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I am Swathi, 23 years old married woman living with my husband and his family. My husband is Rajesh aged 28 businessman working along with his Father (Ramji) aged 57 in his successful clothes emporium.
His younger brother Deepak (aged 19) is studying in college and his sister (Shalini aged 18) is in plus 2. His mother is Shanti (aged 48) a housewife (everyone called her Amma). They also have a maidservant (Chandra aged 20) brought from their village.
They also have a driver (Raju aged 40) whose duty is from 7am to late at night.
My husband’s family is very well respected in society and they are gentle sophisticated people. They are also originally from my town and are well know to my family and hence they selected me as their daughter-in-law.
I am college educated in home science and have always been a shy reserved girl. I was the quietest person in my group of friends and never had a boyfriend like some of them. When they use to talk about sexy things I used to blush and keep quiet. So when I got married I was a virgin and have been a dutiful and respectful daughter-in-law and well liked by my in-laws. Everybody here respected me and treated me well.
Shalini was extremely happy to have a young girl now at home and when she was at home she was always around me. She would discuss everything about her life with me and would sit in our room and study till late at night till Rajesh came home and chased her out of the room. Sometimes if Rajesh was out of station on a business tour then she would sleep in my room itself in our bed. Being the only daughter, she was the darling of the house. She was also a good girl and had good friends. When I came here 3 years ago at the age of 20 and was myself a young girl just out of college, I was glad to have Shalini’s company. She was 15 then and I would help her with her studies. She was a cute chubby girl and in the last 3 years had blossomed into a real beautiful rose like the actress Bhumika.
Now about me-I am not beautiful like Shalini but not bad looking. I may be compared to a homely side actress like Renuka in Hum Aapke Hain Koun.
I had a good figure (36-24-36) with a firm body and with clothes looked normal but when naked had a fantastic figure. (That’s what I thought-but what I did not know was that men and even young boys had x-ray vision and they would strip a woman with their look and could imagine how she looked naked). Anyway-as I told you earlier, I was very innocent and not experienced. Except with my husband. He was very horny and the minute he got home from work he would chase Shalini out of the room, bolt the door and hug me and squeeze my tits and ass and would kiss me and within 2 minutes he would make me bend over either on the bed, the chair or the dresser or just against the wall and pick up my nighty, pull down my panty just till my knees and somehow during all this he would have his cock out of his pant and would start fucking me furiously and cum in me within 5 minutes. This was his regular quickie and I got used to this. During this quickie (about 7 to 10 mins) his mother would be calling us down for dinner or she would send the maid over to call us down. The maid would knock on the door and call us. Sometimes I would be leaning against the door itself while my husband was banging away from behind and I would answer the maid that we were coming down in a few minutes after Rajesh had a wash.
The maid would go away (that’s what I thought) and we would finish and then I would pull up my panty and we would go down for dinner. At first I used to be uncomfortable with all the cum leaking out of my cunt and I would be fidgeting and lifting my ass side to side. Nobody noticed this. (That’s what I thought). But now I have got used to this and have mastered the technique of squeezing my cunt lips and holding on to the cum inside my cunt for a long time. This has also strengthened my cunt muscles and now when Rajesh fucks me I am able to squeeze his cock with my cunt and he finds it extremely stimulating and satisfying. But then I have to stop after a few squeezes or else he would cum quickly.
