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Kareena Kapoor’s revenge fuck!

I had gotten off at Honolulu International Airport in Hawaii for a vacation and checked into a hotel. It was unbearably hot
and I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, half open with nothing on underneath, shorts and sandals. If anyone from back home was to
see me dressed like this they would seriously take the piss out of me, the guy never seen in anything but Armani,
dressed as a beach bum.

Once I checked into a hotel, I decided to go to the beach, which was more or less attached onto the back of the hotel. It was
a blistering hot day and I kept wiping sweat off my fore head with a tissue. The beach was almost deserted. There was a
couple of people around but not a lot. There was one of those little bars in the middle of the beach, in the style of a
little shack, with stools around as the only seating area.

I noticed a girl sitting there by herself. She looked like a Hawaii native, long black hair, tanned skin, red bikini with a

see thru red sarong, which is a kind of beach skirt. She was sipping her drink through a straw and had sunglasses on. I had
my pick of which seat to take and I chose the one right next to her.

“What’ll you have sir?” The bar tender asked.

“I’m a tourist.” I started. “What’s a good Hawaiian drink to have?”

“I got just the drink.” He said and started to mix some drinks. The woman beside me looked at me.

“A tourist huh?” She said. “You here by yourself?” I looked at her and man was she hot. In both senses, she was beautiful
with a great body and had a light layer of sweat on her from the heat.

“Yeah.” I answered, realising who she was. “So you got time off from touring?” I asked, deciding to play it casual. I’d met
a lot of celebs and knew how to play it cool so I wasn’t star struck.

“We got some time off after touring around Europe and I thought I’d come out here for a vacation. You know, get
away from it all, even if it’s just for a weekend.” Yep. That confirmed who she was. Kareena  Kapoor.

“I heard you got a movie coming out and YashRaj is producing it.”

“Here you go sir.” The bar tender said setting the drink on a coaster next to me.

“Thanks!” I said taking a sip. “This is pretty good!” I said to the bar tender. He just nodded and carried on doing whatever
he was doing before.

“Yeah, I’m gonna see how it goes.” She said sipping her drink. “If it’s successful, then I’ll be able to get out an award
. But I’m in two of their movies.”

“Yeah, I saw on TV the other day.” I took another sip. “You look so hot in that movie,and the bikini scene is so awesome”
Kareena  gave a little laugh. “So your planning on ditching Shahid Kapoor?”

“No!” She said getting on the defensive. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t even be where I am today. I’m
still gonna be with him.”

“I dont know how long it will last, but obviously the relationship will have to end sometime.”
“And it will be sooner rather than later if you solo career picks up. Am I right?” Kareena  gave a defeated little sly smile
as she sipped her drink and held the straw with both hands. I laughed out loud, in victory.

“OK then. Since you know a lot about me and have a lot of opinions. Who are you? What do you do? And when are you selling
out?” She asked with a little attitude.

“I’m Rocky.” I said extending my hand out to her, now that we finally knew one another’s name’s. She shook my hand, she had
a kind of gentle, weak hand shake. “I run a night club and I’ve already sold out.” I joked, to lighten the mood.

“You run a night club?” She said, her head tilting down, her eyes looking over her glasses. Her eyes looked very surprised.
“Would I have heard of it?” She said going back to sipping her drink. Most likely she has heard of it, but I don’t like to
come across as a person who likes to brag, even though I do.

“Club Bishop.” I said, casually sipping my drink.

“You run Club Bishop? Yeah right! I don’t believe you.”

“That’s your prerogative.” I said.

“Why’s it called ‘Club Bishop’ if you’re name’s Rocky?” Kareena  asked after a moment of silence.

“He owns the club, I’m the manager.” I replied. “What’s up with the questions if you don’t believe me?”

“You seem like a shifty character that’d run that dodgy place.”

“Hey what’s so dodgy about it?” I asked.

“You’re telling me you don’t sell…” She looked at the bar tender to see if he was listening.

“OK.” I said, knowing exactly what she was gonna say. “But it’s always packed with celebrities. Kind of surprised no one
from your group’s ever been there.” Kareena  looked at me pouting.

“Do I look like I do drugs?”Kareena  asked innocently.

“Those cheek bones would say cocaine(coke).” I said with out even looking at her.

“Shut up!” She said laughing, shoving my arm. “Do these really look like I do coke?” She asked touching her cheeks.

“Hell if I know!”

“Then why’d you say it?”

“Got your attention didn’t it.” I smiled.

