Sunday , November 27 2022

Just what a woman needs after a long day of horse riding

Warning… If animal sex disgusts you, please be advised to read no further.

Synopsis… A 25 year old woman rekindles her love of horse riding and finally discovers the animalistic lustful urges riding horses can develop if the riding endures for too long. Incest also comes calling in the shape of her estranged father.

Chapter 1. Schoolgirl pleasures denied.

Catherine Brownlow was now 25 years of age and under the terms of her late mother’s estate inherits the total family fortune and rediscovered her passion for horses and horse riding. But first Catherine was born into abject poverty, her mother was a lowly educated woman who chose marriage opposed to a working career. Whilst her mother, charlotte, was acutely beautiful she had poor man selection skills and the only thing that was good about her early life was the birth of Catherine, two years into her fourteen year marriage to Ron, Catherine’s dad. The marriage broke down when Charlotte discovered her husband had more than a passing interest in young girls, no not young enough to be considered a paedophile but not much older than sixteen or seventeen years of age. She thankfully never discovered his true deeper secret for Ron sought the company of those young girls to act out his fantasy of fucking his own daughter.

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