Friday , December 9 2022

Kelly begins the Family Celebration

My name is Kelly, back at College for the last half of
my junior year. I’m five feet six inches tall, about
125 pounds, with blue eyes, 36-C tits with hips and
ass to match. A brunette, I often wear my hair in a
ponytail. Enough about me. My story really began when
I went home to Phoenix for Christmas last month.

The day after Christmas I slept late. I knew my
parents were upset because they had to work that day.
Standing to stretch, I felt the cool air on my butt as
Dad’s old XL football jersey rode up my backside.
Walking down the hall to the bathroom I heard voices
coming from the guest bedroom. ‘Oh,’ I thought to
myself, grandma and grandpa must just be getting up.

As I approached their room to say good morning the
door was slightly ajar. I was surprised to see naked
flesh moving on the bed. Quietly I peeked in to see
granny kneeling at the side and over grandpa stroking
and sucking his erect cock. Her beautiful gray head
bobbed up and down as she licked and sucked.

Grandpa was a handsome gray haired man in his sixties,
six foot four with a little pot belly and a dick to
die for.

“Oh yes Momma… suck Daddy’s dick! Mmmm lick it baby,
suck my old cock.”

Granny’s big tits hung down flopping against Poppa’s
side each time her lips slid down his shaft. She must
be at least a 45 DDD. Her large aureoles and inch long
thick nipples were a beautiful brown. Gramps was
pinching and pulling them, keeping pace with her

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