“You got anything on you?” Her question kind of surprised me, but at the same time it didn’t.

“Yeah sure.” I said. “Cause I knew I was going to see you, so I planned in advance and smuggled a kilo of cocaine here.”

“Shut up!” She laughed, slapping me on my arm. “A good sense of humour. I like that in a guy.” She said finishing her drink.
“How much does it cost?”

“I’d give it to you for a blow job.” Kareena ‘s jaw dropped in shock and at the same time she had a hint of a smile as well.

“Seriously?” I nodded. “Which celebs have sucked you off for coke?”

“Not a lot.” I said. “I’m very picky. She has to be really hot for me to give it away for sex”

“So you think I’m really hot.” She gave a sly, victorious smile. I couldn’t argue the fact, I said I’d give it to her for a
blow job and then went on to say I only do it for really hot women.

“Yeah.” I said casually, finishing off the drink. I signalled to the waiter for another of the same drink. Kareena  turned
around to face me. The bartender placed the drink in front of me. I started to drink as I felt her put her hand on my knee.

“I’m gonna go catch some rays.” Kareena  said leaning forward, showing off her cleavage, as she stood up. She looked down at

me. “I’d really appreciate it if someone would rub some sun tan lotion on my back.” I quickly drank as much as I could,
while I watched her walk away. I placed a $20 bill on the counter, I figured that would be more than enough to cover the
drinks. I started to follow her. She was walking at a slow pace, swaying her ass side to side, knowing full well that she
had my attention and that I’d come after her.

I managed to catch up with her quite quickly. She looked at me and smiled. She led us to a secluded part of the beach. I
looked around and noticed that we were on a spot that wasn’t visible to anyone else on the beach.

She led us to a beach mat which was large enough for three people, that was already set up on the floor. She probably set
it up before and then went to get a drink. She had a large handbag with things like sun tan lotion in it. She stepped out of
her flip flops, pulled at the side of her sarong that held it up and let it fall to the floor. She looked stunning in her
red bikini. She sat down on the beach mat. I stepped out of my sandals and sat down beside her. She handed me a bottle of
sun tan lotion from her hand bag and lay on her front. I took in the view. Her red thong had already rode up her ass crack.

“I need you to rub it onto my back.” She said. I poured out a generous amount on her back and started to rub it in. “If the
bikini is in the way then undo it.” Kareena  said not looking back. I pulled at the back, it was tied in a bow and it came
undone. I started to feel my boner get harder.

I started to rub it onto her back, going in a circular motion. Every time I’d reached the her side, I’d go a little bit
further, my hand going closer to her tits every time. I felt brave enough, that if I was to touch her in a ‘inappropriate’
place she wouldn’t do anything. This time when I went to the side of her body, I reached under, with one hand and cupped
her breast. I gently squeezed it and Kareena  didn’t say anything.

I started to rub the lotion onto her back with my free hand, while I groped her breast with the other hand. I started to
shift my body and straddled her. Kneeling on top of her ass. The hand I was using to rub the lotion onto her back travelled
around to her side and before I knew it, I had a breast in each hand.

“You know…” Kareena  started off. “I went to the bar looking for a guy to fuck.” I was quite surprised at how honest she was
being. “And you were the only one with enough balls to talk to me.” I just gave a cocky smile.

“When you’re hung as well as me, you tend to be confident with the ladies.” I must’ve sounded like egotistical idiot, but
Kareena  found it funny and laughed at the remark.

“I can tell. It feels quite big.” I looked down to notice that I was leaning forward and my crotch was pressed against her
ass and I had a hard on. “Now… enough talk and more action!” Kareena  said looking back with a horny look on her face.

I pulled her thong out of her ass and moved it to one side. I lowered my shorts, pulling my cock out. I pressed it against
her butt crack and rubbed my cock head lower down the crack until I found her pussy hole.

“What are you doing?” Kareena  asked, her head tilted down, she was looking over the top of her sunglasses.. “I never have a
unprotected cock in my pussy.”

“So you want it in the ass?” I joked, knowing that she wanted a rubber.

“Just make sure you lick it and get it nice and wet before you stick your dick in there.” She said turning her head, looking
forward. Her arms were folded in front of her, and she rested her chin on them. I was a little shocked, but I wasn’t going
to turn it down. I’ve been checking her ass out all this time and now I’ve got the chance to fuck it.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to use the sun tan lotion?”

