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It’s her husbands debt, but his wife has to pay

Rebecca’s husband came home one night in a very morose and agitated mood.

“Whats the matter with you?” she asked him not too sympathetically,

He looked at her with forlorn eyes, “I’m in trouble,” he said sadly, I’m relying on you to get me out of it.”

“ME?” Rebecca asked, “What trouble are you in and what can I do about it?”

Roger, her husband, went to the fridge and took out a bottle of beer, He sat at the kitchen table, opened his beer and took a drink straight from the bottle.

“Well!” she demanded again, “What trouble are you in?”

Roger took another long swig of his beer, he shuffled nervously before he answered, “You know I like a bet on the horses,” he began.

“Yes!” his wife said, not concealing her annoyance at his weakness.”

“Well,” he continued, “I have been betting much more heavily than you ever thought, and I have lost much more money than I can pay back.”

The blood in Rebecca’s veins ran cold, what was he going to tell her?.

“Oh no,” she managed to say, ” How much have you lost?” she ended up shouting at him.

“I’m not going to tell you that,” Roger mumbled, “but Its more than I can ever pay back from my wages.”

“You said I can help you, I hope you are not going to ask me for money.” Rebecca rasped at him, her blood boiling at her husbands recklessness.

“No, I’m not asking you for money,” said Roger, “But when I said I couldn’t pay, the bookie got very angry and started to threaten me and telling me about all the horrible things he could do to me, I tell you Becky, I was really scared, I didn’t think I was going to get out of his place alive.”

“So how did you get out?” Rebecca asked sternly, feeling a growing concern herself at the situation her husband had got himself into by his stupidity.

“I had to offer him something instead of money,” hubby mumbled.

Again Rebecca’s heart began to thump, What else did her husband have that had any worth, Then it came to her.

“Don’t tell me you have told him he can have the house,” she practically screamed at him, “You fool, you idiot, what about me and the kids, what are you going to do about us?” Then she began to sob in frustration.

“No Becky,” Roger was speaking again, this time very quietly, “I have not given him the house.”

“What then!” This time she did scream at him, “What have you promised that rat of a bookmaker.”

“You darling.” Roger whispered.

Rebecca stared at her husband dumbfounded, for several seconds she was unable to speak, her throat dried up and she could utter no sounds through her lips.

“What did you say?” eventually she managed to croak.

“I told the bookmaker that you will spend a night with him to pay off my debt.”

Slowly it sank in to her brain just what her husband was saying, she couldn’t believe it, didn’t want to believe it, she stared at her hubby’s face for any tell tale signs that he would burst out laughing and tell her it was all a big joke.

But he didn’t laugh, in fact he looked more likely to cry.

“Oh no!” she screeched, “You can just ring him and tell him I will not prostitute myself to him or any one else, How dare you tell another man I will have sex with him, just to save your own miserable neck.” With that she turned and ran from the kitchen and up the stairs to her bedroom, sitting on her bed, she put her head in her hands and began to cry.

Husband Roger followed his wife up stairs, he hesitated for a second in the bedroom doorway then sat down beside her, putting his arms around her shoulders.

“Becky darling, I am so sorry for getting into this situation, it started off like fun but now I hate and despise myself for what I have done, but I am in so deep and the man l am dealing with is ruthless, If I don’t pay him back to his satisfaction he will take it out of me in some other way.”

Rebecca looked at her husband through tear filled eyes, “So to save yourself you thought you would subject me to his evil methods, what kind of man are you? I’m your wife for gods sake, you are offering me up to this man as a sacrifice.”

Roger fell to his knees and knelt before her, His body shook with emotion as he begged and pleaded with his wife to do as he asked, “Please Rebecca, please help me, his threats have terrified me, And if you won’t help me it will be like you are throwing me to the wolves.

As Rebecca’s mind slowly adapted to the horror of the situation, She began to feel some pity for her husband, she did love him and he was a generally decent husband and father. She asked Roger what this man looked like, “How old is he? is he short or tall? thin or fat? whats his name?”

Roger imagined that his wife was showing signs of relenting and he eagerly seized on it.

“His name is Harvey, he is in his forties, over six foot tall, well built, no fat, grey immaculate hair, tanned skin and quite good looking, He always has attractive women around him.”

“Why does he want me then?” Rebecca demanded.

“He has seen you with me and said he fancied you, then hubby added, “Its also to humiliate me.”

Despite her annoyance with her husband, The facts of the situation were beginning to interest Rebecca, Without giving anything away to her husband she began to play the scenario over in her mind, “After all” she told herself, “its only sex, and he won’t do anything to me that I have not experienced before, and it could be exciting.”

Standing up, she said to her husband, “Get out of here, I have to think about it,”

“OK, OK, darling,” said hubby and he almost scMolestationd the floor as he scampered out of the bedroom, he felt sure she would now do as he asked.

It was two hours before she emerged from her room.

“I will do it!” She announced to her husband.

“Oh Becky, thank you darling, it is like saving my life.”

“For what its worth,” She muttered. “When does he want me? You realise what he wants me for don’t you?”

“Yes,” said Roger quietly, “He wants you for sex.”

“And does that not bother you?”

“Yes it does, but It is the punishment that he has devised for me, I will be suffering for all the time you are with him, Its this Friday night and I am to take you there myself, He says I have to deliver you to him personally.”

All day long on Friday, Rebecca thought about the nights events, by now she had convinced herself that she would make the most of it and enjoy it if she could. She’d had several lovers before she married Roger, and experienced some exciting sexual adventures in her life. She could not see this one being any worse than others she had endured, the only thing that worried her was if he treated her like a slut and tried to rough her up.

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