Once we had our dinner we would rush back to our room and he would then undress me naked and also become naked and we would have a nice long fuck. My mother-in-law was also very understanding and would not ask me to help with clearing up after dinner but would do it herself with the help of the maid. In the beginning Deepak or Shalini would also come with us up to the room but Rajesh would quickly send them out. After some time everybody got used to Rajesh’s routine and now nobody disturbs us. After the fuck Rajesh would have a shower and then wear his kurta pyjama and go down and spend some time with his family or watch TV in the living room. I would have my shower also and change my nighty and watch TV in our bedroom or use my laptop and go to sleep. Rajesh would come up late and sometimes would be still horny and would cuddle up to me from behind (spooning) and pull up my nighty and push his hardon between my thighs. I would be half asleep and would moan and adjust so that his hardon slips into my cunt. Sometimes he would also just go to sleep like this but most of the time he would finish the fuck and cum in me. This is also how we woke up in the morning. Either he would wake up first with his morning hardon and would start cuddling from behind and I would wake up and roll over and we would have a nice morning fuck. If I get up before him I will also be in a horny mood and will pull out his cock (which will be semi hard) from the pyjama opening and start playing with it and he would wake up smiling and we would have a nice morning fuck. This was going on for some time then one day when I doing this he pulled my head towards his cock and rubbed his cock against my lips. He did not say anything but I knew that he wanted me to suck his cock. I had never done this before but had heard my friends discuss this. So I just opened my lips a bit and kissed the tip of his cock and then took the head in my mouth. I started sucking his cock as if it was the most natural thing to do. It was so exciting for him that he shot his cum immediately right into my mouth and I also was taking by surprise and while he was shooting his cum he also pulled my head so that he shot his cum directly into my throat. I choked a bit a swallowed some cum. He still was not satisfied and immediately mounted me and started banging away. I did not have time to do anything about the cum in my mouth and had to swallow it. I did not taste bad and I did not mind it. Since then I have been sucking his cock when I am out of service during my periods and he is also happy as he gets his normal relief and does not have to masturbate like he did before I learnt to suck his cock. Now we never waste his cum and it is sent either in my cunt or my mouth and I swallow every time. I think I am a born cocksucker and love the taste of my husbands cum.
So this is how our day starts and ends. We are both in our young prime age and have learnt to be fully sexually satisfied with each other. My husband is a loving and kind man and a very considerate lover who has learnt to control his Cumming and wait till I also have an orgasm. If for some reason he is too excited and cums too fast he will fuck again within a few minutes and make me cum. Once when he was unable to get erect immediately after cumming too soon he suddenly got in-between my legs and spread them and started licking my clit. I had never experienced this before though I knew about this from my friends. I just closed my eyes and Rajesh sucked and liked my clit and I had a tremendous orgasm–the best I have ever had. So now sometimes after all the fucks if I am still horny I will just smile at Rajesh and spread my legs. He knew what I wanted and would immediately oblige by licking my cunt and clit till I came. I lost all my shyness in front of my husband and with his encouragement I was fully sexual.

I got so used to this routine of sex daily that when my husband went of his business tour once or twice a month for 2 or 3 days then I would feel out of sorts as if I have lost something. My husband also suffered this and would masturbate many times a day when ever he got a chance and would call me on the phone while doing so. At first he would tell me what he is doing or what he wanted to do to me and would masturbate himself and I would just answer in monosyllables. He then started wanting me also to talk sexy which I slowly learnt to do so. At this time I would also get horny and start playing with my clit and once I told Rajesh that he encouraged me to also masturbate and remove my clothes and we started having phone sex. This also became our routine when he was away. Once he got back from his tour then we would fuck like Rockys all the time without any inhibitions in the bedroom. If he got back very late at night he would not disturb me but just come in without switching on the lights and remove his clothes and get into the bed quickly in the dark and fuck me in my sleep. I also had told him that it is OK for him to do this without waking me up and I did not mind. I also stopped wearing panties now and just wore a nighty. He would be so horny that he had to fuck me immediately. Once like this when he came back from a long tour very late at night and I was fast asleep and tired (I was also tired that day as all of us –the rest of the family had gone to the beach and played) so I was deep in sleep. Rajesh as usual started to fuck me from behind spooning me and as I was fast asleep I did not adjust my backside for him to slide into my cunt. He just pushed his rock hard cock into my crevice behind and his cock had lots of precum lubrication (which was normal for him). His rock hard cock by mistake got aimed a bit higher and as he was excited he pushed hard and entered my asshole and the head got lodged in. I woke up with the sharp pain but luckily I did not scream. Rajesh’s body in the meantime gave another push and his cock which was now spread with his precum went another few inches into my asshole. Now he had half his cock in my butt and I was fully awake. The pain was gone and it felt nice somehow. I think like the natural cocksucking my body also was made for anal sex. Rajesh was also aware now that he had by mistake entered the wrong hole. I whispered “Its Ok” and pushed my butt towards him and his cock went in another inch. He also felt excited as his cock was held in a vice like grip of my tight asshole. This was his first anal sex and he never thought that he would be so blessed to have anal sex with his wife. He gave another shove and buried all the 7” deep into her anus. Swathi also felt nice as somehow his cock was hitting her G spot which for her was exactly 7” in her anal passage. They were attached and stuck like that for a minute and were enjoying this new sensation and then Rajesh got excited and started moving in and out. This new sensation was too much for him and he immediately came. He lay like that for a few minutes with his cock deep into her butthole and then it shrunk and popped out. The sensation was also too much for Swathi and she had a tremendous orgasm and lay fully satisfied. Both of them lay quietly fully satisfied and Rajesh hugged her from behind with so much love for his wonderful wife. Rajesh got up and went to wash his cock and Swathi went back to sleep with her husbands cum deep in her ass.
