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Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 1

Hi guys, I am Amruta 28 years working wife with loving husband and no children, I got married 2 years back. I am fitness freak and maintained myself with fig of 34-26-34 with fair skin, my height is 5’4”. I am working in company where we have to work in 24*7 shifts. I am sharing my experience with cab driver of my company. We have company transport facility so every day I travel with cab, once I had night shift for two months that time only one driver used to pick n drop me his name was Javed, he was around 40 years in age not so good looking with little pot belly but had good beard. I never had any interest in him, we regularly used to talk on normal things while traveling as for this shift I used to be alone in cab. While our talks I told him that I am thinking of joining driving class, as I don’t know how to drive car. So he asked me “If I don’t mind he can teach me how to drive” I said how it is possible as I am having night n you also work at night. He said we are alone while going home (my shift time is 6 pm to 3 am) so that time there is no traffic also so he can teach me that time and will not take any fees. I was bit skeptical about his proposal but later thought that if I am getting free tuition why I should deny it n I finally agreed to his proposal. That time I wasn’t knowing this is going to change my relation with him.
Next day after office hours our class started, on the way as we went to long deserted road we switched the seat, I went to driver seat and he sat next seat in front. I tried to drive but as I was very scared to drive so I did it all wrong n we missed an accident, that makes me more scared of driving so I somehow stopped the car but immediately got down, he comforted me saying that this is normal no need to worry I will learn but as I was scared he dropped me home.
Next day after office he suggested me that there is open ground on our way where we can go and begin the class as on ground we have nothing to fear of accident, as my office is outskirt of city the ground was totally out of city and time being 3.00 am there was no possibility of someone being there for at least 4 hours. We drove there, as the ground was just a big open space there was pitch dark and no sign of anything in sight. As we went there, we switched the seats, now he started instructing me but still I was getting confused a lot, once I presses accelerator instead of brake, somehow I stopped the car but got scared like shit n started crying that I will never be able to learn driving. He put his hand on my back n hold one hand with his hand. I got bit relaxed with his touch, then he suggested that
J: If you don’t mind I have suggestion.
A: What?
J: Let me sit behind you so that in case you have any problem I can control the car
A: How can we sit on same seat?
J: Don’t worry madam, you can trust me I won’t do anything wrong.
A: I trust you but it will be uncomfortable for both of us and what if someone comes n see us.
J: madam no one come to this ground till 10 am in morning so don’t worry and its just matter of few minutes. Once you get confidence you can drive alone I will just instruct you from side seat.
After thinking I agreed, that day I was wearing kurti and leggings. Then he came n sat on seat then asked me to come inside, he spread his legs to give me space to sit. Car seat being not big enough to accompany two people, I had very narrow space to sit, somehow I sat between his legs but his belly was touching my back, it was like he was hugging me from behind but Javed was not doing any undue advances. He started the car n instructed me drive. Our thighs and hands were like one on other, I somehow drove for some time and was happy with my progress. Also I was bit aroused with being so closely sitting with other man than my husband. This continued for two days, I got used to his touches now, he used to put his hands on my waist, shoulders, but I never objected as he was touching me professionally. But it started making wrong effect on me I started getting aroused with his touches as my hubby was recently busy with his work and haven’t fucked me well in last almost 4 months. I was thinking that he will make some advances to fuck me but alas he wasn’t doing anything, he was behaving way too professionally. But here I was getting desperate and frustration start building in me. Next day I decided to get little bolder, so I wore sleeveless salwar suit with duppatta which has deep neck in front and back, it revealed lot of cleavage n back, as it was winter days I used to wear jacket on it so nobody in my office would think otherwise for me. Once the office was done, we moved to the ground and I removed my duppatta and jacket in order to seduce him, I wanted him to take a lead. So went n sat in front of him, within minutes I found his hard cock poking me from behind, I was more than happy so started driving. His beard touch on my bare back was making me mad and his head was on my shoulder so he could see massive valley of my boobs but today he kept his hands away from me n this make me little more frustrated. I moved back to touch my back to his belly n chest then I felt he too was aroused n he put hands on my thighs n brushed his chin with my bare shoulder, I was happy with this movements. He moved hands on my thighs waist even kissed lightly on my back making my pussy wet, but suddenly his phone rang n someone asked him to come immediately. I was pissed off for this, as I thought I will get good nice fuck but all in vain. Next day after office I went for cab but didn’t found Javed, there was different cab today with security guard. So I tried calling him but his phone was off. I was surprised with the events, next day I called him in afternoon.
