Thursday , December 8 2022

Jenny’s Breast Torture

Jenny shivered and gripped her elbows tightly as she felt him move
behind her. His warmth caressed her bare back as his hands caressed her arms to
her elbows then trailed up her ribs to rest under her breasts. Slowly, almost
tenderly he cupped her undersides. “You might feel some pressure.” His voice
taunted her as he began to squeeze her breasts. The soft pliant flesh tried to
accommodate him by bunching high up on her chest and sliding between his
fingers. Soon no more accommodation was possible and waves of pain began
crashing through her slender body in time to her frantic heartbeat as the tender
flesh was compressed. Jenny’s mouth hung open gulping in air for screams she
was too afraid to voice and sweat burst from her chest. The cool breeze coming
through the window created an almost unbearable contrast between the chilled
flesh it could reach and the burning flesh covered by her tormentor’s hands. As
the grip tightened past her wildest dreams of endurance Jenny’s quiet moans
turned to high pitched whimpers. Finally he released her and stepped back.
“Turn around”. Jenny slowly, carefully pivoted, her favorite pair of old pink
panties were stretched between her knees and intuition told her it would be bad
if she let them drop. As she came to face the full length mirror she saw an
approving smile and felt an inappropriate surge of pride that she had guessed

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