Friday , December 9 2022

Kelly in the college 1

Kelly was my best friend’s little sister. I met her my freshman year in
college when she came in for a visit. She was a senior in highschool, but
she looked 21, easily. She was up for a visit for her 18th birthday, my
roommate Tim and I had decided that we would take her to the parties on
campus, and show her a good time.

We all got ready in our room, Kelly wearing something tight, low-cut,
and sexy as hell. She was a big girl in that she was at least 5’11”, but
everything was in proportion. She played basketball so she was firm in all
the right places except her tits. They were what I like to call a
“Niiiiiice” size – bigger than a handful, heavy, while still retaining

She wasn’t wearing one of her athletic bras now, and she filled out the
black top nicely. Not overflowing, but showing a lot of tanned cleavage,
and accenting her tight white jeans and shoes. Tim had warned me that she
was hot, but holy shit! I opened the door after putting on my coat and
held it for her. “After you madmoiselle” I said, trying to sound dashing.

She giggled and thanked me, her brother stopping as I was about to
follow him out the door.

“Don’t, dude. I know what you’re thinking. She’s legal now, but just
don’t.” I had rarely seen him mad, and at this point, he was pretty far up
there. Granted, we had already killed a six pack and two joints between
the three of us, so I just chuckled and shoved him out the door.

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