyes. Then Kamini pulled herself back on Fred’s crotch. She had to raise herself up high in the air to position her cunt at Fred’s cock head. With one hand she opened her cunt lips and with the other she placed head of that monster penis at the opening of her cunt. She then started sliding on him and buried the monster in her love box. She was impaled on his mighty shaft. She did not move for a few seconds and closed her eyes. She grunted and groaned and had another orgasm. Her cunt juice was running along her thighs on to Fred’s tummy. Meanwhile Fred was mauling her beautiful breasts and was biting the nipples. Kamini will wince a little but was enjoying it a lot. After her orgasm subsided, she started sliding up and down his shaft again. Fred’s pole glistened with Kamini’s over flowing juices. She continued sliding and Fred continued to play with her hooters.

Now Fred too seemed close to coming and turned sideways on the bed. With this action Kamini fell to her side and now they were facing each other. Half of the massive dick was still inside Kamini’s cunt. Fred now got up and removed his penis from Kamini’s cunt and removed the condom too. Kamini was surprised that what he is going to do but Fred reassured her with a signal no to worry. Fred’s massive length was half dry (due to condom) and half slimy due to Kamini’s cunt juices. He adjusted Kamini on her back and sat on her tummy. He put her massive dick on her chest and collected her ample breasts around his erection to make a tunnel. The dick head was touching her chin. He was going to tit fuck her. I was sure that he will cum while tit fucking Kamini. I too now wanted to come badly as my hard on had started aching. Kamini told Fred to move back a little because his huge penis was already touching her chin. He wont be able to tit fuck her. He moved back.

He started humping Kamini’s breasts and which each forward push the head of the penis will hit Kamini’s chin. She lifted her head and opened her mouth to take it in her mouth with each forward thrust. Fred was on the verge of coming and was vigoursly fucking Kamini’s tits. She too was sucking and licking on it with each forward push. A while later Fred’s whole body shook and he let go of Kamini’s big breasts. He was still sitting on my wife’s tummy. His massive dick erupted again like volcano! His first jet of semen flew like a confetti and hit the wall behind the bed. It flew high in the air and was still on the rise when the wall behind the bed interrupted its progress! Second jet was a little lower and it hit the headboard of the bed. Third jet of semen fell on her face near her right eye. Thereafter a few small jets erupted and landed on Kamini’s breasts. But his massive penis was still leaking and made a big puddle between my wife’s milky breasts. I too could not hold it any longer and erupted again inside the cupboard. Fred and my wife were exhausted and looked totally relaxed at the same time and fell into each others arms again and started kissing and fondling each other. This resulted in some semen getting stuck to Fred’s body as well. Fred’s penis started shrinking but was still huge.

After a few minutes both of them separated and she took a few tissues from the drawers and wiped their bodies, wall and the headboard. She then proceeded to wipe hanging but still massive dick of Fred clean. After wiping it she lifted it up to her lips and gave a kiss on its head and said “Thank you” to it.

Fred: So lovely how was this fuck session?

Kamini: It was out of this world. My cunt is pulsating even now. I cannot forget the sensations of your massive organ.

Fred: I wish you had tried it earlier. Can we have one more shot?

Kamini: Not today, maybe some other day.

Fred: Sure!

Kamini: Yes, sure!

Fred: I need to thank you for allowing me to have sex with you. I had been fantasising about having sex with an Indian lady. I was lucky to have it with one of the most beautiful and sexy lady.

Kamini: Really!

Fred: You bet!

Fred wore back his clothes but my wife was still naked. She told Fred to leave but he was hesitant to leave. Kamini then promised him that they will play this game again before leaving for India. At this promise Fred left. She was still naked when she went to the door to send him out. She closed the door as Fred left and returned to the bedroom. I had come out of the cupboard in the meantime and was sitting naked on the bed. As soon as she came in she threw herself on the bed and laid on her back with legs wide open. I surveyed her from head to toe. I could see dried up little specks of semen in her hair, near her right eye, between her nose and lip. I could also see much bigger still drying patches of semen between her breasts and on her right thigh. Her big breasts had red bite marks all over them.