After that anal sex also became part of their sex routine along with regular fucking and oral sex. So now when Rajesh got back from his tours and if it was late he would fuck Swathi from behind in the dark either in her cunt or ass as he pleased and Swathi would not wake up. He would also cum in her and as he also was tired would immediately fall asleep with his cock still deep inside her cunt or ass.
This was Swathi and Rajesh’s sex life for the last 3 years. They were extremely happy with each other and also Rajesh’s family was extremely happy with Swathi.

Chandra the 20 year old maid servant had been with this family for over 4 years from the age of 16. She was very homely and plump with a brown round face. She wore a skirt and blouse since she came here and still wore the same type of girlish clothes even though her body had fully matured. She had big huge tits and a big round ass. She was not pretty or good looking but her smiling and happy face made her charming. Everybody here was nice to her and treated her as part of the family and she was comfortable to be all around the house everywhere and was not barred from any room. She had a small room next to the store room where she had all her stuff. She had an old mattress, bed sheets and pillows and lots of other used stuff from everybody-like perfumes, face powder, hair oil, lipstick etc etc. All the stuff that Shalini did not want or got tired of using was given to her. Shalini also tried new make up on Chandra and also taught her to use makeup and lipstick. Chandra used to wash away the makeup before leaving Shalini’s room after their make up sessions as Chandra was shy to come in front of the men wearing makeup as she looked so different and grownup.
Swathi also gave her stuff and tried to make her wear sarees but Chandra was not comfortable doing household work in a saree. So she continued wearing her skirts and blouses. But as she grew up her tits also grew big and now the nipples could be seen clearly. As her tits were bigger than all the women in the house she had to be bought 2 bras by Swathi and got used to wearing bras when she was in front of the men. Once the men left the house and when she was alone with the women she removed her bra and washed it and did not want to wear them out as she only had 2. So many times she would be braless when one of the men walked into the house and then she would run to her room and wear her bra. But this rule she did not follow when Deepak baba was at home. For her Deepak was still a little boy and she did not look at him as a full grown man. Little did she know that he had also grown into a full grown man? Also everybody thought of Chandra as if she was a small girl and knew nothing. But she was a maid servant and had come from a large poor rural family. For rural folk sex is normal and they had it in their small huts or in the fields or anywhere they felt like it. Also they had it with whomever they wanted including relatives. But they did it silently but somehow most people came to know but feigned ignorance.
So if you wanted to fuck your neighbours wife you waited for her to be alone near the well or in her hut or wherever and then went and asked her directly if she wanted to come to the fields. If she was interested then she would say Ok and you headed off to the nearby field and she followed at a discrete distance. Once in between the maize or sugarcane or whatever grows there she immediately lays down in between the plants in a softer area and you pull up your lungi or pull down your pyjama and mount her and bang away and cum in her. You don’t have to bother about a condom or her safe period or anything. If you have some close friends you share her with them and they all also mount her one after another and bang her. The rural women can take as many cocks as you can give them. No problems. Also they don’t care about pregnancies and will give birth to the child and no questions asked. That’s why so many kids will look like their neighbour men.
Also the same thing happens to the women in your household. Other men will be fucking your wife, mother or sister in the same way. Father-in-laws, brother-in-laws, cousins and even brothers will fuck the women and they always spread their legs.
So this is the environment that Chandra came from and sex was not anything strange for her. But here in the city things were different and people were such hypocrites and had sex as if it was a sin.
So whenever she was sent up to call bhabi and bhaiya she knew that they were fucking and she would act as if she is leaving but stand quietly in front of the shut bedroom door and listen to the fucking. She knew that they were fucking like rabbits all the time and Chandra was excited about this.

