Thursday , March 30 2023

Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 9

I immediately came home after that encounter with the salesman. I had decided not to do anything stupid. But my destiny had other plans. It was as if destiny was trying to make me a slut if I was not a one already.

I took a shower. While taking shower remembered the salesman and the hard thumping he gave me. I could have stopped him immediately but I didn’t. Maybe I was a slut.

Arun came late at night. I had already done my dinner. I was tired so I had slept.


A Week later –

“Ahhhh…Aaahh…yeaahhhhhh….ummmm…” I screamed as the orgasm hit me. Baban was banging me hard as I was sitting on the kitchen platform.

[Image: 5dd276a829ddd.gif]

“Yeahhh…Yeahhh…take it…yeaahhh.” He grunted as he realised that I had orgasmed and that provoked him to stroke harder. He had been waiting for this for the last week.

“Ohhhaaa…yeaaahhhhh.” I screamed as my pussy spasmed and clenched hard from the orgasm.

“Aaaahhh…yeahhhh…yessss…” He moaned as my pussy tightened around his cock.

The sound of my screams, his grunts, the slapping sounds of his balls against my pussy filled the room.

Suddenly he increased his speed and grunted loudly and deposited his cum inside my pussy.

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