Then I shifted my attention to her cunt. The sight of it told the story of the pounding it got at the hands Fred’s massive organ. It was swollen and red.

Kamini herself had the looks of a thoroughly well fucked and sexually fully satisfied woman on her face. During this time neither of us spoke a word.

The sight of her lying exhausted after getting fucked by a huge penis made me hot as hell and I immediately climbed on top of her and started fucking her. Kamini’s cunt felt hot like an oven and was very, very wet and slippery. However, I realised that my dick was not feeling any friction. Though her cunt lips were closed she was still very loose inside! This reminded me of the recent fucking Kamini has had and I ejaculated immediately.

We lay in each other’s arms kissing and drifted off to sleep. After about an hour we woke up and talked about the whole episode.

I: So, honey after three years you have fulfilled my fantasy, how was it?

Kamini: It was beyond my expectations. I never thought I could be so uninhibited with another man. My cunt is still pulsating and I am feeling strange sensations in my body. I am still aroused.

I: I too came several times inside the cupboard!

Kamini: I forgot the count of orgasms I had. Once my mind was in it, I was getting continuous orgasms. Such was the effect of that huge dick.

I: Tell me how it felt inside you cunt.

Kamini: Well initially it hurt a little and I wondered if I could accommodate such a massive dick but once I was wet I had no problem. It reached farther than anything ever has gone. When he entered me from behind I felt as if his dick has entered my tummy. And when I rode him it felt as if the monster was stuck in my throat. It was incredible.

We had another round of wild sex after this conversation.

Fred talked to my wife a few more times to have sex but she will make an excuse and avoided him. He did not know that I have seen all the action and it was prearranged.

At the time of returning to India, Fred dropped us at the airport. Before leaving the airport he told us that he was sad that we were leaving his country. He wished us all the best. Then he turned towards Kamini and told her with a glint in his eyes: Madam, I hope you will never forget me!

Why she, even I can never forget him!

Now we are back in India and still remember this incident and we feel as if it took place only yesterday. It changed our sex lives for the good. Yes, Kamini’s cunt regained its original size three days after that monster fuck and I started feeling the usual friction again! This incident works like an aphrodisiac for us.

Ashok was the C.E.O. of a multinational. A rugged featured man in his early forty’s, well built, standing 5′ 10″ in height. Gloria was his personal secretary, who was single, in her early thirty’s, 5′ 4″ in height, slim and athletic, breasts overflowing a 34 inch cup. She had been his sexual slave, since six years, when she had been given the job. Ashok had fucked her in every possible way and manner. She had to service him in the office as well as when he took her out.

A new recruit had been appointed a few weeks earlier. He was Ravindran, who hailed from, South India. Ravindran was a qualified Company Secretary, and had applied for the post of Company Secretary. Ravindran was not aware of the fact that it was Ashok’s standing instructions, that as and when a placement was required to be filled, Gloria was required to initially screen the prospective applicants and weed out the applicants who were qualified for the job. Thereafter, she had to short list, on the basis of their marital status. Singles, were to be ruled out and the married candidates were to be rated in terms of the number of years they were married. Before the final interview and appointment, Gloria was required to compile a dossier with all details about the candidates wife, such as her age, vital statistics etc., A video tape of the lady was got made by engaging professionals. Ashok would then view each of the tapes and decide upon the candidate to receive the appointment letter. It goes without saying that Ashok’s decision was directly linked to his lust for the chosen candidate’s wife. A mock interview would follow, and the candidates would be interviewed by the Board, and which would never include Ashok himself. Subsequently the candidate would be informed of his selection. An initiation party would be hosted by the Company, ostensibly for the new appointee to get to know the rest of his compatriots in an informal manner.

Ravindran had now been married for two years, and was blessed with a daughter, six months earlier. He was ecstatic about his appointment, and was convinced that he had got this opportunity, as per the destiny of his young one, who had entered his life as the Goddess of wealth. Ravindran had informed his wife Usha about his stroke of fortune, when he received the letter of appointment.