“No. That will burn.” Kareena  replied. I spread her legs a little and went down lower. I spread her ass cheeks apart,
revealing her tight puckered ass hole. I flicked it with my tongue and I saw it contract a little. I pushed my tongue
against the hole and it loosened enough to give my tongue access. I pushed my tongue in, tasting her ass hole. It tasted
kind of salty from the sweat. It was really hot and both of us were sweating.

I started to work my tongue in and out of her ass hole, using as much saliva as I could. I pulled my tongue out and her ass
hole gaped a little. I spat into her ass hole and my saliva disappeared into her rectum.

“Come on. Fuck my ass now!” Kareena  said, looking back, her voice getting a bit desperate now. She took her sunglasses off
and put them to one side as I pressed my cock head against her brown hole, I pushed past her sphincter with a little ‘plop’
sound. “Oh God! That feels so big! Just push it all in!” She moaned. I held my cock, as I guided it into her warm ass. Once
I had half of it in I let go and pushed my hips forward, forcing the rest in.

Kareena  let out a grunt, as she felt my full length in her butt for the first time. I took off my shirt and tossed it to the

side and pulled my shorts and boxer shorts down my thighs. I felt Kareena ‘s legs in between my legs and she pushed my shorts
down and off with her feet. I put my weight down on her, as I lay on top of her. She leaned on her elbows, they were at the
side of her, pressed against the sides of her tits. My arms were at the sides of her arms, holding her hands.

Kareena  put her legs together, clamping my cock in her ass. I let out a low moan and Kareena  let out a little giggle. “You
like that?”

“Yeah!” I moaned my reply.

“Then you’ll love this.” She said, moving her hips up and down slightly, jiggling her ass cheeks, while her ass hole
tightened and loosened around my cock. It was obvious that she’s had quite a bit of experience on having dicks in her ass.

I pulled my hips back and thrust forward hard. Kareena  let out a loud grunt. I started to pull back and thrust forward at a
slow steady pace. Kareena  was trying to stay quiet. I touched her lips and I could feel her moaning through gritted teeth.

Kareena  opened her mouth and sucked my fingers, gently clamping her teeth on them as I started to go faster. I wrapped my
other arm around her sweaty body as I carried on assaulting her ass.

I pulled my hand away from her mouth and used my hand to push myself up on to my knees. My other hand was still around her
waist and I pulled her up with me. I knew she was going to be flexible, it was inevitable from just looking at her gorgeous
toned body and seeing her in her movies.

I could tell that this was a awkward position for her. Her legs were still straight and her upper body was almost vertical.
I held her up by her tits with both hands now, while she had her hands on the floor for support.

As I carried on thrusting in to her much faster now, I could feel her legs behind me moving around. She was trying to get
to her knees but with me sitting on the back of her thighs, she was having no luck. I decided to lift my weight of her and
got up to my knees, pulling her ass up and helping her onto her knees as we got into the Rockygy style position.

I started to pound into her ass instantly. Every time I thrust forward her butt cheeks bounced up, causing a ripple effect
go up her back. Kareena  was again staying quiet. I think the reason was because we were out doors and she didn’t want anyone
to hear us. I carried on thrusting into her as fast and hard as I could to get her to scream out loud, but no matter how
hard I fucked her, she managed to keep quiet.

I put both my hands on her shoulders as I was now going in and out of her ass so fast. Kareena ‘s legs were in between my legs
and I could feel her press her toes against the inner side of my calves. I pulled back and thrust forward, pulling out too
much and my dick slipped up her butt crack. Kareena ‘s thong started to come back into her ass crack, so I moved her it to
one side, so it wouldn’t get in the way. I squeezed her ass cheeks, pushing them together, squeezing my dick. I started to
fuck her ass cheeks like I would if I was getting a tit fuck. I thrust up and down in between her ass cheeks, holding them
together around the under side of my cock.

“That feel’s so good Rocky!” Kareena  moaned. “I wanna taste that ass.” She said with a sultry tone. I let go of her ass cheeks

and she turned around. Before she could get a hold of my cock, I decided to kiss her before she had ass and dick breath.
I pulled her head back by her hair and gave her a short, quick kiss. Flicking my tongue in her mouth.

As soon as I broke the kiss, Kareena  went for my dick, sucking wildly, really fast, not using her hands. Deep throating me to
pleasure every inch with her lips. Kareena  sucked me hard and fast for a couple of minutes, I think she was expecting me to
cum. But she had no luck. She stood up.