J: Hello
A: Hello Javed ji where have you been, why didn’t you come yesterday?
J: Sorry madam, actually I was on leave yesterday.
A: What happened? Is everything all right?
J: Yes. But I am requesting for shift change in office.
A: Why? N what about our classes.
J: Better you join driving school, I won’t be able to teach you.
A: But what happened? You only promised me to teach now everything was going good, why the hell you suddenly changing shift? (I was angry more as I wanted his cock n this bastard was teasing me)
J: Madam to be honest, yesterday you wore such sexy clothes, your sexy back was in front of me. This is too difficult for me to control, something bad may happen.
A: Oh nothing will happen, I didn’t say anything to you then why are you worried. I want only you to pick me up from office tomorrow.
J: No madam you don’t know how difficult it is for me to control myself, I don’t want that to happen
(Now this bugger wants me to beg for his cock, I was angry but aroused same time as I like dominant men who make woman beg for fucking)
A: No. You will come to pick me, I want to learn driving from you. So tomorrow don’t give any excuse.
J: Ok madam will try. (He said n disconnected the call)
Next day I was wearing tight jeans and sleeveless shirt and jacket on it, but before boarding cab n removed the jacket n kept in my bag and opened one button and sat in back seat. As we went to ground he got down n ask me to sit, he said he will teach me from another seat.
A: No. let’s continue our regular way, I am not fully confident to control car.
J: No madam, you don’t understand. I am unable to control myself looking at your sexy body, I will do something wrong.
A: then do it, I don’t care.
J: Ok fine.
I sat with him on driver seat, as usual he put hands on my waist, today he can see my cleavage through the open button, and I had my hairs tied in pony so my entire neck was visible. He said today let’s get a step ahead, I said what do you mean? He said will instruct me without talking, I was amazed n asked how? He said when I have to turn left he will put his hand on my left hand and for right he will move hand on my right hand. If he put my right thigh I have to accelerate, if he touches my left thigh I have change gear and when he touch my belly I have to apply brake. I find it too interesting n I was instantly turned on with his suggestion. I immediately agreed, he too was now confident that I am in game now. So he put hands on my waist n then slowly he was moving hands on my bare hands and thighs, we both were enjoying I could feel his erection on my ass. Suddenly he put hand in forward n touch my belly I apply brake n we stopped. I asked him why do you asked me to stop.
J: madam your skin is very soft so I got lost n so touched your belly
A: you naughty. (I said this with seductive smile)
J: I know madam.
A: I can understand javed don’t worry.
J: So should we go home?
A: It’s just 4.00 I think lets practice more for some time and then we can go,
J: Ok madam
He got hint that I am also enjoying. So he pulled me even closer to him n said madam lets drive bit faster. But there is one problem, I asked what? He said how can I ask to horn? I thought a bit n said touch my neck for it, but he said it is uncomfortable for him to move hand so much. Then with naughty smile I asked him to kiss my neck. He was more than happy to listen this, we started again n he put hand on my right thigh to accelerate n pressed it gently. I let small moan, he understood I too want the same, now he kissed me on neck n I horn the car. This encouraged him n he started giving me kiss more times. I too was enjoying this game, he suddenly moved his left hand in my shirt n put on my naked waist n started moving on it. Now both of us were aware that what we were doing but still we were acting like we are driving. He cock was poking my ass from behind, his beard on my bare neck making me ticklish, in some time he said lets add more concentration to your drive, I said what plan you have? He said he will do anything to me but I must concentrate on driving without reacting. I found this very interesting so I readily agreed. So he was like ready for this so he immediately pulled me on him n asked me to drive. I started driving n he pinched my waist n kissed my neck, I moaned a little, he immediately responded that concentrate on driving, which I obeyed. Seeing positive response from me he became bolder n licked my neck n was playing with my soft belly. Now things were getting out of control from me n was getting bolder n bolder, he got hold of my bra covered boobs n started pressing them, this was too much for me I stopped the car he got bit scared but without saying him something I let out a moan. This was green signal for him n he continued his job, I put my hands on his hands n helped him to press my boobs harder. But he stopped all activities, I was frustrated n asked.
