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Jeff’s girlfriend and her mom have a lot in common

Who had it better than Jeff? He’d be willing to take on all challengers when it came to a battle of lifestyles. The eighteen-year-old high school senior had it made. Let’s look at today for example: he attended school, went to football practice where he was the star safety on a team which would most likely be competing for a state championship, and he didn’t have any real bills or concerns in life. And, oh yeah, he had a beautiful brunette bobbing up and down on his dick.

He ran into Abby—who was referred to as Abigail by everyone except himself, at a pool party over summer vacation. It took two hours but he finally made a move on her. Hey, YOLO, right? He promised himself his days of not asking girls out were over. He had a thing for Abby since they were in the same Algebra class back in ninth grade, but just like all his previous crushes, he never asked her out. Something clicked for him on that muggy June day in Chris Bocchetti’s backyard. Was it seeing his classmates flirting with their own crushes? Or maybe it was all the bikinis that were on display for the testosterone fueled teenage boys? Whatever it was, thank God something finally woke him up.

There was no way around it: Abby was his dream girl. She was a fit and perky five foot five, with long, wavy brown hair, and light brown eyes which were constantly smiling. Those doe eyes were so inviting and comforting. She was a bundle of positive energy that always put him in a good mood. If he had a shitty day, a simple smile from his girlfriend made everything better. If he was sick, a hug relieved his fever. Sure, he was only eighteen, but the idea of spending the rest of his life with this girl was very much a possibility.

“That feels so good…”

It took two months for them to take that giant leap together. They were both virgins: Abby a complete novice when it came to anything sexual, and Jeff having only received one blowjob from a cheerleader during a tenth grade football party. The two decided to take things slow. A week of dating passed before they shared their first kiss, two weeks before they started making out, a month for Abby to allow him to feel her up, and two months before her first attempt at oral sex. But once they got their feet wet, well, they decided to make up for lost time.

He felt like a porn star over the past thirty days. When wasn’t he getting his dick sucked? Abby’s sex drive was insane, and when they finally had intercourse for the first time three weeks ago, things went into overdrive.

“Suck my balls.”

Come on. Jeff was still waiting for someone to make a case for their life being better than his. On the sofa in his girlfriend’s parent’s family room, with his dream girl kneeling in front of him on the floor, and his balls in her mouth as per his request. He felt like a rock star. Except he didn’t need or want a line of groupies every night. He wanted one girl, and lucky for him, she wanted him too.

Abby took a break from her task at hand to peer up at her boyfriend. “Am I doing good?”

He could only smile. That juvenile, childlike cadence she loved to talk in during sex was causing his cock to throb. This girl was an angel.

“So good,” he told her. “You’re so fuckin’ sexy.”

She flashed her long, dark eyelashes at him. “Thank you, Daddy. It’s my job to make you feel good.”

He didn’t even start the daddy shit! It was all her! See how awesome his life was? His sexy girlfriend was constantly referring to him as ‘Daddy.’

Abby had one requirement during oral sex: Jeff had to take his shirt off. How couldn’t that be her demand? Her six foot one, brown-haired, brown-eyed boyfriend was a stud! He was all muscle. Thick traps, wide shoulders, chiseled abs, and big biceps. He was being scouted by a few colleges but she wasn’t some jersey chaser. She wasn’t really even obsessed with his body either. Did she love it? Absolutely. Was it a deal-breaker? No way. It was his confidence that drove her crazy. And confidence and good looks seem to go hand in hand, don’t they? The better you look, the better you feel. And the better you feel, the more confident you are.

Every day together made her appreciate him more. He was so funny, and smart, and good to her. She knew what most the boys at school were like, and she was very familiar with the boyfriends her friends had. Let’s just say Abby hit the jackpot. Her sweet, sexy, kind boyfriend was the perfect guy.

But as crazy as the blowjobs, and sex, and dirty talk all were, it was the way his girlfriend liked to be treated which surprised Jeff the most. Sure, she enjoyed romantic gestures, and she loved when he surprised her with flowers or planned a picnic in the park. Deep shoulder massages and long bouts with his head buried between her legs were probably her second and third favorite things on the list, but coming in at number one with a bullet, without a challenger in sight, was when he took control and dominated her.

It’d originally started with the lightest of pumps into her mouth during a blowjob. It was hard not to try it. He’d spent the previous seven years watching porn after all. He had no intentions of making her gag, or choke, or anything like that, but the desire to be in control was something he wanted to test out. And when she looked up, smiled, and told him to do it again? Well, he knew he’d won the lottery.

“You gonna deepthroat me?”

She began planting kisses along the length of his cock. “Is that what Daddy wants?”

“You know it’s what Daddy wants.”

“Well, maybe Daddy should take what he wants,” she grinned up at him.

His hands clamped onto the sides of her head and roughly pushed down.

Abby wasn’t just a novice before dating Jeff—she was somewhat naive to the world of sex. She’d learned so many things over the past three months. So many nights were spent on her computer, scouring the internet for every drop of information her young mind could absorb. She wanted to be amazing in bed. She didn’t want Jeff to ever think about straying. And as much as she’d learned over the past ninety days, four things in particular really stood out.

One: not having a gag reflex isn’t normal. The internet told her that her oral prowess was sought after by not only every boyfriend and husband on the planet, but by every girl who would choke and gag during oral sex. Her ability to effortlessly swallow her boyfriend was something only a small percentage of women possessed, and she was fortunate enough to be in that group. She couldn’t imagine only being able to take a few inches of Jeff in her mouth. Not like she had to worry about that. She was her boyfriend’s very own deepthroat queen.

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