When Ravindran received the letter of appointment, he was thrilled.

” Usha, our luck has finally changed. I got the job. It pays 35,000/- a month and we get a chauffer driven air conditioned car, a three bed room apartment, as perks. After probation when I get confirmed, the amount will be increased to 43,000/- and we will be entitled to an all paid three week holiday every year, an additional perk, and we have the option of not accepting the holiday, and the equivalent in cash would be paid by the Company.”

Usha was twenty three years, fair, light brown eyes, buxom, with firm and filled buttocks. She used a 38 size, and had a near flat stomach. She was happy for her husband, and that night, she had pleasured him by taking his dick in her mouth and sucking on it. He had since the first day of their marriage wanted her to suck him, but she had refused. For Ravindran, that was another piece of luck, as he had resigned with the idea, of his wife’s orthodox upbringing, and that she would not indulge in any fantasy, except plain one on one sex.

“Usha! The party begins at 7.00 P.M. and I should be there in time. Don’t forget, that the party is especially hosted for me to get familiar with my colleagues. Also, darling, I was told that the C. E. O. is going to be present in person. This will be an opportunity to meet him personally.”

Ravindran’s thoughts rambled over the last few weeks. He was in particular very impressed by Gloria, who had been friendly and warm to him, helping him out in adjusting to the new conditions. On some occasions, he had by chance had physical contact with her. Sometimes their hands brushed against each other, and on one occasion she had climbed atop a table trying to reach for a file. He could see her firm buttocks and a trace of the outline of her panties. She had slipped and fallen, when he had held her as she landed in his arms. Both of them had tumbled to the floor. He had felt her firm breast against the palm of his left hand and in the process of getting up; he had dared to press his fingers on the side of her breast. He wondered whether she would be annoyed but was pleasantly surprised that she had flashed him a smile and had brazenly felt his prick through his pant. Even thinking of Gloria had got him going, and he felt his dick hardening. However, brushing away her image, he went for a cold shower, and was ready to go in fifteen minutes. When he came to the living room, Usha was waiting for him with a warm smile. She looked quite beautiful in her blood red Sari and black blouse. He was sure that she was wearing her red bra, and red panties. He imagined her bare flesh overflowing from her red bra. He thought to himself, that he was going to fuck her, on returning from the party, for the whole night. For, when would he get such a chance again? Fortunately, his mother was living with them and the baby was under her care and would sleep with her today. The bedroom was theirs for tonight. But, what the fuck he thought. Why wait till return. He was ready, and he surely had the time for a quick one.

“Well. Ravi, all the best. Enjoy your evening.”

“You are beautiful and at this moment you look good enough to fuck. And love that’s exactly what I am going to do.”

“Come on now, let go Ravi.” She tried to distance herself.

” Usha,” he said, and grabbing her pulled the sari top away. Before she could resist his hands were on her buttocks and he pulled her to him saying, “I think we have time for a quickie!”

“Now Ravi,” she said while moving away from him, “we don’t have time for that, and keep your hands to yourself, and I mean it, now. Stop fooling around!”

Her breasts wobbled back and forth in her low cut bra, and he could see her nipples projecting like little missiles, through her blouse. He went for them and he weighed her tits with both of his hands, the palms on the underside, her tits lying on them. She couldn’t but help feel his cock through his pant. As he continued to grind his erection against her belly and cupped her tits in his hands, she felt her knees tremble and she collapsed into his arms, a sign that she was in heat. He saw wet spots on her blouse where her nipples protruded, and he couldn’t help but in his haste rip off her blouse and bra. He took her nipples in his mouth and greedily sucked them. He was enthralled when he felt the first warm rush of milk, and continued to suck till she said that he should leave some for the baby.

” Ravi, Ravi, Oh Ravi,” she sighed cradling his head to her breast, “you are not going to grow up, ever are you?”

