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Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 10

Next morning I woke on the bed with Baban still sleeping naked beside me.

I wanted to take bath as I was feeling sweaty by last nights intense sex.

But there was no bathroom in the hut.

I woke up Baban and asked him that I wanted to take bath .
Where should I take bath?
Baban laughed.

Baban – Are tumko Yaha tumhare flat jaisa bathroom thodi milega.

Wo Kona dekh rahi hai……?

( You will not get spacious bathroom here…Can u see the corner)

I could see a elevated corner…with a tap and water outlet.

Baban – Wahi pe nahata hu me.

Ap bhi naha lo ab…..apko bhi adat dalni padegi aisa nahane ki

Amruta – BABAN par aisa khule me kaise? I asked with surprise

Baban –  ab Kaun… bathroom banayega….aur jagah bhi Nahi hai
Apke flat Ka bathroom mere pure ghar jitna hai

Dekho madam sex Ka Maja alag hai aur aise conditions me rahana alag hai…..ap abhi bhi piche hat Sakti hai……

To prove Baban wrong…I went to the so called bathroom and started to unwrap my saree….. slowly……..I removed my saree…..And threw my saree at Baban

I turned on the tap and put a bucket under it………

Then I started to remove my blouse…….I slowly removed the blouse…..

Baban who was still naked on the bed……seeing me undressing in the “bathroom” … his dick started to to salute me…….

He was looking at me lustily with a open mouth.

With a naughty smile I unhoooed my  bra

Now I sat down in the “bathroom” with only mangalsutra on my body…. started to take bath from the bucket with a mug.
[Image: 5edb578860e8a.jpg]

[Image: 5edb588153707.jpeg]

[Image: 5edb590004014.jpg]

Baban was looking at me with lust and surprise.

He might have never imagined in his life that a high class wife would ever take bath in his slum house bathroom.

[Image: 5edb5a28552c4.jpg]

[Image: 5edb5ada297ad.jpg]

He jumped from the bed and came towards the bathroom corner.

Baban – I will also take bath with you

Amruta – only Bath?

I asked naughtily

His dick was already pointing upwards….

Amrutha – Kal rat se man Nahi bhara kya ( Are u not satisfied with last nights sex?)

Baban – Are tumko Kitna bhi chodo wo Kam hi hai. Bahot punya kiye hongw isliye apki chut naseeb hui hai.

I laughed at him.

Amrutha – Abhi mujhe nahane do. Waise bhi biwi hu tumhari bad me kar lena.
( Let me take bath first. I am Ur wife now….u can fuck me whenever u want)

Baban – Thik hai biwi ki bat to man leta hu.
Par ek shart par.

Amrutha – kaisi shart?
( What condition?)

I asked curiously.

Baban – I want to take bath with you.

And saying this he came inside the so called bathroom.

As he stepped in with me for bathing, I felt bit shy . He came, stood close to me and pour water on my body by mug. He was completely naked after last night’s fuck so he didn’t have to remove his clothes.

Then he took the mug and started pouring water on both of us.

I also took one mug and poured water on his body.

He took the soap and started applying on his body. After applying on his body he started rubbing the soap on my body.

He rubbed the soap on my boobs,armpits.

Baban – Tum bhi lagao na meri body pe Sabun.

Saying this he gave me the soap.

I started applying soap on his back,chest.

This whole thing of applying soap on each others body made my pussy really wet.

Baban – Niche bhi lagao na Sabun.

He said with a naughty smile.

I took soap and gently started applying soap on his dick and balls.

Baban was moaning with pleasure.

Now both were bodies were filled with soap.

Then Baban started pouring water on both of us .

Babans dick was still poking me.

We finished our bath . Then Baban took the old towel and started drying both of our bodies. He rubbed my ass and pussy with towel.

Baban – tum bhi mujhe body dry Karne me help karo na

I took the towel and started to dry his private parts.

With towel in my hand I dried his dick and balls.


Baban moaned.

Baban then came close to me and kissed me on my forehead.

We both were still naked. I only had mangalsutra on my body.

Baban – you look soo beautiful…….

He pulled me even close….our bodies rubbing against each other….we could feel each others breathing

I was seeing this romantic side of Baban for the first time.

He kept looking in my eyes….his dick rubbing on my pussy

Then finally .. slowly….he came closer…….his dark lips rested on my pink lips……we started kissing……

I was so lost in the kiss…..but suddenly my phone started ringing…..

We broke the kiss….

It was my ‘real’ husband Arun calling…

I told Baban that it was my husband and don’t do anything  to which he nodded

I picked up the phone.

Arun – Hi baby…how are you?

Amruta – I am fine. … really missing you

Arun – same with me baby…. really missing you. I am

I was talking with Arun..then suddenly from behind Baban inserted his dick in my pussy. …….


I couldn’t control my moan
I looked behind at Baban with anger….but he smiled lecherously……I was scared to death that Arun might get suspicious

Arun- what happened Amrutha? Are u okay? Why did u scream?

I controlled my moans.……

Amruta – yes…..yess….I am fine there was a cockroach ….

Arun – you and cockroaches….
He laughed

And from behind Baban started to fuck me in standing position while I was talking to my hubby.

[Image: 5edb5bfd97970.gif]

Due to his thumping my breathing was heavy

Arun – what happened baby? Are u okay?why are u panting?

Uff…..ye Baban bhi….ruk nhi Raha…..aur mujhe Maza bhi aa rHa hai

Amruta – Baby I am doing breathing exercises and yoga.

I thought to myself that I was getting better and better at lying.

My innocent husband was easily convinced….. though I was feeling a slight guilt …..but my pussy won over my brain as always.

Baban was really enjoying fucking me while I was talking with Arun. In no time I had an intense orgasm…….but somehow I controlled my moans…..

Arun – that’s nice…..ok baby….I have to go…I have a huge workload here .    love you..

Baban kept on fucking me from behind.

Amruta – love u baby…..
And I quickly disconnected the phone…..

I let out a huge moan…..which I was concealing…while talking to Arun

Amruta – bahot kamine ho tum

Baban – wo to me hu…he laughed

Saying this he increased the speed of fucking and kissed me from behind

Amruta – ab me bhi thoda kamina pan dikhati hu

Saying this I move forward….which removed his dick from my pussy

Then I turned around and sat on my knees…..and took his balls in my mouth….

[Image: 5edb5c9b18698.gif]

“Ahhhhhhh……… ummmmm”

Baban – are hamari gotiyan ……..


He was feeling pain and pleasure at the same time.

With his balls in my mouth….I started giving him handjob…….

[Image: 5edb5d9a8b951.gif]


After 5 minutes…….

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