Saturday , April 1 2023

Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 10

Next morning I woke on the bed with Baban still sleeping naked beside me.

I wanted to take bath as I was feeling sweaty by last nights intense sex.

But there was no bathroom in the hut.

I woke up Baban and asked him that I wanted to take bath .
Where should I take bath?
Baban laughed.

Baban – Are tumko Yaha tumhare flat jaisa bathroom thodi milega.

Wo Kona dekh rahi hai……?

( You will not get spacious bathroom here…Can u see the corner)

I could see a elevated corner…with a tap and water outlet.

Baban – Wahi pe nahata hu me.

Ap bhi naha lo ab…..apko bhi adat dalni padegi aisa nahane ki

Amruta – BABAN par aisa khule me kaise? I asked with surprise

Baban –  ab Kaun… bathroom banayega….aur jagah bhi Nahi hai
Apke flat Ka bathroom mere pure ghar jitna hai

Dekho madam sex Ka Maja alag hai aur aise conditions me rahana alag hai…..ap abhi bhi piche hat Sakti hai……

To prove Baban wrong…I went to the so called bathroom and started to unwrap my saree….. slowly……..I removed my saree…..And threw my saree at Baban

I turned on the tap and put a bucket under it………

Then I started to remove my blouse…….I slowly removed the blouse…..

Baban who was still naked on the bed……seeing me undressing in the “bathroom” … his dick started to to salute me…….

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    Innocent wife with cab driver part 11

  5. The story is awesome. Behtareen kahani hai.
    The writer created is a master . Every formication, with different man was done separately. Good presentation
    However I have some suggestions too,
    Next time if the wife is innocent than make her more reluctant for sex, not eager, though she must enjoy her fucking
    A pinch of humiliation and rough abusive terms in local language adds much to spice.
    Javed can be brought back, but this time as master who expects his kept Anuruta to satisfy him and his rough friends or brothers

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    The story is best which I ever read.

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    Eagerly waiting for next part

  11. Please continue the next part of the story….

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