He in reply left her tit and laid her over the back of the sofa and spreading her legs; he pushed aside her panties, and with his hand held his cock and rubbed it across the length of her crack. He reached for her ass and grabbing her buttocks pulled her to him while simultaneously, with a deep thrust shoved his cock deep into her. She moaned in pleasure and he settled into a systematic deep thrusting motion. He continued to pound her pussy till she screamed and had her orgasm. He too came with her, but took the precaution of removing his cock from her vagina, and shot his load in the air.

It was about ten minutes past seven that the Ravindran reached the venue of the party, and was greeted at the entrance by Gloria. Gloria looked stunning in her black jacket, a white silk shirt with the first two buttons open, and her knee length tight black skirt. A quick glance told Ravindran that she was wearing a half cut black bra.

“Hello Gloria.”

“Hai Stud. Welcome. The group is waiting.”

He was introduced to Ashok, the C.E. O., Sunil, the M. D., and Cyrus, Director Finance. They congratulated him and informed him that he had got the job because of his qualifications and the track record. They then asked him to go ahead and enjoy the party and get to know his peers. At the behest of Gloria, he had about three large pegs of Scotch whisky, and he was already feeling the effect of the alcohol. He had by then landed on a couch with Gloria by his side. He observed that, strangely, except for Ashok, Sunil and Cyrus, apart from himself and Gloria, there was nobody else. Suddenly the lights went off, and the room was pitched into darkness. He heard Ashok’s raised voice, that the lights would be back within the hour and all three of them excused themselves and left. Ravindran could make out their silhouettes as they left the room.

Gloria was stroking his cock, and he was aroused. He forced her back on the couch and struggled to get his prick out. She helped him in opening his fly, and he was content clawing her tits. At that moment the lights came on and he saw one boob of Gloria thrust out of the confines of her black bra. He tweaked her nipple. He vaguely sensed the flash of lights, but was shocked when he heard Gloria scream and push at him.

“Get off me you lousy bastard. Oh my God. You mother fucker, you think you can Molestation me you bastard.”

She pushed him off her and he tumbled to the floor.

“What the hell is going on here?” bellowed the unmistakable voice of Ashok.

“He tried to Molestation me sir” said Gloria and burst into tears.

Ashok : “Sunil, call the police and report attempt to Molestation and the outraging of a woman’s modesty.”

Ravindran : “Sir, please! I can explain…”

Ashok “Your cock was out in the open. You were lying atop Gloria. Her breast was out, her shirt is ripped, and you had your palm on her tit.”

Ravindran: got the implication that he was a dead duck.

Ravindran: “Sir. Forgive me this one time, please!”

Ravindran: “I will do anything you ask me to do, sir, anything.”


“Anything Mr. Ravindran.” asked Ashok.

Ravindran : “Yes sir.”

Ashok: “Telephone your wife and ask her to join us here. Tell her the car is waiting for her. Ask her to come as fast as she can. It is not only the question of your job but also your future.”

Within the hour Usha walked into the plush room. On the telephone, Ravi in their mother tongue, (tamil) had given her a fair idea of his predicament. She had also understood that Ashok was going to lay her. She had mentally prepared herself, while cursing Ravi for his foolishness. He deserves it she thought. At the same time, she was mindful that she was not really bothered. She in fact was wondering how it would feel to have a total stranger touching her while Ravi watched. She was in fact going to enjoy it she thought.

When she entered, she found Ravi sitting slouched in a leather couch. Three males were standing holding their drinks in a corner. She looked around for the root cause Gloria, but she was obviously not there. One of the males, a rugged featured man in his early forty’s, well built; about 5′ 10″ in height disengaged from the group and walked towards her. Presumably, this chap must be, Ashok, she thought to herself. Her eyes were drawn to his groin and she could make out that he was big down there. Probably eight inches, she mused. She hastily looked at Ravi, hoping that nobody had seen her. Ravi was crestfallen and he avoided her eyes.

She had been right about the man approaching her to be Ashok.

Ashok : “Lady, your hubby attempted to Molestation my secretary, who happens to be my exclusive sexual partner. He has pleaded that no complaint be lodged against him, and in exchange, he has given you unconditionally to me. Is that acceptable to you as well?”