The house was a large one with 3 storeys. The ground floor had the regular large living room, large dining room, large kitchen, three bedrooms with attached bath. The master bedroom was occupied by the Ramji and his wife and the other 2 bedrooms were kept empty as guest rooms.
The second storey had 4 bedrooms and 2 were occupied by Deepak and Shalini and these were the noisiest rooms in the house with loud music and endless loud telephonic conversations by the teenagers.
Rajesh and Swathi’s room was on the top floor in this 3 storey building and there were few other rooms on that floor used to store stuff or empty. Rajesh and Swathi, s room was more like a hotel suite with a large bedroom cum sitting area with sofa, reading chairs, coffee tables etc. There was a large modern attached bathroom with a shower area, bath tub, WC, large his and her wash basins on granite tops with a huge mirror. The room was elegant and modern. The sitting area had large windows and also a door that led out to the roof as it was the penthouse room and that too was well organized with potted plants, a double cushioned swing, patio furniture strewn around, tall lamps etc. There was a small 2 piece washroom with a WC and sink at one end for guest to use. Rajesh used to call his friends over for parties/drinks etc on this roof garden. This roof garden could also be accessed by the stairs and that is what Chandra would do when she had a chance to hear these young newlyweds’s fuck. She was smart to also realize that next to the outside washroom there was a ventilator that was always half open.

This roof garden could also be accessed by the stairs and that is what Chandra would do when she had a chance to hear these young newlyweds’s fuck. She was smart to also realize that next to the outside washroom there was a ventilator that was always half open. This was at an angle to the bedroom area and if she placed a chair under it then she could peep into the bedroom and watch the fucking which she very much wanted to do. If she was back in her village then she would have been having regular fucking with all types of men and her hormones were raging now imagining the fucking inside. Chandra also did not want to be caught so she kept a cleaning bucket with cleaning material for the sink, bathroom and window glass. So when she peeped through the ventilator standing on the plastic chair, she would have the window glass cleaning stuff in her hand so that if caught then she had a reason for being there.
Chandra had been watching this fucking for some months at different times of the day and night. One afternoon when Amma was calling for Chandra and she was not responding due to the loud music from Deepak’s room, she sent Raju the driver in search of her. Raju searched around the house and then reached the terrace when he noticed Chandra doing something suspicious. He stood on the top stair quietly and kept watching what Chandra was doing. He noticed that she had some cleaning stuff in her right hand but she was not cleaning any thing. Also she was standing on the plastic chair and peeping into the ventilator but seemed to be concentrating on something going on inside. Her left hand was not to be seen from his angle but her large buttocks were fidgeting. Raju slowly walked next to a window and now could clearly hear the fucking sounds from inside. He now realized that Chandra was watching someone fucking inside and since it was Rajesh’s room he deduced that they must be fucking inside. Raju slowly walked towards Chandra from a slight angle and she could not see him approaching. He now was right behind her and he saw that she had her left hand inside her skirt and was playing with herself. Raju cleared his throat softly and Chandra was startled and was about to say something while trying to step down from the chair. But Raju held his finger on his lips saying “shuuu” and stopped her from getting down from the chair by placing his hand on her knee. He again said “shuuuu” asking her to keep quiet and placed another chair which was closeby next to Chandra’s chair and stoop up on it. He now could also peep into the room and did so and was thrilled to see Rajesh saab and Swathi memsab fully naked fucking in the missionary style. Swathi memsab had her fair naked thigs wrapped around Rajesh saab’s muscular fair buttocks and he was banging away vigorously while both were making loud fucking sounds. Chandra was shocked and did not know what to do but Raju now put his hand around her waist and with his other hand pointed inside asking her to also watch. Now both of them were watching silently and Raju by this time had a terrific hard-on as he had never seen such lovely beautiful live sex. He pulled Chandra close to him and rubbed his crotch. Chandra also started watching the fucking but had stopped masturbating herself. Raju now started rubbing his hand over her big huge buttocks and squeezing it. Chandra could not object as then she would be also caught and get into trouble with big saab. Also it felt nice that some male was touching her so she did not object but watched silently. Raju now knew that Chandra was a willing participant and he took her hand and placed it on his hard on. He had opened his fly and free his hard cock. Chandra was excited to feel that she was holding such a huge big round cock. She looked down and saw that Raju had a pitch black but enormous cock and he now adjusted himself and brought out his balls which was larger than a tennis ball. She held his cock while he was squeezing her buttocks. He then realized why he was here and told her that Amma wanted her downstairs immediately. He whispered for her to go down while he stays here and watches the live show. He took the cleaning material from her hand and now he could act as if he was helping in the cleaning and now had a reason for being there. He kept playing with his cock and knew that he had to masturbate to get relief. Chandra quickly went downstairs while Raju kept masturbating and within 2 minutes he shot his cum on the wall in big spurts.
