Thursday , March 23 2023

Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 8

I was scared to death ……So I just gulped down the cum of the watchman….

Watchman also got scared …..he was sweating…..he pulled up his pants……

I told him to go away quickly…….he went away quickly…….

I just fixed my hairs and my nighty….then went to husband’s room. I was trying to look as normal as possible .

Amruta : U called me?

Husband : Yes….did the watchman repair the fan?

Amruta : Yes……he did….he just went away…..

Husband : That’s great……tell me now I am free….baby…..

Amruta : Nothing everything is fine

I heaved a sigh of relief that my husband didn’t have any kind of suspicion.

Husband : U gave watchman the money?

Amruta : No……I  didn’t even ask him……he rapaired the fan and went away immediately

Husband : No issues….I will give him while I go out….He is a nice hardworking guy

Amruta : Yes I nodded …..

( Yes that Watchman did a lot of hardwork on your wife, I said to myself)

But little did my husband know that I had just swallowed the cum of the watchman of our society.

Just then it struck me that I didn’t even know the name of the watchman.

I fucked him nearly twice but never asked his name. I laughed at myself and my sluttiness.

A month passed by and I again got up busy with my work . Nothing happened. The Watchman didn’t do any advances which surprised me to be honest. Maybe he was scared after our last encounter….as we were nearly caught.

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