” Yes” she mumbled.

Ashok : “Speak up woman. Loud enough for us to hear. Your body has been offered for my pleasure. Are you willing to be a whore and do as I say?”

Usha said YES again, and this time looked him in the eye. Ashok was amused at her attitude and thought, this bitch is going to be a great lay.

“Be back guys”, he said, as he led her to another room. As soon as they entered the room, without much ado he grabbed her wrist and pulled her firmly against him. He forced her back till she felt the wall behind her and could go no further. He pinned her shoulders to the wall while he continued to grind his cock against her stomach. Then with both his hands on her shoulders he turned her around roughly. He gripped her buttocks and squeezed them and rammed his hard dick against her tight firm ass. She was in heat, but waited for him to set the pace. He loosened her tresses and they opened up and fell on her back. He saw that she had long hair, right up to her ass. He bunched her hair at the neck and threw them across her shoulder and to the front of her body, giving him easy access to the nape of her neck. He allowed one hand to follow the length of her hair, and then bunched them on her left breast, while his other hand now went into the folds of her sari and he pulled the sari at her waist. He untied the knot that held her petticoat and it along with her sari fell to the floor in a puddle at her feet. She began gasping and he could make out that her pussy must be wet. He pushed his hand further, till he reached her vagina. As he had guessed, she was dripping wet. He shoved his fingers into her cunt, thrusting them in and out of her as he finger fucked her. By then Usha was moaning with pleasure. She was surprised that she was enjoying this strange man doing her and the fact that her hubby was out there imagining about her, increased her pleasure. She surprised him by turning around and faced him. She pulled his face to hers and began kissing him on the lips. She snaked her tongue into his mouth, while with her hands she took his balls and cock, massaging them ever so lightly. He allowed her to have her way, but knew that it would not be for long. He forced her to turn around and pushed her back facing the wall again and spread her legs wide. Her juices were trickling down her legs. He pushed his cock into her pussy from behind sidelining her thong. He began thrusting deep and hard. Usha complimented each thrust of his with her moans. With a loud scream she came, and a few seconds later Ashok ejaculated in her cunt.

She turned to Ashok and tried to kiss him again. He allowed a moment of weakness, but reminded himself about what he had in store for this gorgeous woman, this slut wife.

“Not now Ashok.” He mused. “This bitch has to be made ready for the gang bang.”

“Ready for the next phase baby?” asked Ashok.

She was a bit taken aback, and enquired as to what he meant.

Ashok : “The night is ripe woman, and we have not even begun in real earnest. Ever been fucked by three cocks simultaneously. Oh, Oh! I can see you’ve not!”

She was in her half cut bra and matching thong. He knew her tits were full of milk. He picked her in his arms, and took her out into the room where Sunil and Cyrus were waiting. Her husband was still on the couch.

Ashok : “We have got a hot one here buddies! This is a real horny bitch.”

Ashok : “And guys this is her first gangbang. You are going to have a whale of your time fucking this whore, while her hubbub, the poor bastard watches.”

He set her down, but retained his hold of her wrist.

Ashok : “Start striping guys and take her, she is all ours.”

Both of them stripped and Usha saw that all of these cocks were like huge poles. Secretly, she was however thrilled. In fact, she realized that when Ashok treated her like a slut, she was getting aroused. They came over to her. Sunil was obviously the lecherous one. Sunil cupped her left breast in his hand.

He weighed them and murmured “Wow, awesome and heavy. And boy this dame has pencil nipples. And you got milk in there, right?”

Cyrus: “Speak when you are spoken to whore.”

With that, Cyrus joined the party and forced his cock into one of her palms. She began to stroke it. He directed her palm with his hand to caress his balls as well. She understood and began playing with his balls and stroking his shaft. Not to be out done, Sunil was at her tits sucking her nipples. While sucking he was also caressing her all over her naked flesh, which sent tingling sensations all over her body.