A: What happened please continue.
J: But madam. I can’t do it with you, as I don’t do this to anyone else then my wife and girlfriend.
A: then think me as your gf.
J: No I can’t
A: Why not?
J: Because my gf always behave as my command n doesn’t say no to me.
A: ok. I will also do the same.
J: I call them by their name, I use slang language.
(I was so desperate to get fucked that without knowing I was agreeing to his terms)
A: ok then don’t call me madam, call me Amruta.
J: Listen madam. I know what you want n I will give it that to you but I have my conditions.
A: I am fine with it.
J: First listen. I will call you by name, I will use filthy language, I can Pervert Exploit you, you can’t say no to anything. You will behave as I order you.
A: ok I am ready, you can do whatever you want but please continue.
J: ok. Then listen amruta, get up n remove you shirt completely and keep it in back seat and stand out of car.
I immediately got out n open back door opened my shirt completely and kept it on back seat. He too came out of car n stood ahead of me, I was waiting for his next move.
J: wow you have such a sexy fig bitch, now open my shirt while kissing my body.
I immediately got near him, kissed on his lips n started removing his shirt button, his body had lot of hairs I kissed his chest n removed all his button while kissing chest, fat belly.
J: I never imagined you are such a good whore amruta, I thought you are good decent lady.
A: I am decent lady, just doing this for you.
J: Shut up you slut n keep doing what I told you. Now go to front of car n bend on the bonnet with your hands spread on bonnet.
I went to car laid my upper body on bonnet with hands upside, my entire back was just covered by thin bra strip. I decent working lady was lying half naked on bonnet and taking order from a 40+ year’s driver of her cab, this thought was making my pussy wet like anything. My panty was soaked with the juices, he came behind me n slapped hard on my ass.
J: what a ass you have amruta. You know I wanted to fuck that tight ass from the day I saw you, whenever I used to see you with tight jeans I wanted to slap that ass hard.
He kept slapping my ass while saying this to me, then he bent down licking my whole back. He was pressing my ass n side of waist, he removed hook of my bra n pulled me up n threw the bra on front glass of car, now I was topless with my short mangalsutra around my neck. As soon as he turned me I locked my lips with his n moved my legs around his legs, we kissed for 10 min like that n he pushed me down. I sat on my knees n opened his pant to my shock his cock was surrounded with thick hairy bush smelling with piss but most shocking was his cut cock was almost 9” in length n 4” thick which makde me crazy like hell. I suddenly took that in my mouth n started sucking it, though his size was choking me but I was beyond my control due to lust. I kept sucking his dirty prick, he pulled me up n removed my jeans n panty threw everything on front glass, picked me up n put on the bonnet, I spread my legs to welcome his cock, he too pushed his dick in me. It was hurting me as I never took this big in my life I cried
A: please pull it back its hurtinggggggggg
J: shut up you whore, you deserve to be fucked like this in open air.
He kept pushing inside, I had tears in my eyes. But without caring he started pumping me holding my boobs, within sometime my pain subdued n I started enjoying
A: aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuccccccccckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hardddddddddd
J: yes you bitch shout like that aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
He fucked me for while like that n again turned me around, cold bonnet was touching my hot boobs and he pushed again from behind n kept stroking like no tomorrow. I was moaning with pleasure, he took my both hands n locked them with his one hand on my back, now my body n face was on bonnet n he was ramming me from behind like riding a horse. I came atleast 4 time in a while, he kept fucking me for 20 min in that position n was about to cum he asked me to be on my knees n came on my boobs, he asked me to spread cum on my boob n don’t clean it. I obeyed him then he pulled me up n we kissed like lovers. It was almost 4.30 am, we got dressed up n he dropped me at home. I was so satisfied that I slept peacefully after many days.

