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Janet was seduced by an old friend at a wedding-cuckold

Janet rested her arms on Ed’s broad muscular shoulders and looked into his warm brown eyes. She’d known him since high school but they hadn’t spoken in years before they found themselves at the wedding of a mutual friend. They had lost touch when Ed went first to the Army and then to college while Janet spent four years at a women’s nursing school just 40 miles from the town they’d grown up in.

Ed, always a gentleman, smiled playfully at her and swayed to the easy beat of the music. The light airy scent of her perfume wafted over him and he discretely inhaled the pleasant aroma into his lungs. It was a familiar fragrance and even though it was different from what she had worn in high school it took him back to that innocent time. His hands rested on Janet’s full hips and he felt the warmth of her body through the thin fabric of her tight, sexy dress. He felt a familiar tingle between his legs and his pulse quickened. He’d been smitten with Janet in high school though they’d never been more than friends. He had wanted to be more but he knew it would never have worked between them.

Janet felt Ed’s hands gently squeeze her hips and a rush of adrenaline surged through her. She glanced to her left and saw her husband, Mike, sitting at their table with his leg in a brace and a pair of crutches by his side. Mike wasn’t much of a dancer anyway but he’d torn his ACL playing basketball a few weeks earlier and he could hardly walk much less dance with his pretty, outgoing wife. Janet had met Mike shortly after she had graduated from nursing school when he’d come into the hospital where she worked with a different sports related injury. He’d been young, attractive and charming and she had always felt blessed that fate brought them together.

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