Ashok decided to break it up, and pulled her away from the groping hands of Sunil. She reluctantly released Cyrus’ dick from her fist.

“Now lay back you fucking whore and we will give you the fuck of your life” said Ashok laying her on her back on the carpeted floor.

With that began her first gang bang, and her husband watched unable to resist the fact of his own prick hardening. Ashok asked Ravindran to take a wash cloth and to pull a chair and sit near to his wife. He then asked her husband to lick her pussy. Having no choice he did as he was told. After a few licks he was roughly pulled away and pushed to his chair. Ashok was now in between her legs and spreading her thighs apart, Ashok placed his boner on to her swollen pussy lips. He pushed his cock into her wet pussy a little. He took it out and then again pushed harder and penetrated her further. He removed his prick and with a final massive thrust impaled her totally. In the meanwhile Sunil was busy with her breasts. He sucked her nipples, and was relishing the sense of playing with her tits. He was slurping and bit her nipples when he realized that the milk was not oozing as he had sucked her dry. He bit her and sucked as she bucked her tit in his mouth while she tried to thrash her legs and could not since Ashok was thrusting in and out of her cunt. Cyrus was at her side kissing her mouth and licking her lips and stroking her ears. Cyrus had made her take his piston in her palm and she was stroking his dick. Sunil let go her tits and straddled her. She thought that he was going to put his dick in her mouth. But Sunil had other ideas in mind. He grabbed her boobs and brought them together and created a space for his dick. He held her breasts tightly while he rubbed his prick against the inside of her breasts. As his thrusts increased in tempo, she understood that he was tit fucking her. A rod in her pussy, plummeting in and out, getting tit fucked by another dick and stroking a cock with one hand, while with the other she was massaging her clit. She was in throes and shot her semen and had a series of orgasms along with Ashok shooting his cum and Cyrus ejecting his cum on her arm and face. She left the prick of Cyrus and Ashok’s now deflated member slid from her pussy. But Sunil was not done with her as yet. He called her hubby to clean her with the wash cloth, which he did. He cleansed her arm and her face, which had been the recipient of the semen belonging to Cyrus. Sunil then lay next to her and kissed her with his tongue exploring the inside of her mouth. He then asked her to use her lips and tongue on him, all the way to his cock. Usha licked his chin, then both his nipples, his stomach, navel and reached his manhood. Sunil groaned in pleasure and holding her head he directed her to lick the underside of his shaft. He motioned for her to suck his balls and lifted his testes to enable her to lick under his balls. Her naked breasts were rubbing against his thighs. Sunil opened his eyes and saw that in order to suck him; Usha was in a crouching position, her ass exposed to his friends. He put his hand to the back of her head and forced his cock into her mouth, and raised himself to deep throat her.

Sunil: “Suck bitch suck.”

He continued to fuck her in the mouth. She felt a presence. Cyrus was now positioning himself behind her. He licked her ass hole and massaged both cheeks of her bum. She then felt a sticky substance being anointed to her ass hole. Cyrus put his index finger and penetrated her ass hole. She stopped sucking at the new sensation. But Sunil would not allow. He forced her to suck as he jabbed her mouth with his rod, by jerking his hips. She had to gag or suck. And suck she did. Cyrus probed deeper with his finger and then mounted her and shoved his prick little by little into her ass hole. She did experience pain, but later, when the moment passed, she savored the feeling of a cock deep in her ass. Cyrus commenced to fuck her in the ass and Usha adjusted her sucking motion to the thrusts of Cyrus in her ass. She found herself enjoying the sound of Cyrus’ stomach on her back and that of his balls as they beat against her buttocks with every thrust, as he fucked her in the ass. They continued their anal and oral assault, one cock ripping her ass, and the other in her mouth. She sensed that Sunil was at the edge as his cock trembled and he shot load after load of cum into her throat. He held her firmly by the head and she was forced to swallow every drop of cum while Cyrus continued his banging. Cyrus was now nearing his threshold and he pulled his pecker out of her ass hole with a clearly audible pop, and sprayed his cum all over her ass and back. He collapsed on her. She lay sandwiched between Sunil and Cyrus

few moments later, Cyrus got off her and then so did Sunil. Ashok ordered Ravindran to bring a wet towel and clean her ass and back. Her hubby was by now aroused, but did as he was told. He helped her to stand. He tried to help her dMolestation her sari around her. She was surprised to find that she had enjoyed the fucking over the last so many hours. As the husband wife duo was trying to leave, they heard Ashok.