Next day when i woke up I was in bed only thinking about the last night episode and suddenly I started feeling guilty. This was the first time I cheated my husband some tears came out of my eyes and I was really feeling sad. Also I was bit worried because of driver as he might blackmail me and take undue advantages in future. Suddenly my husband came in bedroom and wished me good morning with kiss on forehead, this added more guilt to my mind. Then I decided to forget the event as mistake, as a precaution I sent msg to my cab driver “Please forget whatever happened last night this will never repeat and please dont tell this to anyone” I completed all my household chores in guilty mood only, still doubts in my mind that what will cab driver do? After an hour I got a msg from him. My heartbeat rose up with thoughts in my mind. I opened the msg n saw he replied “Ok Madam, i can understand. I promise that I will not tell anyone” that was surprising msg from him as I expected that he wont let a sexy high class wife go so easily, but whatever it was. I got relaxed and spent the entire day with my lovely husband. Next day i went out for shopping with hubby, we shop a lot and had dinner outside. Sunday night as we came home my hubby pulled me towards him n started kissing in hall itself, I too responded him with same enthusiasm, while kissing he pulled out my top n licked my cleavage. I let out moan aaaaaahhhhhh i removed my bra and pushed his head on my boobs he kept sucking them alternately with full energy he put me on sofa n removed my jeans n panty in one go without waiting my response he put his cock in me n started fucking, since i was expecting little bit more foreplay I was bit disappointed but continued the same he started fucking me in missionary position and I was moaning he fucked me more 10 min n his tempo increased n before i could do anything he came inside me. I was left unsatisfied but he was happy so I didnt say anything. Just got up n collected my clothes n went to bed.

While I was in bed my husband was sleeping peacefully, here entire episode with cab driver was running in my mind. I tried to avoid the same but he really satisfied me in that open field. Next day i was getting ready for office i wore red top and blue jeans with little make up. my top and jeans was kind of body hugging showing my curves.

I went to office and as the office completed I started walking towards cab n tension started building in meI went to cab n got into back seat, the driver wished me hello I gave him tens smile. Once we got out office campus, he asked me “Madam should we go to ground?” with this question shiver went through my body n I recalled entire previous episode. I was in dilemma whether to go or not so kept mum but the driver again asked me and suddenly came out of my mouth “yes”. We reached ground, as usual it was pitch dark quite away from main road with nothing really insight. I got down to get into the driving seat with Javed, my heartbeat rose. I got in front of him in seat n we started driving, today I was bit tense but the driver was behaving very professionally. He was not even trying to touch me but somehow my mind was on last episode with him. He was instructing me verbally only without touching and here my body was having waiting for his touch, after some time I pushed my ass little back to touch him. He might have understood about my intensions but still was behaving very professionally. I was trying to suppress my urges but my body wasn’t responding as per my wish and I moved back n sat directly on his cock, still there was no response from him. I got totally uncontrolled n took his hand and placed it on my boobs, he immediately withdrew it n asked me to stop. I stopped the car n literally pushed me out from seat n he too came out of car.
Javed: Madam what are you doing?
Amruta: Why are you behaving this like this, as if you don’t know anything?
Javed: Madam yesterday only you asked me to forget everything what happened between us and now you are behaving like this.
Amruta: Yes but now I feel horny by your touch so.
Javed: Madam Listen carefully, I am not your toy that you will use as per your wish.
Amruta: I am sorry I didn’t mean that.
This was unbelievable that a young sexy married woman was saying sorry to a middle aged ugly fat guy in middle of night at some isolated space. In my wildest dreams I never imagined something like this will ever could happen to me. There are many people including some handsome guys of my office try to hit on me but I never entertained them but here I was getting desperate for this ugly fat bugger.
