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Joseph wants to impregnate his young bride

A month before my wedding I told my fiancé I didn’t want us to be intimate again until after we were officially husband and wife. I liked the idea of letting the sexual tension build up over time until we were finally alone together on our wedding night. The other reason was we had decided to try for a baby as soon as we were married – I needed a month to come off my birth control pills and restart my menstrual cycle and just for tradition’s sake I didn’t want to conceive out of wedlock. My fiancé Joseph reluctantly agreed my arrangements but it was a really difficult time for both of us.

Joseph and I fell in love five years ago, when I was eighteen and he was twenty-three. Our relationship flourished because we had fun together and shared values, but also because of my insatiable lust for his strong, athletic physique and throbbing eight-inch shaft. Like any strong and virile young man, Joseph relished my naked body and we maintained an exciting and fulfilling sex life long after the initial lust wore off. We’d always been a very sexual couple and since moving in together eighteen months ago had been in a satisfying routine of making love every evening, most mornings, and often in between as well.

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