Ashok: “Where do you think you are going? Your wife has been fucked, but not by all three of us at the same time. And we want you also to have a piece of her Ravindran.”

He strode up to them and grabbed Usha by her waist and pulled her away from her husband. He told her husband to get his pecker out. He enjoyed embracing her with her partial clad sari and kissed her on her lips as her husband felt his pecker harden. Ashok then having unclothed her again he took her now to the room where he had first fucked her. Sunil was lying on the bed on his back, and his eight inch rod was ready and pointing to the ceiling. Cyrus was standing with an erection and was stroking his cock. Ashok was at her back and she could feel his hardness on her ass.

Ashok lifted her and placed her atop Sunil’s cock. She understood and spread her legs on top of him as he guided his cock into her pussy. He thrust into her violently stretching her pussy as Ashok came from behind and lubricated her asshole with Vaseline. Then he shoved his cock into her ass, which was now well stretched by Sunil’s cock. Both of them set a rhythm for her sandwich fuck between themselves. Sunil would thrust when Ashok would pull out, and when Ashok banged Sunil would withdraw. Yet by their thrusts, she got fucked. When Sunil thrust, she would recoil up; thereby Ashok despite on the way out would experience her asshole for a longer duration and vice versa. Then Cyrus shoved his cock in her mouth, and holding her head set about fucking her mouth in tune with the rhythm set by Ashok and Sunil.

“How does it feel to have three cocks in you bitch? One cock up your pussy, one in your ass and one in your mouth?”

“mmmmmm” she moaned in pleasure.

“Come here you cuckold. And you fucking bitch, have a heart for the poor guy. Use your hand and stroke your hubby’s pecker.”

She reached for her husbands prick and fisting it she began to masturbate him. Sunil reached for her heavy large tits and crushed them. He bruised and mauled them while Ashok pounded her ass and Cyrus jabbed her mouth.

“This one is a regular whore guys, fuck the shit out of her.”

All three of them started fucking her harder. She quickened her pace as well jerking her hubby off faster. All of them were sweating and the smell of sex pervaded the room. The only sound audible was of grunts, moans, and body slapping body. She had several orgasms. Her husband was the first to shoot his load. She let go of his pecker, and Sunil shot his spunk into her pussy. His thick hot white cum filled her pussy sending her spiraling into another orgasm as Cyrus unloaded on her face and in her mouth. Ashok lasted longer. Since the rest of them were done with her, they moved away and watched as Ashok bent over her continued to power thrust his piston up her ass hole. He reached for her tits and squeezed them brutally, that they looked as if they were being crushed by a crusher when he shot his load into her ass. They collapsed on the bed with Ashok on her back.

Her husband was told to clean her up again which he did. She went to the bathroom and had a quick shower. She returned to collect her clothes. She found her bra and adjusted her massive boobs into her bra. She was collecting her sari which was crumpled and had semen spots on it. Ashok looked at Usha. God this one is really beautiful, Ashok thought to himself. He was lying on the bed.

He looked up to her husband and said, “Let her be with me. You go home. I will have her dropped tomorrow morning. Cyrus, give the guy 50,000/- cash, right now and his confirmation letter tomorrow. And both you guys get out. Lock the door on your way out.”

She had heard him. She turned to her husband, who was accepting 50,000/- from Cyrus. She walked towards the bed and lay next to him. He took her in his arms and placed a tender kiss on her lips. The last view Ravindran got of his wife as they all left was of Ashok lifting his left leg and straddling her while his left hand was on her right boob and his mouth was firmly smothering her mouth. Her hands were on his back and she was cupping his ass.

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