“Lie down.” She said and I lay down where she was. She pulled her thong down, stepped out of them and stood over my crotch,
her back turned to me. She spread her legs apart, lowered her head so I could see her face in between her legs. I saw her
look down at my cock and spit, her saliva hit my cock head and dribbled down my shaft. Kareena  laughed as she squatted down
and rubbed her saliva on to my cock. She rocked back and fourth, my cock head rubbing against her neatly trimmed bush. Her
juices sticking to my cock head, every time my cock got to close to her pussy. I got a good view of her round ass going
back and fourth.

She held my cock and rubbed it along her butt crack until she felt my cock touch her pussy. She held it in place, my cock
head poking in to her love hole. She placed her hands on either side of my head and just let her weight drop, taking my
full length in her pussy in one thrust. She thrust her hips up and down, riding my pole with her tight pussy. I reached up her
waist, my hands travelling up until the reached her tits. I cupped them, one in each hand and squeezed gently.

“Oh yeah! You like having your big dick in my tight pussy?” Kareena  asked, her voice just above a whisper.

“Yeah!” I moaned, thrusting my hips up, when she dropped her weight down, getting deeper into her pussy, and then pulling back
when she pushed herself up. Our hips were in synchronisation with one another. Kareena  carried on riding me at a steady pace,
which was way too slow for me. I wanted to cum in her pussy so bad and I was nearing to my orgasm with every thrust.

“Come on Kareena . Go faster!” I moaned, moving my hands to her sides and I tried to push her up and down faster. Nicole
didn’t play any games, she started to go faster instantly, her pussy slapping down hard on to my balls. I was on the verge
of cumming that I didn’t even notice her smash down onto my balls.

I wrapped my arms around Kareena ‘s waist and pulled her towards me. Her body came down crushing me, but she was much smaller
than me that it didn’t even matter. I rolled over, so Kareena  was once again on her front and I was on top of her. I still
had my arms wrapped around her for grip and I started thrusting into her at a feverishly fast pace. I could feel my cock
twitching in her pussy and Kareena  knew I was getting ready to cum.

“You gonna cum in my pussy?” Kareena  asked, turning her head slightly to see my face. “Yeah cum in my pussy! I need that cum in
me!” Kareena  said, kissing the side of my face, and then she started to lick the side of my mouth. A couple of quick hard
thrusts and with one final deep, hard slam into her pussy my cum burst out into her bowels and filled her pussy.

“AAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!” I yelled into Kareena ‘s mouth, as she placed her mouth over mine. My hips bucked, pulling back
after the first initial load and I thrust forward quick, once my second load shot out. I thrust back into her, letting my
loads just shoot out now and fill her bowels. Kareena  laughed.

“Now that’s what I call a fucking!” Kareena  carried on giggling. She kissed me on the chin as my orgasm started to

“What the fuck is going on.” I heard a guys voice.

“None of your business!” Kareena  yelled out at him, maybe a little louder than she intended.

“Last I checked it wasn’t illegal to fuck on the beach.” I said, not really knowing if there was a law. “And who the hell
are you anyway? You some kind of… life guard, coast guard…” I didn’t really know who enforced rules on the beach.

“I’m Shahid Kapoor.” “Kareena ‘s Boyfriend.” He said. Her Boyfriend? I was starting to get a
little nervous now, her boyfirnd was standing there, while I had my dick in her pussy. But in all honesty, I think
I can kick the shit out of him if it went to blows.

“Ex-Boyfriend! You broke it off remember?” Kareena  said. “You’re the one who turned all of this down for your shitty career.”
She said pointing at her own body, while she was still undernaeth me.
Shahid started to get a little pissed off. “How the fuck did you find me anyway?”

“The guy at the shack.” He said. There was a moment of silence. “Why did you tell me to meet you here, at the beach, if you
had no plans to get back with me?” Shahid broke the silence. It made sense now. Why she had sex with me quickly. She planned
for him to catch us. I was the revenge fuck for her, to make her ex jealous.

I got up, picking my clothes up. “I better get going now.”

“Don’t leave!” Kareena  said. “It’s been a very, VERY long time since I’ve had a big cock inside me.” She said looking at Shahid,

obviously taking a cheap shot. I got my boxers, shorts and shirt on. Kareena  motioned for me to come to her, like she wanted
to tell me something. I bent down my ear next to her mouth. She turned my head and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my
mouth, putting a show on for Shahid. I broke the kiss and quickly stepped into my sandals and got the hell away. I headed back
to my hotel room and took a shower and thought Not bad for my first day on vacation.

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