I tried to get close to him but suddenly went to back of car n lit his cigarette, I followed him n stood in front of him.
Javed: Madam you rich people have this problem they always think they use poor people like us as per their wish and we have no feelings
Amruta: I am really sorry Javed I never meant that. Please try to understand I am married woman, I was tens that if someone knows then it will ruin my life.
Javed: That’s what I am telling you, go get fucked by your husband don’t come to me.
Amruta: I am really sorry Javed. Please do whatever you want I won’t say anything to you.
I didn’t believe that I actually said this to him with little bit tears in my eyes.
Javed: No not possible and also there won’t be any driving classes from tomorrow, I don’t want to come with you.
Amruta: Javed please don’t so this to me, I am really sorry. I will not say anything but please fulfill my desires.
Javed: So tomorrow again you will msg me n do time pass.
Amruta: No, no I will not say anything trust me.
Saying this I try to hug him but he stopped me again, I looked in eyes with lust he just smiled while letting out smoke from his mouth.
Javed: Madam you really want to do this? Are you fully sure?
Amruta: yes I am very sure
Javed: Ok but listen I have my conditions, if you agree to them may be we can do.
I was hell happy listening to this n hugged him tightly, but he pushed me aside
Javed: Madam listen to me first, I will tell you conditions you think to it and then tell me if you are ok.
1. First I assure you that I won’t create any problem in your life.
2. I will behave professionally in front of other people here and whenever we two are there I will call you by your name and you will call me Javed ji
3. You have to obey all my commands and you can’t say no to anything.
4. I will Pervert Exploit you, torture you or do whatever I want you are my property.
5. Most important is I will fuck you as per my wish and not yours.
Now go inside the car in your seat and think on this. If you agree to all of this then come out of the car by removing your top and lose your hairs, when I complete smoking this cigarette not before that.
Saying this he lit another cigarette and turned around with his back towards car. I got into car n started thinking, I was in huge dilemma what to do. I was scared if I agree to his demands he may misuse the same and ruin my life and if I don’t my pussy will remain unsatisfied. My heartbeat was at peak and mind went blank.
Lust has completely taken over my mind and then I finally decided to get the cock in my cunt. That time my mind was not in place and beyond thinking about the consequences. I removed my top, also loosen my hairs, slowly stepped out the car and stood in front of him in that condition. He was happy to see me like that n gave me wicked smile.
Javed: So Amruta is ready to be my slut?
Amruta: yes javed ji
Javed: Oh my god you are quick learner my little slut, but I won’t proceed until I feel you are completely ready.
Amruta: Please Javed ji do whatever you want but satisfy me.
Javed: Ok my little slut, first come here and lit my cigarette.
Saying this he pull one more cigarette and handed over the lighter to me, I obediently took the lighter n lit the cigg. He pushed all the smoke on my face, if somebody else would have done this I would have slapped him there itself but here I just closed my eyes n smelled the smoke, slut inside me has woken up now. He then asked me to remove his shirt, I started doing the same but lost control on myself n started kissing his hairy chest n licked his nipple, he left out the moan with it.
Javed: Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Amruta you are bitch in heat slut. Keep doing it.
I removed his shirt completely n put it on bonnet n started kissing n licking his chest madly. He also turned on with this n pulled my face locked lips with me. I was waiting for this I hugged him tight n responded immediately for his kiss. We kept sucking each other’s lips I extended my tongue in his mouth n licked his tongue n mouth I got the taste of smoke, which I hate a lot but itch in my pussy was not going to let me stop doing that. He threw away his cigg and took me in embrace, his hands started moving on my bra covered back and went to my ass in jeans. While kissing he started to mauling it, my moans were getting suppressed in the kiss, he slapped my ass playfully. While his one hand was playing with my ass his other hand came to my belly where there is bit of fat, he played with the fat and pinched it sometime and moved further to boobs n pressed it hard. His attention changed from my lips n he started going down by kissing my neck, as soon as his mouth came on my cleavage my hands moved back n removed hooks of my bra, after removing the hooks my hands went to back of his head. He was busy kissing n licking my boobs, loose bra was hanging on it, he took the bra n threw it aside we were beyond caring where it is landing. He sucked my boobs alternately some time n took my erect nipples in teeth n I let out moan
Amruta: aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Javed ji it feels so good please don’t stop.
