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Innocent wife becomes lover of black

My girl is gorgeous. She’s a petite Middle Eastern and isn’t very bodacious but you can tell she has a freakier side. She is 5’1 and slender, nice curves and a nice cute bubble butt. She just looks like she’d be fun to toss around. She was always a really good girl throughout high school but when college hit she went crazy. Started partying and hooking up with whomever and he told me about the time she performed 69 with a black college basketball player who was very well hung. She told me he was the biggest she’s been with and when she first told me that story we had just been friends and I’ve never been more turned on. Imagine my petite wifey look up at a big powerful black cock just turns me on – I guess it’s the forbidden fruit factor. Seeing your wife’s most naughty side and watching her get more aroused than anything.

She told me her fantasy of a threesome once and I’ve never gotten so hard and so quick. I was astonished and she noticed not too long after. Every time we had sex, I would discuss how much she wanted to fuck another man and I told her to imagine a big black cock fucking her right with me. The feeling of two hands on her breast and two cocks against her petite body sent her orgasms raging. I just became more and more involved in this fantasy and I wanted to make it come true. Every time I told her about it she would light up but would say something along the lines of, “Would you be okay with me cheating then?” Or she would go further in imagery and I would hesitate and take back my offer of the threesome.

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