He immediately wiped the cum of the wall and put his cock back in his pants and slowly went down. He went behind the house and sat down in the shade below a tree and smiled happily to himself. Now he knew that he could fuck Chandra when ever he wanted as well as get to watch live sex shows also freely. His life had become exciting from the monotonous daily routine. Previously he would drive the saabs and memsaabs around and then come back and wash the car and then had lots of spare time. He would voluntarily help around the house and then would sit here below this shady tree getting bored. This was a quite area behind the house in the enclosed compound with large tall walls. There was a well with a motor house for watering the garden with lots of trees and shade. There was a nice artistic garden bench under the tree and a hammock but nobody except the servants used this area. Raju decided that as soon as Chandra was free he would fuck her behind the motor room next to the compound wall and nobody could see or hear. His life was going to become exciting now. He lay down on the bench daydreaming and waiting for Chandra to come.
What Raju did not know was that their innocent choti memsaab bhabi knew that she was being watched getting fucked. This happened some months after Swathi moved in that she heard Chandra calling them down while they were fucking. It was a bright Sunday afternoon and Rajesh was fucking her missionary style and suddenly a few seconds after Chandra left Swathi saw the reflection of a shadow near the far ceiling. What Chandra did not know what that the shadow of her head was being reflected in one of the mirrors and that reflection was being projected close to the ceiling in the corner. Rajesh was facing the headboard of the bed and could not see it but Swathi could clearly se it. She stiffened her body immediately and was about to get up but she was also on the verge of an orgasm and Rajesh was doing a good job of banging away and stimulating her clit while giving good hard strokes. The thought that somebody was watching their fucking also was suddenly very exciting and she had a tremendous orgasm and her cunt got very wet. Rajesh also commented that today she was very wet and excited. Swathi just smiled and did not tell him about the peeping person. Swathi by now realized that the person peeping was Chandra as the shadow was clearly a woman. Also by moving her head a bit she could now see a woman face through the few inches angle towards the ventilator. Though from the angle and the light behind the head Swathi could not make out the face clearly but by the hairstyle and also the knowledge that Amma never came up there. Also Shalini had gone out with Deepak and their friends for a movie. So it could only be Chandra. Swathi wanted to be sure that it was Chandra so she immediately got us and swiftly wore on her robe and quickly went out onto the terrace. She waited and Chandra came from the other side with the cleaning material in her hand saying that she had cleaned the washroom and if bhabi wanted anything cleaned inside the room. She sounded confident and not at all nervous but had a slight guilty look and was talking non stop to hide her guilt. Swathi smiled at her and patted her head and told Chandra to come up later on when Rajesh had gone out as she wanted to give Chandra some old makeup and clothes and also to come and clean the room. Chandra was relieved that Swathi bhabi did not suspect anything and she happily went down. Swathi also had to rush inside as Rajesh’s cum was leaking profusely down her inner thighs and she had to rush in to wash it.
While washing her cunt Swathi realized that she did not mind Chandra watching her getting fucked and also that it was kind of exciting. Till now Swathi had never though that she was an exhibitionist and also had never once thought about someone watching her getting fucked. She smiled at herself and realized that she was again horny. Rajesh was about to go down but she stopped him and again started playing with him and eventually both got naked and she sucked his cock to erection and she now bent over for a Rockygy fuck. Rajesh quickly mounted her and both came very quickly. Swathi now realized that it was more exciting when someone was watching and decided to call Chandra on some pretext in the future when she had started fucking. She could then make lots of fucking sounds when Chandra came and knocked on the door and Swathi could ask her to come back later and thus signalling indirectly to the maid that now they were fucking and Chandra could then start watching the show and thus Swathi would have an audience. Swathi also realized that from now on she has to be careful that Rajesh was facing the headboard and not the other side when Chandra was watching as she did not want Rajesh to stop this new exciting development.

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