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Innocent wife becomes lover of black

My girl is gorgeous. She’s a petite Middle Eastern and isn’t very bodacious but you can tell she has a freakier side. She is 5’1 and slender, nice curves and a nice cute bubble butt. She just looks like she’d be fun to toss around. She was always a really good girl throughout high school but when college hit she went crazy. Started partying and hooking up with whomever and he told me about the time she performed 69 with a black college basketball player who was very well hung. She told me he was the biggest she’s been with and when she first told me that story we had just been friends and I’ve never been more turned on. Imagine my petite wifey look up at a big powerful black cock just turns me on – I guess it’s the forbidden fruit factor. Seeing your wife’s most naughty side and watching her get more aroused than anything.

She told me her fantasy of a threesome once and I’ve never gotten so hard and so quick. I was astonished and she noticed not too long after. Every time we had sex, I would discuss how much she wanted to fuck another man and I told her to imagine a big black cock fucking her right with me. The feeling of two hands on her breast and two cocks against her petite body sent her orgasms raging. I just became more and more involved in this fantasy and I wanted to make it come true. Every time I told her about it she would light up but would say something along the lines of, “Would you be okay with me cheating then?” Or she would go further in imagery and I would hesitate and take back my offer of the threesome.

Now her birthday was rolling around and I knew other than the gifts I already got her, I wanted to make her hottest fantasy come true. She told me she thought black guys are the most aggressive and so I started looking without her knowing. I found many suitable additions to our fantasy but only one guy really stood out, David. David was a tall slender black man who was a little bit older than us. My wife and I were 22 and David was 31. My wife had never been with someone that age and has never had a black man inside her. David was 6’2, lean and ripped and had an eight-inch monster. I was hanging at a little bit above 5 inches and I was feeling insecure. What if she orgasms faster with him and she doesn’t think much of me anymore? What if she leaves me for him or what if it jeopardizes our beautiful relationship?

Her birthday came and it was the day of the surprise. We got to the hotel room after a romantic evening and I knew she was horny because we hadn’t sex in a week or two and I had already got her ready with the idea of me pounding her all night. She went to the bathroom to freshen up and she comes out and finds both me and David stripped down completely, standing nude with our boners in our hand. We were both standing about 2 feet apart ready to go and she came out astonished. She came out the shower wearing nothing but my long sleeve shirt and boy did she look wet and sexy. She had a few drinks so she was fairly tipsy and just looked confused for a moment.

I went up to her and told her that this was her surprise. Tonight David and I were going to be her tools. She questioned me vigorously because she thought I had been against it and I was so back-and-forth with the idea that she thought I was still unsure. I told her I was 100% (a subtle lie) but I wanted her to fuck the two of us so bad. She was hesitant but I begged her that this was going to be worth it. I started fingering her and asked, “Why don’t you go suck off David for me?”

Again she was hesitant but then she gave me a devilish grin.

“Alright baby, whatever you say.”

She walked up to David who was now sitting on the bed and kneeled down in front of his mighty cock. Grabbed it with both hands which she never had to do for me and pressed her lips against it. I was getting so excited watching this, she hadn’t given me a solid blowjob in years and she’s giving this guy one after a few minutes of asking. My wife was a freak. She started slowly but took more and more of it in. She went crazy and started doing things I didn’t think she knew. She went from tip to base and back up; she licked the front of the shaft all the way to the top and then just sucked the tip. David was going crazy right now and so was I, knowing my wife loved black cock so much made me want to explode right then and there. David was about to cum but she didn’t let him. She took her lips off and got up to lie on the other bed.

“Come here boys.”

We didn’t hesitate. David got up and went all the way down kissing everything in his path with big black full lips. Her body was going through ecstasy and I joined in. Making out with her while David was making out with her other lips. She pulled herself up and looked at me, “Baby I want you.”

David moves over and I start fucking my wet and hungry wife. She cums in a matter of minutes but I don’t stop fucking her until she begs me to stop. After a series of multiple orgasms it was finally David’s turn. David flipped her over and she started to put his cock in. Ashley had been with three other men besides me but all of us were average and one of the guys was small. She had never been with a cock this big. She screamed in pain and pleasure as David was going inside of her and came even before he was all the way in. She began riding up and down his black pole and she’s never even ridden like this before. I could not process this but it was so freaking hot. David wasn’t wearing a condom and I didn’t even notice but I didn’t want to stop him now. His dark skin tone matched up so weirdly with my wife’s fair olive skin. He was pumping so hard and her eyes rolled back demonically. He was driving her soul out with his cock and she was in a pure state of ecstasy. I can only get her to this point with so much work and he’s doing it without any work at all. I go up to her and ask, “Do you want me to join.”

She doesn’t respond but I lube up my cock anyway and carefully come from the back and put it her butt hole. The sensation of two cocks filling her up make her go insane, she had reached a level I have never seen before. David and I did this for 30 more minutes and all three of rested right after. They were on the bed and she had her head on his chest and in an odd way, it was very cute. I told them I was going downstairs to get my charger from my car and I leave the room without thinking. David responded but my wife was knocked at this point. I come back ten minutes later, finally finding my charger and go inside and the first thing I notice is music playing.

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