His licking and sucking of my boobs was adding on heat in my body. He pushed me on the bonnet n keep going down by licking my under boos, my sexy belly n as he put his tongue in my navel my cunt juices were start flowing like river. He hands were working on my boobs n his navel was playing with my navel. He then got up n again pulled me towards him I hugged him like lover, put my lips on his lips. We were kissing like lovers for long time, then I moved my mouth from his lips n licked his chest fat belly n my hand moved to his pant n opened it and there was my tool waiting for me. Pungent smell of his cock turned me on n I licked his entire shaft from bottom to top, put my tongue in his pee opening. He gone mad with it n bent down to press my boobs I lift little to give him access to my boobs.
Javed: Amruta you are a great whore aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I smiled to him n continued the blowjob, doing my tongue magic.
Javed: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh Amruta darling keep sucking you are the best high class slut I have seen. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fucccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
He then pulled me up n hurriedly removed my jeans n panty in one carried me in his arms n opened the back door of car. He put me there such as my upper body was on seat n legs outside of door, he came in my legs
Amruta: Javed ji please put that your strong cock in me n make me your slut foreverrrrrrrrrr
I wondered how this came out of my mouth but I was beyond thinking I just wanted his cock in me. He suddenly pushed his cock n there itself I had my orgasm.
Amruta: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh javed jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
Soon Javed started to slowly plough his cock in and out of my pussy, he really started to go to down on my tits and nipples, chewing, biting, pinching, and grabbing a tit in each hand and whacking them together making a slapping noise. After a couple of minutes my huffing and puffing turned into moans of pleasure and lust. Javed took this as a signal to pick up the pace and he started to thrust harder and deeper until a minute later his big cock was bumping against my cervix, his balls slapping against my ass. Now in full control Javed raised his head and moved his hands from my tits and said “Raise both your arms above your head…I want to see those great big fucking tits flop around while I fuck the shit out of your juicy tight cunt…” I raised my arms above her head as Javed proceeded to hammer into my now dripping wet cunt at a furious pace. My moans were increasing in volume and intensity as his cock relentlessly ploughed into me, rubbing my G spot with every stroke. I cried out “My god! What the fuck are you doing to me” just before my body arched, froze rigid and started to shake uncontrollably as my mouth opened wide and one long word escaped my lips “Ffffuuuuucccccckkkkkkkk” and I was hit by another orgasm. I never has two orgasms in one fuck. I pulled him on me n kissed his lips
Amruta: aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh thanks Javed ji this is so gooooooood
Javed: you have sexy body amruta darling, now come on get up n be good bitch n get on all fours.
I like a trained bitch immediately turn myself n offered my cunt from behind to my new lover. He slapped my ass few time n hold my waist slowly inserted his cok in my cunt from behind
Amruta: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh javed ji your cock is awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Javed: Slut this is start of your journey with my cock you have to go long.
Saying this his pumping slowly increased I moaning like a mad woman n he kept fucking me. He bent a little n kissed my back n put his both hands on boobs n kept fucking vigorously. He kept fucking me in same position n again got up n pulled my hairs
Amruta: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
He was fucking like there is no tomorrow, suddenly his tempo increased n he left my hairs, pulled out cock n came on my ass n back. I collapsed on the seat in that position n then got up to see him he was standing out with my bra in his hands and cleaning his cock with my bra. I got to him n myself cleaned his cock with my bra.
Javed: That’s like obedient bitch. Good whore you are doing good.
I hugged him n kissed his lips.
Amruta: Javed ji you are really a man, this was one of the best fuck I had till now.
Javed: Slut don’t worry I will make sure your cunt will have more fun here onwards.
We then got dressed n he dropped me at my home.

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